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BTOTsign4Basically, each blogger chosen to be a part of the Blogger Trick or Treat (whose posts you can find on Great Imaginations daily) are to post a Halloween-themed discussion, where we’ll hide our favorite Halloween candies somewhere in the post. Readers can “collect” these candies, visit Great Imaginations during the last day of the Blogger Trick or Trick Tour to join the international giveaway!

For today’s stop, I’m going to share a few spooky real-life experiences. I’m lucky that I’ve never seen anything scary face-to-face, but there were a few instances that gave me the chills. Without further ado, here they are!

The Trash Cans

Okay, confession: I sleep in my parents’ room because I am a wimp to save energy and whatnot. ANYWAY, my mom and I were brushing our teeth in their restroom, and we heard the sound of clanging trash cans out back. My dad heard it too, and so did my uncle from the floor below ours. The men went ahead to check it out, and they said there was nothing–the trash cans were in perfect condition. There weren’t any animals nearby (since we live on the 4th floor).

The Hair-Puller

Sometimes, when it’s bright out, I’m okay with being left alone at home. As usual, I was just on my laptop for the whole day, but after a while, my back started aching, so I laid down on the floor. I felt something pulling at my hair, so I got up, looked behind me, and saw nothing.

The Lock

Our gate has a lock–that’s the main thing you need to know for this little story.

Anyway, my cousin stopped by to pick up his daughter. He rang the doorbell, waited for a while, then heard the lock click. He pushed the door open, looked around inside, and saw no one standing behind the door.

The Photographs

So our family’s company has this warehouse, and a few workers live there to prevent thieves and whatnot.

One day, they randomly decided to take a group photo, and they did. When they looked at the photo, there was a girl in white standing in the middle. Afterwards, their dog started to bark, and since some people say that dogs can sense spirits, they took a photo of the dog and once again, the girl in white was right there.

Non-Spooky Things

To end this post on a more positive note, I’m going to share a few non-spooky Halloween favorites! So let’s get right to it.

  • Favorite costume/character you dressed up as? I only recall dressing up twice–once as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and once as Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family–so obviously I’ll go with Wednesday!
  • Favorite Halloween candy? It’s so hard to pick one since I love everything–Skittles, M&Ms, chocolate eggs, gummi bears, Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate marshmallows–but for today, my favorite would have to be Hershey’s Kisses.
  • Favorite Halloween read? I’ve only read a couple of horror books, but my favorite’s probably The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco.
  • Favorite Halloween show? I ban all television during the Halloween season because NO I CAN’T WATCH HORROR.
  • Favorite Halloween destination? Anywhere with NO horror houses, please. xD


Do you have any spooky real-life experiences to share? What are your Halloween favorites? Do you turn off your TV during the Halloween season?! XD

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About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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17 thoughts on “Spooky Real-life Experiences | Blogger Trick or Treat

  1. I love your click to tweet image :D :D Although it doesn’t open in a new tab, so maybe try that next time?

    OH MY GOSH THIS SOUNDS SO COOL. I might not actually look for all the Halloween candies, because I’m clueless right now? But oh my your spooky stories. Horror should not be allowed on Halloween. Only the skeleton war and candy. *shivers*


  2. Some of these stories were so creepy! I’ve had some things happening in my mom’s house. Like things falling, hearing whispered voices, and this mattress that was lying down in the attic and when I went there again an hour later it was standing up and nobody had done something to it. Freaked me out so badly. So I’m pretty sure it’s a little haunted there. And also a few nights ago I had the most horrifying dream of being at my mom’s house where some evil ghost was present. And friday I’ll be visiting my mom so happy halloween to me. *shudders*


  3. CREEPY AIMEE!!!!! I haven’t had any experiences like that and I’m not sure what I’d do if I did. I have had my dogs bark at nothing before and that about sends me into a panic, but I just convince myself they’ve hallucinated a squirrel or something ;-)


  4. These sounds so spooky! I think the hair-puller one would scare me the most. I hate people touching me anyway, so that would really creep me out!

    I’m not really a big fan of Halloween TV either. Horror films don’t really appeal to me (I’m not really scared – it’s just dull!), though I’m loving Scream Queens at the moment, which is a bit Halloween-ish. I like the Halloween specials on TV though. Halloween specials of reality TV is my favourite! :)

    ~Denise @ The Bibliolater


  5. I hate it when I hear weird noises and I just can’t find the source (especially when I’m alone). My most scary story is probably the fact that we went on vacation with a large group and every night we would hear running in the halls – but everyone was in their bed during that time.. I swear I even heard children laughing at one point. I was so happy when we went home.


  6. AH SPOOKY. My nanna always said how at her old house, when she was in her room she could always feel this PRESENCE behind her, but she never turned around to look. And when she moved houses it was never there again. And my friend from work, when she was locking up the restaurant, saw a girl in white just sitting in one of the rooms.

    Creepy stuff does happen :)


  7. Oh snap. All of that is so creepy! Especially the lock! When I lived in my old house, one of the windows in my room would mysteriously wind up half-open. I hate horror movies but I’m seriously loving Scream Queens, too! It’s full of fashion and hilarious quotes and a grand mystery on campus!


  8. Oh goodness, these are all creepy little stories! I haven’t had any experiences like that but I DO believe in ghosts, so you know…

    I dressed up as Hermione Granger once when I was younger, so that was fun. I haven’t really dressed up as anything SUPER GOOD in awhile though.



  9. Why do so many people have such terrifying stories?! That hair pulling one is so scary! I could not cope with that kind of thing. I like to think that ghost sense my extreme anxiety and stay away.

    I do not have any scary experiences. My Grandmother reckons that my Grandfather was a medium. He always used to see people who weren’t there. Sometimes she’d come into the room and he would be talking away to a person she couldn’t see. He never did it when we were at his house.


  10. “Sometimes, when it’s bright out, I’m okay with being left alone at home. As usual, I was just on my laptop for the whole day, but after a while, my back started aching, so I laid down on the floor. I felt something pulling at my hair, so I got up, looked behind me, and saw nothing.”

    Oh, hell to the no. I’d be burning down a house!!!

    Lovely topic – great job!!


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