Da Vinci's Tiger

Da Vinci’s Tiger
by L.M. Elliott

to be published on November 10th 2015 by Katherine Tegen Books
young adult | historical fiction | romance

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Young, beautiful, and witty, Ginevra de’ Benci longs to take part in the artistic ferment of Renaissance Florence. But as the daughter of a wealthy family in a society dictated by men, she is trapped in an arranged marriage, expected to limit her creativity to domestic duties. Her poetry reveals her deepest feelings, and she aches to share her work, to meet painters and sculptors mentored by the famed Lorenzo de Medici, and to find love.

When the charismatic Venetian ambassador, Bernardo Bembo, arrives in Florence, he introduces Ginevra to a dazzling circle of patrons, artists, and philosophers—a world of thought and conversation she has yearned for. She is instantly attracted to the handsome newcomer, who admires her mind as well as her beauty. Yet Ginevra remains conflicted about his attentions. Choosing her as his Platonic muse, Bembo commissions a portrait by a young Leonardo da Vinci. Posing for the brilliant painter inspires an intimate connection between them—one Ginevra can only begin to understand. In a rich and enthralling world of exquisite art, elaborate feasts, and exhilarating jousts, she faces many temptations to discover her voice, artistic companionship, and a love that defies categorization. In the end, she and Leonardo are caught up in a dangerous and deadly battle between powerful families.

WHy wait

1. I’m a lover of historical fiction and have no shame whatsoever. Renaissance Florence? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

2. It is focused on Da Vinci, a.k.a. one of the most influential artists, and his muse. What is not to be interested in?

3. Art, art, art! This book is all focused on art. I might not be particularly skilled at art but have an abnormal appreciation for it thanks to the fact that my mother is an artist.

4. I’ve had this book on my To-Read shelf for more than a year now. Only a few more days and it is mine, muahaha.

5. I’m kind of obsessed with the old cover.



Thoughts on my pick? What are you waiting on this Wednesday?


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35 thoughts on “Waiting On Wednesday #15: Da Vinci’s Tiger

  1. I’m sooooo excited to read Da Vinci’s Tiger! Laura Malone Elliott is one of my favorite historical fiction writers. My favorite book of hers is Annie, Between the States, but Give Me Liberty is great, too. Gah, can’t wait to see how she writes about the Renaissance since I’m pretty sure she’s thus far stuck to American history. (But don’t quote me on that.) ;)


  2. Renaissance Florence? SWOON. Oh I am already sold! I love a good historical too but I don’t read nearly as much as I’d want to. But…DaVInci?! And Art?! Oh I am SO THERE^^ Thanks for bringing this one to my attention Sara and YAY after all of that waiting it’s almost yours now :D Happy reading ;)


  3. You had me at Renaissance Florence. I love books that focuses on art. Like you, I too have a great appreciation for art and I so desperately wish I more artistic skills haha. Art + history = my kind of book. I’m so excited for this book.


    1. Yay, glad it’s in your TBR. Her pasts books have been accurate so I’m expecting the same from this book. And I agree, I can’t stand when authors don’t accurately represent what they are writing.


  4. I’ve been waiting for this book too, though not as long as you have! I was intrigued right away because 1.) Da Vinci and 2.) The Old Cover was gorgeous! I don’t know why they changed it I was kind of upset.


      1. That is too true, I’m sure historical fiction wasn’t everyone’s first thought when they saw the old cover. *sighs* Oh well. Great post though Sara! Can’t wait to see your review when you finally do read it!


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