What does your ideal literary collection consist of?

It’s a question we’ve never really asked ourselves here at Deadly Darlings. We obviously buy plenty of books (more than we read, actually), but never has one been a collectible item. However, out of all the books we’ve had the pleasure to read, which have had enough of an impact for us to want to collect them?

Thanks to Ryan from Invaluable, a website with must-have collectibles and antique books up for auction, C.J. and Sara were presented with this question and after browsing the endless possibilities of beautiful, to-die-for antique books, they finally came up with a response. Without further ado, here is our dream literary collection.

[ Sara ]

Lot 182: Uncle Tom’s Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe True First Edition 1852

It would be an understatement to say that I would cry of joy to own a first edition of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Written in the 1800s, Uncle Tom’s Cabin had an impact in both the practice of slavery and women’s suffrage. It was rare for a woman to write an influencing book since women were considered second-class citizens and were discouraged from education, therefore it aided the progress of women’s suffrage. Equally as important, it also had a major role in the abolition of slavery and ultimately the civil war. So much, in fact, that upon meeting Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln said, “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war.”

So yeah, it’s a pretty huge deal for me.


For those who are unaware of who Edgar Allan Poe is: he was a weird, creepy guy… but gosh, could he write some eerily exhilarating stories. I remember reading one of his poems in sixth grade and being engrossed yet appalled. Poe fascinates me in every way possible. Imagine how happy I’d be with a 10 volumes of his works? I’ll give you a hint: super, super, super happy.

Lot 1308: Easton Press Leather Bound Book Lot Victor Hugo

The Hunch Back of Notre Dame and Les Miserables were absolutely brilliant. I remember reading Les Miserables in middle school and understanding absolutely nothing but loving it nonetheless. Fast forward a few years and little Sara read it again. Wow, do I still love it! No wonder they are in Easton Press’s The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written Collectors Edition. Look at them both, they are beautiful.

[ CJ ]

Lot 109: Through the Looking Glass, 1st edition

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books of all time, and has inspired so much of my art and aesthetic. To own a first printing of its equally inspired sequel, inscribed by the master himself, would be magical.

Lot 4276: Carroll Lewis, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

And of course, the original. It’s not first edition, but this old copy is beautifully illustrated and old and whimsical and I want it.

Lot 636: WILDE, OSCAR An Ideal Husband

Oscar Wilde is my literary hero and spirit twin. I can’t get enough of his wit and decadence, and my dream is to someday own all copies of his books, originals–and perhaps even a signature!

Lot 22: Alighieri Dante, The Divine Comedy, 1578

The nerd in my is dying for this beautiful, antique version of La Commedia in the original Italian. Look at the pretty yellowed pages!

And… that is our list, folks! We both highly encourage you to browse through Invaluable and come up with your dream literary collection. Just looking at all the vintage, antique books is a satisfying experience. So imagine buying one. Definitely worth it!


What’s your current or dream literary collection? Share below!

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27 thoughts on “Book Collector Status: Beast Mode | Our ‘Invaluable’ Literary Collection

  1. Your lists are so awesome!!! My father is very much into collecting antique books so I’m a happy little nerd who will soon check out Invaluable. CJ, I agree with your last choice. Owning an antique version of La Commedia in the original Italian would probably complete my life.


  2. Omg, I would absolutely adore having one of those Alice editions. But at the same time I’d be so terrified of it I wouldn’t even want to touch it?!?! :P BUT HOW EPIC WOULD THAT BE AHHHH.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh guys it’s been so long since i visited you (or anyone in the blogosphere really) I’ve missed you and your awesome reviews & awesome bookish related posts. I wish I had cool book editions that I could show off but i just haven’t actively searched for them.


  4. I have a collector’s edition of Alice in Wonderland in a slipcase from 1969. I treasure it. I would love, love, love either a first edition To Kill a Mocking Bird, or an older signed copy. I would also love a signed collection of Langston Hughes poems. He is the only poet I like. Wonderful post. Thanks!


    1. No way! Wow, that’s amazingggggg!!!!!!!!!! Oooh, that’s a good one; I would also love an old edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

      & I don’t believe I’m familiar with Langston Hughes. I’ll definitely check him out.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I LOVE COLLECTING BOOKS. Especially old/used editions. (They’re not old-old, but I have different editions of books from the A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE books; I love the original covers.) I’d LOVE an old, old edition of any of Tolkien’s books or Lewis Carroll.


    1. Oh gosh, I’d love the older editions of that series. I also love original covers. I was never really a fan of Alice in Wonderland but I’d also definitely love to own an old edition of Tolkien’s books.


    1. Some are, but the one thing I noticed about Invaluable is that their auctions are based on reasonable prices (as reasonable as they can get for in demand antique items).


  6. Cool list!! Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of bookworm who’d be hell-bent on getting certain collections or certain books to pretty up her shelf. Haha. Mostly because these kinds of vintage editions cost a lot and it would only a far dream to actually get them :( But maybe some Arthur Conan Doyle books would be great!

    Faye at The Social Potato


    1. Thank you! I’m all about reading and I don’t usually collect antique books so writing this post made me think about what would be in my shelf if I did collect. Owning all of them is definitely a dream, that’s for sure.


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