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[ Aimee ]

First off, our one week mid-year break starts on TUESDAY! ASDFGHJKL I AM SO EXCITED TO SLEEP AND READ! Ahem.

      Anyway, only one really notable thing happened these past couple of weeks–a friend of mine will celebrate her birthday on the 31st, and she had a party in advance. The party had a Halloween theme, so we all dressed up. I went as Wednesday Addams–I would share photos with you guys, but I won’t because holy shit I look so embarrassing. *insert the awkward laughcry emoji here*

      And here’s a quick message: stick around because this Tuesday, I’ll be posting a quick tour of my Bookstagram “studio.” You can find a teaser here!

[ Sara ]

Relieved to announce that I am officially 1/4 through with school. I’ve found free time here and there and have been able to FINALLY read a book, which I haven’t done since the school year started. However, I have yet to finish the book, Outlander, because I don’t have enough time and it is 800 pages long.

      The more days that pass, the more excited I get for my trip in November. I’ll be traveling to Spain and France with my friends and I am SO eager to experience the delicacies these countries have to offer. Also, I’m a happy camper because today I will be getting my top braces off!!!!! Four years with these stinkers but it was worth it. Pictures of my braceless trip will come in the next (or the one after that?) bimonthly recap.

#BookHaulthis week’s stack of pretties (links lead to Goodreads)

[ Aimee ]

The last week of school before a break is always the most hectic, so I haven’t gone to a bookstore yet. I got one physical book in the mail but haven’t had time to take a photo of it. When I do, I’ll replace my little filler. Thanks, St. Martin’s Press!

Tell the Story to Its End

[ Zoe ]

17564519 22929578 9917938
Walk on Earth a Stranger | The Fixer | Blood Red Road

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How did your week go? Any new books added to your TBR piles?


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10 thoughts on “Rambling Rundowns #2: The Excitement is Epic

  1. Yay for a break Aimee!! Wednesday Adams was almost my costume for Halloween this year but my daughter vetoed it. Can’t wait to see you “studio” post. Sara I hope you have a great trip. I went to Spain and France when I was in high school and it was the best trip ever! Have a great week ladies!


  2. Ahh, YAY for getting your braces off, Sara! BEST. FEELING. EVER. I’m lucky though, because I only had mine on for 1 year (just to correct two teeth) but omg I four years. I FEEL FOR YOU.

    Ahhh, Aimee…WEDNESDAY ADDAMS. HOW AWESOME ARE YOU!?!? :P Omg I am looking forward to this tour of your bookstagram studio so so bad. GAHHHHH. *wishes time would go faster*



  3. Yay Aimee!! I hope you get to relax and read lots of books during your break! And *gasps* Wednesday Addams (loveeee), talk about perfect Halloween costume choice. I’m sure you DID NOT look embarassing shh. Looking forward to your studio tour <3

    Congrats on getting your top braces off, Sara! How are you liking Outlander? It's crazy how massive these books are and they keep getting bigger. I'm feeling slightly green hearing about your trip! Hope you have a wonderful time :D

    Anddd I hope you enjoy your new books, Aimee and Zoe! I hear The Fixer was a great read. Happy reading, loves :)


  4. Aimee you lucky thing! All I want to do is stay home and read all the books, but silly work gets in the way, so I’m having to make so with sneaking a couple of pages here and there. Also I’m looking forward to seeing your bookstagram studio! :)


  5. Dudeee Sara your teeth are probably killin’ it. Congrats on getting it off! And SAME – I survived one quarter of junior year and I’m already half-dead and bone-tired. Oh wells. :’) Gotta love school.
    Hope you enjoy Walk On Earth A Stranger, Zoe! I really liked that one, although I thought it was pretty slow to begin with. :)
    OMG AIMEE I want to see the bookstagram setup so bad! (Also it’ll probably help me because my own posts are thumbs-down lmao).

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