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I Adork You is a blog for bookworms, by a bookworm. With content specially curated to satisfy your bilbiophilic cravings, you’re going to want to subscribe to us for reviews, rants, raves and other bookish shennanigans.

The blog was born in May 2013 as a lovechild of my addiction for books and journal writing. Probably also because I can’t keep my mouth shut when books give me feelings.


Hi, I’m Aimee! If anything, the first thing you should know about me is probably the fact that I am not 10 years old, despite looking so. I’m just a year under legality, hey. (Yes, I am 17 and underweight. And underheight. Pretty much under everything.) I’m from the Philippines but am Chinese. But I suck at speaking Chinese. Heh. Hit me up in English or Filipino instead, please.

I like sarcasm, desserts and stuffed animals, not necessarily in that order. Since 2011, I’ve also had this thing for books. And writing. Although I’ve kind of always loved writing. Hence this blog was born some time after!