BBcreativity-DADA*cue eerie voice* Welcome, students. Welcome. Today, I’m posting as part of the BBCreativityProject, which you can learn all about here.

For this project, I was tasked to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, and I’m here now to teach you the magical tips to prevent blogging burnouts and envy. As a bonus, we’ll share some books that’ll definitely cheer you up on a rainy day!


Professor Aimee: Honestly, blogging burnouts are inevitable. But you can lessen it by remembering one thing: What you do with your blog is your choice, and not anyone else’s. Your readers love you for however you post–so post what you like, whenever you like, and blogging will be a smooth ride for you. Here’s what my students have to say:


Tuzi: For me, blogging is an important but really small part of my life. It’s a hobby, not a chore and I think it’s OK to have goals but once those goals detract you from more important things, it’s no longer fun. Since blogging is not my life, I have to remind myself that it’s ok Netgalley rejected about 10 of my ARC requests and Edelweiss, every single one- I have no right to be envious of those who do get these ARCs, those amazing bloggers whose life mission is to spread the word about those very books.


Claire: Taking a break is okay. Sometimes, other obligations can detract from blogging time, especially in regards to writing and scheduling posts. It’s great to be a dedicated book blogger, but we also ought to remember that for most, blogging is a hobby– a wonderful hobby, but still a hobby- and should not be a major source of stress. Sometimes, stepping back, taking a breath, and returning refreshed is more effective than driving through pressure.

Angel: [Book envy] is something I struggled with when I first joined bookstagram. I wasn’t a big YA reader then and when I saw photos upon photos of YA books, I felt like I’m missing something out. The tip here is to just accept what kind of books you read and not be swayed by something that is popular at the moment. I mostly read WWII Fiction and I was very happy to find out that a lot of YA readers read them whenever I post something about them.

TiffanyDon’t compare yourself to other blogger. Each blogger is unique in their own way.

ShannelleEnjoy what you do.


NoriRemember, YOUR blog is for YOU! Who cares what everyone else does? Who cares how many followers they have? As long as you are happy with the content on your blog, then your blog is a success. I know it can be hard not to be jealous at times, but remember- YOU are amazing, and that’s all that matters!


AenteeI recommend attempting to draft or schedule some posts when you’re feeling good – so that you have buffer to take a break from blogging when you’re feeling down.

AilaRemember why you do what you do. I remember the times I’ve compared myself to more successful bloggers or just wanted to give up. Then I ask myself, “Why did you even start blogging?” To share my love of books, of course. And as I continued growing as a blogger, to help authors spread the word about their books and meeting other book lovers. Once you realize the great parts of your blogging career, the other parts just disintegrate. Keep calm and read on.

JoeyFeeling burnt out is like a rite of passage. Whether you lose inspiration or just don’t feel like putting up content for content’s sake, know that you aren’t alone. Almost everyone goes through this phase. If you know you want to take a blogging break (e.g. 2-weeks), stagger your scheduled posts to go live during your return (e.g. 4-weeks later) instead of having them go live during your hiatus. A break is just that and having posts at the ready eases the return so you aren’t overwhelmed to post something on return. So go forth and treat yourself; fully remembering that inspiration will be found everywhere.


Professor Aimee: There are so many amazing books that cheer me up! The Percy Jackson books, the Vampire Academy series, the Night Huntress books, the Addicted series and Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda are just a few examples. Students?


TuziThrone of Glass, Angelfall, Wrath and the Dawn, Court of Thorns and Roses, The Amaranth Enchantment, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Chasing Vermeer, The Penderwicks, The Art of War.


Claire: The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series, but also Shel Silverstein poetry collections and light contemporaries like This is What Happy Looks Like.

Angel: Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern is a book I highly recommend if you want to feel all sorts of feels. It’s a book that makes me smile and inspire me to just live and take risks.

Tiffany: Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Fangirl.

ShannelleAnna and the French Kiss.


Nori: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas, and any fluffy contemporary book!


Aentee: I don’t read many happy and fluffy books, I want pain and angst in my fiction. However, a book that delighted me with its sense of adventure is A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab.

Aila: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Love Fortunes and Other Disasters.

Joey: I don’t think I’ve re-read a book before (at least for leisure purposes), so titles that give me smile-worthy joy are those with antics involving friendly banter. Books like Six of Crows, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Steelheart, and Zeroes are all prime examples of having dynamic ensembles that feed off of each other’s quirks to promote engaging hilarious dialogue.


What are YOUR tips for preventing blogging slumps? How often do you get into them? What books cheer you up? Agree with anyone’s picks? Let us know via the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “How to Prevent Blogging Slumps and Bookish Envy + Books That’ll Cheer You Up

  1. Ooh, this is all fabulous advice!! I think falling into the trap of comparing one’s blog to others is very dangerous and veeeery easy to do. *heavy sigh* And I think it’s also good to remember that probably ALL bloggers wish they could do/write/read something they can’t. xD So we’re kind of all in the same boat, a little bit, right?! Also blogging breaks are good and they will NOT make your blog collapse. It took me years to be able to take a blogging break because I was sure 2 weeks away = no one would even remember me. xD


  2. Ah, this is a fantastic post, totally loving the advice and recommendations (: Love the list of books that cheer you up, so many awesome books!
    Blogging slumps definitely suck. Sometimes I try to schedule posts, so I can take time away from the blog. But I think the biggest thing I learned about burning out is definitely don’t worry about the stats.
    Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Have YOU ever been through a blogging/reading slump? If so, how did you face it? With a whole heck of a punch, I hope, a pun(ch) of books!


  4. Thanks for sharing these tips! I don’t usually fall into blogging slumps, and if I do, they’re usually small and I just power through them. One way I get motivation is to read some of my favourite blogs. Usually this inspires me!

    These are all great feel-good books too. Ari + Dante is one of my all-time favourites, and I loved Simon vs. too. Another book that always makes me feel super happy is The Bane Chronicles. Some of the malec chapters really make me smile! :)

    ~Denise @ The Bibliolater


  5. This is an extremely fabulous post, and I absolutely adore it! All the advice was on point and will definitely help me in times where I fall off my high horse of blogging. And the list of enjoyable books? Many are ones I need to read, and some, are ones that have brought me great joy this year! 😊


  6. I have had a blogging slump recently, partly just cause I’m busy, and then feel obliged to post not so fabulous content. Thank you for your advice, and I will keep reading (Really need to read Simon, I must say)


  7. This is an awesome post! I was recently in a bit of a blogging slump, not because I wasn’t feeling like blogging exactly, more like I was adjusting to a new schedule and my laptop died. In any case, in some ways I feel like a break was beneficial since now I feel a lot more refreshed anyway. Reading an awesome book like Ten Thousand Skies Above You which I now really want to review also helped. Thanks for sharing girls :)


  8. I go through blogging slumps almost all the time! I think it’s more that I get overwhelmed by everything I have to do that I just decide not to do anything. I’m doing the “drafting things when you’re happy” thing because it actually makes blogging easier! Love all the tips! :)



    What I really enjoy the most is how there are so many different ways of approaching this kind of thing and all of them make sense. Personally, I love drafting. The save as draft thing is a life saver for someone like me, who can never really be sure on whether to hit post or not. I’m in a blogging slump right now and my only advice is in terms of myself. I have to force myself to blog to remind myself how awesome it is. The longer I stay away from it, the worse I feel because hiatuses are cool and all but I tend to get lazy so I never return.


  10. I totally agree on the break. It really helps reset your mood. Also, I’ll go after books that I really want to read, and push off the rest of my schedule until I am in a better state of mind.


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