Like I said in my first post this year, I would be explaining my blogging absence in another post, and here it is! (Can I get some kind of drumroll or something?)

*awkward silence*

Okay then. I could probably go on about how school’s the main reason why I haven’t had the time/motivation to read, but there’s actually sort of a real story to it. So let’s get down to business. To defeat the Huns.

2016 kicked off to our last quarter in school, which is basically the most hectic time for juniors/seniors. I was a junior at the time, and that meant: prom, our batch play, our class retreat, and our sort of fake graduation from junior high. Also a bunch of birthdays from January-March.

Basically there was just so much to get caught up in, and being a girl, I was kind of obsessed with thinking about everything that was going on. There was prom talk (hel-lo, of course I wanted to get in on all the prom dress and prom partner jazz), designing/writing stuff for the play, heart-to-heart talks, planning for birthday surprises–there was just a lot going on and reading didn’t even slip into my thoughts.

Then my study tour to Xiamen rolled around in the end of March (and went on until late June), and while I did bring my Kindle with me, trying to survive (despite how I talk, I’m definitely not a strong, independent woman), trying not to be socially awkward (living with kids from other schools for 2 months will do that to you), and generally trying to make the most of my experience kind of got in the way.

My Xiamen tour experience also kind of got me thinking about a lot of stuff. I realized how maintaining friendships was a total must for me, and it also ate up a lot of my time since the tour. I’ve been chatting with people more online, and while that may seem like a little thing, it CONSUMES YOU UNTIL YOU ARE A LITTLE BALL OF NOTHING eats up a lot of your time. Kinda seems like a weird reason for not reading, but it’s pretty much why that’s been happening, if I’m being honest.

Also, when school came up again after our summer break, I was a senior. And holy crap I did not know what I signed myself up for. Suddenly I was a class, club, and batch officer (a very confused officer, at that), and things got kind of stressful at some point. I also joined the batch’s cheerleading team again for the sportsfest (we won gold, by the way. HOORAH), and decided on a whim to join the school’s varsity cheerleading team. Woo. Lord, have mercy on my lack of flexibility. So bye-bye, free time.

Despite these, I will TRY my best to get back into reading. I brought a book during our Christmas vacation in Batanes (it’s more fun in the Philippines, yay), and managed to read around 90 pages. GO ME.

I want to hear from you!

  • Take pity on me and tell me my lack of motivation is normal and okay.
  • How do you get out of HUGE reading slumps?
  • Do you think I can get back into the swing of things soon?



10 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Blogged for Almost a Year

  1. The best way to get back into the swing of things is to blog regularly, honestly. You are totally capable! And I get how school can eat up all of your time–I’m a senior too–but remember the assignments CAN wait half an hour. (Side note: I never edit my blog posts. Ain’t nobody got time for that). (Also, maybe I’m a tad lacking in the social life department. I have friends, I just study and do my own thing too). Use twitter! Comment (or just read) other posts! You can do this! (I know you’re a great blogger).
    As for how I get out of reading slumps, I read short, fluffy books until I want something deeper. (#great advice right there lol)
    Shar @Virtually Read


  2. Totally normal to have reading and blogging slumps. I get out of blogging slumps by writing fun non-review posts and out of reading slumps by picking a book that sounds tailored made for me. Sometimes reading shorter books work for me too because there’s less time commitment to reading them. 📚 Have fun on the squad!


  3. Girl I totally feel you, that was me my first year of university. Everything just got piled up and I was so stressed about school that I didn’t read at all. I ended up getting back into reading when my favourite author released a new book and her book made me want to read more. My tip for you would be to take some time off to finish school, I know it can be really busy, then over the summer or whenever you get some free time, go and schedule posts in advance. This year at university I schedules a bunch of posts around the month where I have my midterms and finals, that way I could study without feeling bad about not blogging.
    Good luck with the rest of your school year. You go girl


  4. Welcome back!

    I do a little bit at a time. Like for my blog, I’ll just do some basic maintenance/writing everyday and see how it goes. Often times, something crosses my mind (like changing the format or creating new images) and I can create a new project that gets me back into the blogging aspect.

    When it comes to reading, I try a lighter novel (contemporary usually) and hope it gets me there; or something with a trope/theme I really like. Sometimes I’ll start multiple books, see what one interests me the most and continue with it; returning to the others later. Reading is a part of my everyday routine (before I go to bed and when I get up) so I never not think to read.


  5. I really miss this from you huhuhu. I can definitely relate Aimee. 2016 has been a year realization that reading and blogging aren’t the only things that take up our time. Especially with the reading part. I was even lucky enough to read at all, but sadly, all I’ve been reading were really angsty romances and old new adult titles. Basically, yes I feel your pain girl. Being a graduating student (what more when you get to college omg!) has been a big year of adjustment for me. And from the looks of it, you just had a break from blogging because you’re getting to know what other hobbies and responsibilities that you can take on.

    Just take it one step at a time. I know firsthand that guilt over not being able to blog is also a roadblock to us not being able to read or write at all. So just chill. Read what you want, when you want and review it at your own time. Know that when you DO post, we will be here to read it :)


  6. I always go on unexpected hiatuses whenever college starts just because I tend to dedicate more time to “real life” than blogging. I love blogging but this is kind of my hobby, compared to the career I want to pursue, you know? BUTTT I’m glad to see you back. Take things easy, we’ll be here :P


  7. Aimeeeeee! I missed you!
    School can do very easily take over your life. It sounds like it’s been a really busy year for you but with lots of good stuff.
    I hope you read some awesome books!
    Glad to see you back!!


  8. Heeeey!! I missed reading your posts.
    School can be really hectic at times; I recently just started blogging again too after a uni-imposed hiatus.

    Can’t wait to read more from you!


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