Diverse Books by Diverse Authors

Amp up your love of #WeNeedDiverseBooks by checking out these great books by diverse authors.  Last time, we talked about a variety of diverse books by seasoned authors.  Today, I’m focusing on the new kids on the block.  


Get ready for all the feels. Silvera made me fall in love with his gritty, witty writing and sharp characters, and then ripped my freaking heart out.  I can’t wait for him to do it again.


I practically wept when I finished this book. Because it was over. And I didn’t have more. Wrath is one of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever read (just look at the cover and then imagine that in word form), and it brings Arabic folklore to startling life.


Tahir’s debut mixes Romanesque epic fantasy with Middle Eastern flair and a heart-wrenching interracial romance. And, spoiler alert, it’s gonna have a sequel.


I just swallowed Everything, Everything in two big bites, and it’s so freaking good. I mean, it’s lyrical, quirky, sweet, whimsical… Think John Green but with more cool inserts (like diagrams and drawings!) and its very own slick-as-hell style.


Have you ever read a book about a Turkish main character? Me neither! Aysel is a memorable heroine who struggles through her severe depression with wit, raw honesty, and hope.


Gender fluidity is perhaps the most underrepresented diversity issue in young adult (and maybe all) fiction. I haven’t read this one yet, but by all accounts, it’s a brilliant, sexy triumph.


Remember computer day and Oregon Trail? Now insert a girl running away from slavery and a Chinese musician trying to make her name in a world inimical to her identity. Get one gorgeous, epic friendship.


Fate or family? Saeed explores the dynamics of love for a girl in a traditional Pakistani family, torn between her greatest love and the choice her parents have made for her.



Who are some of your favorite authors with diverse characteristics and diverse backgrounds?  I’m looking out for ideas for future volumes!  Next time, look for volume 3, the second part of the debut edition.  There were just too many great ones for a single post!


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42 thoughts on “Diverse Books By Diverse Authors (Part 2): The Debut Edition

  1. WRATH WAS FAB. I didn’t like the shipping or the ending but the worldbuilding knocked off my socks. Just, please, MORE. I haven’t heard the best things about Ember but I was definitely interested in all the interviews and such. I’m actually contemplating More Happy Than Not as my second contemporary read ever, so I’m definitely VERY tempted.

    As for the other books, some I’ve heard of and some I haven’t, but they ALL sound wonderfully awesome and GAH my TBR please don’t fall down and crush me. Great list!


    1. I just wrote my review of it for Sarcasm&Lemons and I feel book hangover ALL OVER AGAIN. Ember was okay–I thought the romance was kind of forced–but it’s worth checking out. MHTN IS AMAZING.



  2. Some recs – loved The Wrath & The Dawn, and None of the Above. While I thought Everything, Everything was a sweet story, I recently read an interesting article about how problematic it is in terms of disability erasure.


    1. Hm, I thought a little bit about that when I got to the ending, but not in those terms. Would you mind posting a link to the article if you have it? I’d love to read it!


  3. Great recommendations! The thing I struggle with the most concerning reading books by minority authors is that I can’t seem to find many of them in my favourite genre of fantasy. Especially epic fantasy seems to be dominated by white male authors.

    Celine ~ Nyx Book Reviews


    1. You’re very right. Especially if you read adult fantasy! I hope that with the success of books like Wrath and the Dawn, Ember in the Ashes, and Serpentine, we’ll be seeing a lot more fantasy written by POC.


  4. I’ve read 3 of these! And I REALLY want to read Written in the Stars and Under A Painted Sky. :D They sound so exciting and interesting and I haven’t read any books like them so far. xDXD



    Besides that, I’ve only read None of the Above and More Happy Than Not from this list, both of which I was hugely fond of. I’m seriously dying to read My Heart and Other Black Holes. It sounds interesting. Great recs!


  6. I’ve read two of these and have yet to begin The Wrath & The Dawn, but own it. And Under a Painted Sky sounds do good! I just read a similar book in Walk the Earth a Stranger, and am game for more Oregon Trail-esque stories!


  7. ORLEANS by Sherri L. Smith. It is a unique Dystopian with a POC heroine, written by a POC author, and has a ridiculously wonderful boy/girl platonic relationship. There is zero romance in this book. It is gritty and real. Everytime I made a Book Outlet order I would buy 2 PB copies to give away. I bought the last one in my last order, so I am going to buy a hardcover to give away on my review! Most of the books on your list above are on my tbr and I am going to look into the others. :)


    1. PLATONIC!? OMG THE WHITE WHALE. Seriously, though, that sounds so cool! I’m definitely adding it to the next list (or the one after, if it’s not a deb). Thank you for the rec!


  8. YES BRING ON THE DIVERSE BOOKS! I have only personally read The Wrath and the Dawn, and Everything Everything but I agree that they are totally diverse. As for the others, they have almost too priority on my TBR.
    Great post! xoxo💋


  9. These are phenomenal! I have read all but two (and I have the two that I haven’t read!), and wow, talk about great choices. I have loved every one of these that I read. Actually, they were all at least 4 star books! And Everything, Everything and Wrath are absolutely favorites for the year! Can’t wait for part 3 :)


    1. I still haven’t read so many. Making these lists keeps them on the top of my mind, though. WRATH SO GOOD. <3 If you have any recs for part 3, send 'em my way. ;)


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