I’ll tell you where the heck I’ve been for the past three-ish months.

Remember that time I said I was back from my blogging hiatus? Well… it ended up becoming a lie. Unwillingly, believe me. I haven’t been reading AT ALL these past two months because of reasons I will state below. Basically this a sort of life update, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.


This life event has 3 parts, all of which I will also narrate.

  1. PRE-PROM: See, in our weird-ass school, prom partners are ASSIGNED. By height. (Smallest in our batch? *raises hand* *cries*) And holy crap guys, the nerves were REAL. Everyone was talking about prom partner goals and disappointments and just asdfghjkl. We were all so gittery with excitement, fear and general nervousness. There were also preparations, like getting your dress/suit ready, nails, hair… You know. Those very important things.
  2. PROM: MORE NERVES. Because spending your night with a partner you might’ve never met before? Dude, it’s scary shit. AND THE AWKWARDNESS. HO-LY CRAP I FELT LIKE JUMPING OUT ONE OF THE WINDOWS EVERY TIME THERE WAS AN AWKWARD SILENCE.
  3. POST-PROM: My squad and I booked a room so that we wouldn’t have problems going home late (and ended up falling asleep around 5:30 in the morning), and guys, we were SEVEN people in a regular room. We were like sardines, basically. Legit. One movement caused a domino effect. XD Also the free breakfast buffet? It closes at 10:00am. WE WOKE UP AROUND 9:30. XD


Every class from the Juniors and Seniors have an overnight retreat yearly, and as Junior, it was my first time experiencing one. To be honest, I didn’t give a crap about any of the motivational speaking (for some reason, those things take a lot of time to get through to me), but the class heart-to-heart session? Holy shit it just about killed me. All those sorrys, thank yous, I need yous, hugs… asdfghjkl my feels.


Our school only holds a fair every other year, but for some odd reason, it’s been 3 years since our last one. Our school also hired new suppliers for the rides and all, so there were nerves for this event, too.

The actual two-day fair was fabulous. The first day included a fashion show which my best friend was part of–you go, girl! (She totally rocked it, btw.) And the second day was filled with very mature trampoline bouncing and bouncy house sliding. Plus the fair happened during Valentine’s, and my real-life OTP… <3

Our club handled the marriage booth this year, and I designed the wedding certificate (don’t judge me, I’m proud). Also I got married to a close friend’s little brother, who’s like… 2? 3? 4 years younger than me? XD I have a photo of our “wedding ring” up on Instagram. (Cue hysterical laughter)


Again, as a Junior, it’s our first time producing our own batch play for the entire high school student body to watch. I was part of the publicity committee so we didn’t really do much–BUT because I love feeling busy, I stayed a lot to help out with props and also to talk to people. Good times, good times.

BTW, our batch play was amazing. You’re welcome for the knowledge. (If you’re curious, we did an adaptation of the musical The Wedding Singer. But cuter and more fabulous.)


We had like… three birthday surprises in February, and two in January. Guys, seriously, our squad is #goals. Planning made us super busy, but the actual days were just so fun-filled and memorable. Here’s a rundown if you’re interested:

In JANUARY, we attempted to surprise our friend by waking her up to her room decorated with squad photos spelling out her name with a heart, but apparently she was already awake and we had to ask her sister to stall for us. Oops. The other was your regular cake surprise. :)

In FEBRUARY, we surprised my best friend with 16 blue roses… from strangers. ;) And we also had two here’s-some-cake-let-us-throw-it-in-your-face surprises, one with tons of hand-written letters and a lunch date. <3


So. Yep. Busy as crap. BUT I WILL TRY TO BE BACK. I’ll leave for China on the 31st, though, and have no idea what will happen then. D: But let’s stick to the now, yeah? D: ANYWAY! How have you been these past few months!? I miss you guys lots!



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22 thoughts on “Why I Disappeared For 3 Long Months

  1. China!? AWESOME. I would love, love, love to see the Great Wall of China, and also the terracotta warriors. Take lots of pictures!! Wow, it sounds like you’ve had a really really busy time, but it sounds like you’ve had a fantastic few months. (and blogging breaks are fantastic — sometimes they’re really great just to recharge.) It’s great to have you back, Aimee. :)


  2. You’ve certainly been busy, Aimee and you should have no regrets because you’re only a teen once and you’re doing all the awkward teen things that should be part of everyone’s life. :)
    OMG, the prom sounds so funny with them picking up your partner, but also very very nerve-wracking! And all those birthdays! Anyways, I’m really jealous of your trip to China, but I hope you enjoy to the max! :)
    Take care, Aimee!


  3. AIMEE <333 omg girl you have NO idea how much I missed you. Tbh I personally find you to be one of my favorite bloggers and I just missed reading your posts and interacting with you so much. It made my return a little more sad, just cause you weren't around. BUT. I know you've been super busy living life (as this post shows) and for that I'm so proud and happy things are going well for you <33 Honestly, don't try to squeeze blogging into your already super busy life. If you find time and feel like blogging then great (: If not, then we totally understand!

    omg prom! That's super exciting <33 in Canada we call it our Grad and it just happens when we graduate high school haha (: I saw your pics on FB (yes, I'm such a stalker but shhh) and omg you looked like such a princess in your fluffy gown. So gorgeous <33 But omg that height assigned date thing?? I mean it takes the pressure off of finding a date but damn! I think I'll stick with choosing that date just so I could take my best friend haha. I could also definitely see how it'd be awkward to have a date you literally just met.

    And aww yeah girl, it definitely sounds like you got #squadgoals going on (: Like my birthday is January 24th please send me roses and all the cake and books. Lol seriously though, hang on to those girls- good friends like those are harder to find than you may think.

    CHINA?!?! Omg hahaha, you gotta take all the pictures. I honestly love to travel and love hearing about other people's adventures (: You're gonna have such a blast and I'm so envious.


  4. HOLY SH*T HAVE FUN IN CHINA AIMEE! Junior year is a busy one but as long as you’re having fun – and CLEARLY you ARE :D – that’s all that counts! We’ll all be here when you get back to having more time ;) Of course we missed you though ♥ Take care! xx


  5. I missed you Aimee! So glad that you’re back! :D Your prom sounds like it would be traumatizing. I wouldn’t even go if I was to be assigned a partner holy crap! The retreat sounded really fun though! I’m getting all mushy and emotional lately because I’ll be graduating soon, so I totally understand how the heart to heart would be hard to handle! <3


  6. Wow you certainly have been really busy! But that’s okay. Blogging should be looked at more as a hobby anyway so there. It sounded like you had a lot of fun anyway, so who’s going to be really upset?

    China sounds really awesome! I might be able to go to Taiwan over the summer for studying abroad so I’m excited about that.


  7. Oi, if you’re leaving for China, then come visit meeeee. And that assigned prom partner thing simply sounds painful, but I’m glad you had friends who hopefully made that an awesome experience. Our school doesn’t have prom but people made an underground one anyway, and I didn’t go because my friends weren’t going and I regret absolutely nothing


  8. Holy smokes, lady! You’ve been up to a lot lately! By the way, it boggles my mind that a school would ASSIGN prom partners. Did you know the person you were partnered with? Did you enjoy your time with them? Spill the beans!


  9. I remember this time you commented on my blog saying that if you do ever quit blogging, it will happen quietly with no announcement whatsoever. I WAS WORRIED ABOUT THAT WITH YOU. Actually just a few days ago, my friends and I were like “Where’s Aimee?” AND I’M GLAD YOU’RE HERE FOR NOW.

    School can get tough, but yay for China! My mom wants me to go sometime…soon, and I just keep pushing it back.


  10. Woah sounds fun! Have you been to China before? I’ve been to Guangzhou twice, but not for very long *shrugs* My school’s ‘prom’ (which isn’t what we call it, but whatevs) is coming up, but we don’t get matched up and we can just go with friends, which is nice. Your gang sounds so much fun! I get the being busy thing because I’m always at school, but anyway, welcome back!


  11. Oh wow, Aimee – it sounds like you’ve been super busy, but also like you’ve been having an incredible time! Treasure the memories <3

    Assigning partners by height though?! That sounds like it could make things pretty awkward!

    & finally, welcome back!


  12. No worries Aimee, I can totally understand your personal life being crazy, busy, but it sounds like you had so much fun! And that wedding ring of yours was super cute. I hope things get less busier for you and you’re able to fit in some great books to read too! :)


  13. Yay I’m glad you’re back for now Aimee! I missed you while you were gone! It sure looks like you had fun though, with the birthday surprises, the school fair and the fun prom things. We totally understand when real life gets busy!


  14. Glad you’re back! Your Prom sounds…interesting lol but I kinda like that noone is left out and has the trauma of having to find a partner although I am sure being assigned one is an experience! :)


  15. ……your prom dates are ASSIGNED? Why? I can see that this would overcome this issue with rejection and exclusion, but NO.

    Have a great time in China!


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