Happy blogoversary to us!! *throws confetti* *dances* *explodes*

^^ Obviously we party too heard. Whoops. But let’s keep in mind that this blog has been alive and kicking for two freaking years. It’s a pretty legit reason to cause destruction, right?

I’m hoping for 12983094 more years of world domination to come! Don’t you? ;) Anyay, you guys are amazing for sticking with us these two years, and we thank you sincerely for your patronization.

Also, we apologize for this long post. ;) #SorryNotSorry.

[ Aimee ]

I would need about 10 separate posts to thank you all individually, but most of you already know how much I love you, so I’ll keep this sort-of short.

To our blog readers: YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY AMAZING. Thank you for being with us throughout these two years, reading our posts and letting our voices be heard. You’re the best. *squishy hugs*

To my real life friends who read my blog: You guys are hilarious. Thanks for your “support.” xD

To our bloggy friends: I never thought that I’d make as many friends as I have, and I’m so glad that I did. I love knowing that I can go online and find some posts, tweets and messages from you guys that always bring a smile to my face. :) *extra large squishy hug*

To my co-bloggers: Oh God, you guys. Thanks so much for putting up with my extreme OCD, long emails and useless requests. T_T I hope I’ve been accommodating enough so far. Please tell me if I’m being a bitch kthnxbye. <3 Also know that you can talk to me about anything. :)

To authors and publishers: Thank you for bringing us the things that make our lives better: books. This blog wouldn’t be here without y’all. Obviously.

A MILLION THANKS, EVERYONE. *extremely giant squishy hug*

[ CJ ]

~~TO FOLLOW~~ Sorry, y’all, CJ’s been super busy lately!

[ Marga ]

First, I just want to thank AIMEE! Aimee’s been very patient with me and I’m still wondering why I haven’t been kick out of the blog since I’m always MIA. Anyway, you guys must know that she’s the best right? She thinks about all the stuffs that we’re going to post and it always came out amazing. Aimee, really, just message me about the stuffs I need to do. You’re never a bother. ;)

I also want to thank my co-bloggers in here: Zoe, Sara and Caitlin. I wasn’t just absent to Aimee, I was absent to all of you. I wish we can also talk often. I am hoping to get to know all of you better!

THANK YOU! Yes, you, who is reading this right now. I wasn’t around much because university stuffs had been taking too much of my time (it’s crazy!!) but I just want to express my sincerest gratitude to ALL OF YOU who continue to read and participate and comment to every post in the blog since Day 1. You guys are one of the reasons that this blog still exists so really. YOU GUYS ROCK! I hope that you’ll all still be around in the next coming years!

[ Sara ]

I would just like to say: Moochas Grassias, amigos! Thank you for not only allowing me to be a part of this wonderful blog but also for listening intently to my ramblings. Who knew strangers on the Internet could be so supporting, loving, and just amazing overall? I wish I could give you all hugs and talk about books all day and send you guys presents and have raging parties and… sigh. Love you, guys.

To end with a bang, I would like to quote the famous Bieber: “I want to thank not only God, but Jesus.” Until next year, folks!

[ Zoe ]

Aimee, Sara, CJ, and Marga: Thank you for being the most amazing cobloggers and friends a girl could ask for. I don’t know what I would do without you all – you’re amazing! <3​

Cait: You were one of my first friends in the blogosphere, and I am so, so glad we are still as close as we were a few years ago. You never fail to make me laugh with your hilarious comments, and your taste in books is impeccable. ;)​

Jeann: Jeann, you were one of the first people to comment on my blog and to this day you still continue to blow me away with your kindness.

Kelly: You are one of my biggest blogging inspirations. who is one of my biggest blogging inspirations. Not only are you an incredibly talented reviewer, but you’re a fabulous friend too. (Plus your sass is off the charts).

Faye: You inspire me not only to become a better blogger, but a better person too.


Okay, warning. I’ve decided not to include the super long ones here since this page will explode, but I will do a separate post featuring those someday soon! :D And I did this at 11:30 pm, so if I made any mistakes, just let me know!

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To celebrate our second blog anniversary, we’re going to be picking TWO winners! You’re eligible as long as long as The Book Depository ships to your country. This giveaway is open internationally!

  • ONE (1) winner will win a book of choice worth up to $12! It can be an old book, a new release or a pre-order.
  • ONE (1) other winner will win a pre-order of choice!

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YAY–HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO US! Any blogoversary wishes or random musings? Questions? :)


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71 thoughts on “Celebrating Two Years of Shenanigans | Thank Yous + Giveaway

  1. Congratulationss and happy blog anniversary! I’ve only stumbled upon your blog a week ago, and I must say, the few posts I’ve read makes me want to read more. I hope for more blogoversary to come. 🎉


  2. Congratulations on your two year blogoversary!! I love your reviews and your blog is the cutest everr! Oh and thanks for the giveaway (and making it international), I’m not sure what book I’d get – maybe a 2016 debut? Anyway, happy blog birthday and I hope for more blogoversarys to come! 💕🎉


  3. Congratulations girls! 2 years in this sphere is big and I admire you all for keeping this up and for always coming up with awesome ideas.

    Oh! And Aimee? You’re a rockstar! :D


  4. Oooh! Two years! I love this s site and have found so many great books. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this a great place for all of us.


  5. Two years in this bloggy, bloggy world is such a huge feat! Your blog is one of my favorites, and I love checking my inbox to see what y’all have for us today. I am never disappointed! Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for the awesome giveaway (of which I have NO IDEA which amazing book I would choose if I won!)


  6. Congrats and Happy Blogoversary! Thanks for the giveaway; I’m not sure what I’d choose, maybe Jillian Cade fake paranormal detective?


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