30 Facts Truths Secrets

When we did our blog survey a few months ago, a lot of you guys mentioned wanting to get to know us better! And so today, we’re going to share 6 facts each, so that’s a total of 30 facts from all five of us!

At first, we actually decided on turning this into some sort of game, but because I’m lazy and am I the boss, I decided to override anything and just present the facts… with a few random comments from here here and there. ;)

And lo and behold, our awesomeness!

Because I’m slightly OCD, I decided to go with a “theme” of sorts for my facts. I went with “times of idiocy,” but because I ran out of interesting facts, I decided to go random after a few. ;)

1. I once fractured my arm because I ran down a ramp in heels.

Smart move, Aimee. Smart move.

2. I once tried to open a drawer that was stuck, then the entire cabinet fell on me, and the clock on top of it fell on my head. It bled.

Note: stop trying to act like an acrobat when opening drawers.

3. I once shifted the car from “park” to “drive” on an incline and crashed into our gate.

Yes, I was in the passenger seat. No, I can’t drive.

4. I could only take in liquids for A MONTH after getting my braces.

Normally it only takes 3 days – 1 week, but I’m weird like that.

5. I have no idea what I want to happen to my future.

I might take up computer science in college. Or maybe marketing. Or journalism? HALP.

6. I have insomnia. And most of the dreams I remember are nightmares.

During the summer when I’m not tired, I stay up until 4am imaging ghosts. And I’ve dreamed about the end of the world twice–PS, our only salvation is in a beauty salon.

1. I’ve been working on a high fantasy series since I was 9 years old. It’s now in its 17th revision.

HOLY COW, CJ. I was still mindlessly watching Barbie and not giving a crap about the universe at 9 years old. Way to make me feel inferior. T_T You are so awesome.

2. My guitar is named Polly, after the Nirvana song.

I wish I knew how to play the guitar… Some day. Or the drums. Or anything loud.

3. My favorite food for most of my childhood was fried calamari (but I hated hot dogs). Now it’s boti kebab masala. 

And mine’s crispy pork belly. Mm. And yep, hate hot dogs.

4. The first language I ever took classes in was Latin.  

Now I’m really jealous. I WANT TO LEARN ALL THE LANGUAGES.

5. I’ve seen almost every movie ever done by Tim Burton and John Cusack, multiple times.

Is it bad that I don’t know who John Cusack is? I AM SORRY.

6. My constant, unending goal is to find a horror movie that will actually scare me. It’s a short list. 

And it’s MY goal to find a horror movie that WON’T scare me. *insert the laugh-cry emoji here*

1. I am a senior college student but some people think I’m only a freshman. I like to think it’s because I’m baby-faced. (It’s definitely not my height!)

At least you look like a college freshman… I look like a grade schooler.

2. I have 3 younger brothers. And they are all taller than me. (Yup, IT IS about my height.)


3. I had two crushes who I shared the same birthdate with. Is it fate or what?

WHOA. It is fate! That is so badass and creepy at the same time.

4. I love eating nuts when I’m reviewing before an exam! What can I say? I’m nuts! (Lol what?)

If it’s peanuts, I’ll join you! And I prefer my peanuts salted, please and thank you.

5. I’m a hopeless romantic. Give me some HEA and we’re BFFs!

So am I. </3

6. Some part of me is kind of scared to graduate really because what then? But I’m also kind of excited. Is that weird?

It’s not! I feel the same! Even if it’ll be years before I graduate… I feel the same way about my current year, I guess.

1. I aspire to be a traveling physician.

I aspire to have an aspiration. Girl, you are incredibly admirable.

2. I’ve always been a daredevil (so much of a daredevil, in fact, that at five years old, I jumped off a building on a dare… I survived).

*insert mouth-open emoji here*

3. Even at such a crucial point in my teenage years, I’ve never had a boyfriend or a first kiss. I want to find the right guy.

THUMBS UP TO THIS!! (y) (y) <– Doesn’t work on WordPress. Dangit.

4. My favorite subject is Anatomy & Physiology.

Brb sitting in the I-Can’t-Science Corner.

5. I’m a nature-devotee. Therefore, I have a vast collection of plants, mainly composed of cacti and succulents.

SO AWESOME! I want to have a mini-garden but alas, plants probably won’t survive in our house.

6. I’m a committed and loving Christian.

Meanwhile I’m here questioning my religion. Please teach me your ways.

1. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

I am freaked out by the idea of becoming a lawyer, but good luck, Zoe! You’ll be awesome at it. ;)

2. I have two younger sisters.

Can I have one? Kidding. I sort of want an older sister, though.

3. I’m a Virgo.

Psh. Team Leo. Heh.

4. I’m a daughter of Athena through and through. I have blonde hair and gray eyes, love chess and learning, and hate spiders with a passion.

Grey eyes!? Can I have them, please??? :O Also I’m probably a mix between a daughter of Hermes, Athena and Hades…

5. My favorite movie is Titanic.

I’ve never seen it… *coughs* BUT we have a giant Titanic poster in our living room!

6. If I was in a Divergent faction, I’d probably be Abnegation or Erudite.

I’d probably be factionless. T_T


WHOA THAT WAS TEDIOUS, but also incredibly informative and eye-opening. Tell me: did you realize anything from these results? Were you shocked/unsurprising/confused?? Let me know!


About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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41 thoughts on “30 Truths That Will Make You Love Us (Or Not!)

  1. Aimee: You are accident prone. That’s awful. I hope the awfulness went away.
    CJ: What movies have scared you? I would love to watch them?
    Marga: I am the same way. I look so much younger than I am. 21, but I look 16.
    Sara: That is so awesome that you want to find the right guy! You go girl. A lot of people just kind of go at it and hope it’s luck.
    Zoe: A lawyer? That’s awesome. My best friend is also going to be a lawyer and she was nervous, too, but absolutely loves the whole idea and can’t wait to get started.

    Love this post guys, it was fun to learn more <3


    1. Oculus did a pretty good job. (Important note: the movies that scare me the most are the ones that attack you psychologically, not the ones with jump scares.) Bless the Child, although that was a long time ago. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Stigmata (also a long time ago). The Unborn was pretty good.

      Creepy children + Demons is usually a good starting combo. ;)


      1. Oculus was really good and so was The Exorcism of Emily Rose!!! One of the first movies that made me love horror movies so much. I’m a baby when watching, but I always go back and I’m like ehhhhh…it really wasn’t that scary.


  2. Factionless *Snorts* OMG YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL AND I LOVED THIS!! :D It’s always epic getting to know a little bit about the bloggers behidn the blogs too. ;) AIMEE YOU ARE HILARIOUS THO. And you guys with all your aspirations and awesomeness, sheesh. I’m like here sobbing over books and tweeting about cake.
    Go you with your fantasy story, though, CJ! I’ve been working on mine for 5 years. 0-0 FANTASIES, WHY ARE YOU SO DIFFICULT TO US?!??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eh, if I were in Divergent I’d probably be dead. Like, trampled or something. No survival skills.

      THANKS! You too! I just saw you post about it and was like OMG YES NAME TWINS AND BOOK TWINS. They are difficult because they love us and want to challenge us? Nah that’s BS, they just want to make us cry and eat ice cream.


  3. Aimee: Please stay alive. I like you.
    Marga: My secret: I’m totally a hopeless romantic too. Don’t be fooled by the black clothes and cynical eye rolls.
    Sara: Way to own your love life. You go, girl.

    I <3 you all.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aimee: I had a friend who managed to dislocate her elbow while playing a board game…
    CJ: You learnt Latin? I am so jealous.
    Marga: I eat chips while I’m studying…my mum is constantly asking me to find a healthier snack. But they’re so addictive.
    Sara: Yay! I always get excited when I discover fellow Christians in the blogging community :)
    Zoe: My mum always says that she’d want to be Amity…much less stressful than any of the others…I’m inclined to agree. Eat the bread and forget about everything :)


  5. I ATE CONGEE FOR TWO FREAKING MONTHS BECAUSE OF BRACES. I lost so much weight then. (I compensated by too much chocolate now that my braces are off, ahaha.) And wow, 17 drafts? That is impressive — keep going! I also enjoy medical sciences, so yay to anatomy and physiology *high-fives* I actually feel like I’d be Erudite, but well. I have no clue really.


  6. Aimee, you’re a walking klutz! Don’t worry, though, I once fractured my elbow jumping off a mountain of suit cases I made myself :D
    CJ, I really, really, reallllyyyy don’t like horror movies. I don’t know how you do it!
    Marga, if you want to ever feel better about yourself, just know I’m only 5 feet tall (I was 5’1 but I shrunk an inch over summer… I’m currently crying).
    Zoe, a daughter of Athena? How awesome! I’d probably be a daughter of Hypnos… because I like sleeping… a lot… & I’d most definitely be dauntless, since, in the time that I am awake, I like to do stupid things that are probably not safe :)


  7. This is FABULOUS! And Aimee, I feel you. I aspire to have an aspiration too. And I am like, old enough that I should have had one long ago ;) Also, due to your facts, I am craving calamari, have a sudden urge to rewatch Titanic, even though it was only okay, and I am basically twitching over the thought of having braces again. Aimee, I feel like you and I have the most in common. I have hit a LOT of things with my car (mostly as a teen, so that’s good I guess?), I have no idea about religion (::shrugs::), I broke my arm when I tripped over a couch, and seriously, WHAT life goals?

    Everyone else is like, jumping off of junk, and writing 17 drafts of a book, and doctoring and lawyering and such! We’ll get there, Aimee :D Thanks for sharing all of these, I love getting to know you all better!


    I’ve just gotten them tightened, and do they hurt like a b—- or what.

    I too aspire to have an aspiration. Although I might be a lawyer like Zoe. Arguing (and winning arguments) is apparently my passion.

    DAMN CJ. Nine years old? 17TH REVISION? Talk about commitment.

    Okay, this was hilarious. Love it!


  9. Klutzy Aimee. JK! *hugs* I just slipped last week, and I have a swollen right arm right now. (And I constantly bump into things)

    I love this post. It feels like I got to know everyone better!

    And CJ, I want to see that high fantasy story you’re working on. ;)


  10. “5. I have no idea what I want to happen to my future.”

    *hugs* I hate that for you, but it is odd that sometimes this works out in your favor. It is going to make life pretty interesting, and you are going to be shocked where you end up in life.


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