Diverse Books by Diverse Authors

Amp up your love of #WeNeedDiverseBooks by checking out these great books by diverse authors.  We’ve talked about established authors and debuts.  Now it’s time to see what 2016 has to offer.  


Inspired by Indian mythology, this gorgeous book tells the story of Maya, a woman whose horoscope promises Death and Destruction.  Her fate also includes becoming queen–and getting tangled up in the fate of all the worlds.


If you somehow missed Wrath and the Dawn, read it NOW because the sequel is coming!  This Thousand and One Nights reimagining styled in poetic prose picks up with Shahrzad torn between family and love, with an empire at stake.


Mercy Wong’s early 1900s world isn’t kind to her culture–but she won’t let that limit her.  She manages to get into a prestigious girls’ school–but her precious future comes crashing down with San Francisco as an earthquake devastates the city.  I can’t wait to be a part of the blog tour!  Stacey is so sweet.


Julie came to New Orleans to build houses, but what she finds is a whirlwind romance, an actual whirlwind, and a chance to find her true self.  Let me repeat:  NEW ORLEANS.


Latoya is sick of being one of the few black girls in her Bible Belt school, so she wishes to be white–and gets her wish.  The blurb is still scarce, but I’m so freaking excited to see how Pink tackles this daring plot.


Who are some of your favorite authors with diverse characteristics and diverse backgrounds?  I’m looking out for ideas for future volumes!  Next time, look for volume 4, with more sixteeners!  There were just too many great ones for a single post!


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9 thoughts on “Diverse Books By Diverse Authors (Part 3): Sweet Sixteeners

  1. I’m reeeally excited for The Rose and the Dagger. OF COURSE. <3 That last cliffhanger was just a LITTLE TOO CRUEL OMG. And I'm very excited to read anything Stacey Lee writes, after the gorgeousness that was Under A Painted Sky. :') I hadn't heard of Into White…and, omg, that sounds like a disturbing storyline. :O I'm not sure if I'm game, hehe, I'll have to wait for some reviews…


  2. I am waiting on TRATD definitely. (Funny thing, I never thought I’d read the sequel to TWATD, but Tumblr changed my mind.) I kind of feel like I intensely need to read something of Stacey Lee’s? And I either never knew or forgot that The Star Touched Queen was inspired by Indian mythology — adding that to the TBR now!


  3. I HAVE NOT read the Wrath and the Dawn, which is something I really should do. The Satar-Touched queen sounds wonderful, and I’m excited to see what she’ll do with Indian culture, and Stacey Lee is writing another book? Yay!! Yes diverse books :)


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