So I announced that I was going to take a blogging hiatus, and boy did I take one. It was a lovely break, filled with lots of long nights, rain and sore throats. *insert the laughcry emoji*

ANYWAY. Lots of stuff happened in those weeks that I was gone, and I’m going to try to express my excitement throught this post. And imaginary emojis.

First of all, if you follow me on Twitter/read my hiatus announcement, you would know that the main reason I took a break was so I could focus on our cheering competition. AND FREAKING GUESS WHAT.

WE WON FIRST RUNNER UP!!!! (I had to hide my post-crying-tears-of-joy face as well because it looks like crap, as my batchmates’ for their privacy. Hah.) Also a very pixelated bonus of me being lifted. You’re welcome.


And lo and behold, my favorite part (holy crap we were so badass here):

After that, our Sportsfest went on. Three (out of, well, three) of our batch muses went into the top five (asdfghjkl they are so gorgeous), and my batchmates kicked ass in other sports too. I screamed like a maniac which earned me a sore throat after, walked in the rain just to get in and out of the school (which is why I have a cold now, too) and couldn’t shut up about all our wins to the people at home.

When all the excitement died down, I spent some time with cousins (sore throat and all) and mostly just slept from 2 am to lunch time. Because food.

Also for some self-promotion, I have some new designs up on my Redubble store! *wink wink*

Another little bonus: I’ll be doing a giveaway on the 25th! Woot! Advanced merry Christmas, y’all!


HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? Anything interesting happen to you/the community while I was gone?pagebreak


About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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21 thoughts on “Aimee Returns From the Blogging Dead

  1. YOU LOOOK SO FABULOUS AIMEE! Congrats on winning 1st runner up! You guys deserve it especially after hours of practice, yes? :D I’ve missed you! We both have been in a hiatus, tho I’ve been in a longer one due to school once again, haha. Miss you again girl! :D Advance Christmas as well! :D


  2. Weeeee congrats on getting 1st runner up!! All the hard work obviously paid off :D We certainly missed you around here but you deserved a break – we’re just glad that your back ♥ Happy holidays to you if we don’t chat again before then and WELCOME BACK xxxx


  3. Oooh, welcome back, lovely! Sounds as though you had a great break – especially with that win, congratulations – that’s amazing!


  4. CONGRATS CONGRATS! That’s amazing and good on you!! hiatus was utterly worth it then, right?! :D (Although the sore-throat-and-cold is sad. GET BETTER SOON!!)


  5. Aimee! Congratulations with all the cheering stuff! That sounds simply awesome and your excitement is kind of getting me excited and I don’t know why. ITS CONTAGIOUS. And I hope you get better from your cold soon! Sore throats and runny noses are the worst.
    Welcome back!


  6. You look fabulous. And I’m back from college, hurrah, hurray, I can rest. I also passed Calculus, which I didn’t think I would, so YES. And ugh, sore throats are the worst but that’s what usually happens to me during sports fests.


  7. AIMEEEE. So glad to have you back, girl & congrats on first-runner up! How phenomenal is that?!?!? I had a wisdom tooth viciously extracted (lol a bit of an overstatement. but for real, agony.) and finished all the Christmas shopping EARLY for once. Early Merry Christmas to you, too! xoxo


  8. Congrats on the awesome achievement Aimee! I have no idea what being in a cheer competition is like (or any sports competition haha), but I know it must have taken a lot of time and work. And it’s great that it paid off! :) Thank you for sharing photos! Merry Christmas!


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