First Impressions LastThanks to Jillian @ Jillian’s Books and Dre @ Sporadic Reads for tagging me!

Basically for this tag, all you need to do is list a few bloggers who you can remember your initial impressions for. Write down what you thought of them then vs now!

Here we go. Also, friends, please know that if you’re not on this list, that doesn’t mean you’re not fabulous, because YOU ARE. I just have horrible memory and forgot what I initially thought about you.


Let’s admit: we were all probably intimidated by Faye at one point. It’s just she’s so… expressive, and I used to be like, What if she doesn’t like me? What if she thinks I’m an idiot??

But y’all, I think Faye’s one of the closest blogging friends I have now! She’s so sweet, easy to talk to and extremely open-minded. She’s a fabulously supportive Internet-Mom, too. Kinda like a very opinionated teddy bear. ^_^ IN A GOOD WAY.


You know that girl whose reviews keep popping up on all the Goodreads’ pages? Yep, that’s Emily May. I’m obviously intimidated by her–and I still am. BUT I now also know that she’s absolutely lovely, genuine and friendly! Also her YouTube videos are hilarious. She’s hilarious in general.


I remember Supernatural Snark being one of the first blogs I stalked back when I was a non-blogger, and thinking, Whoa, this lady here’s super talented and kick-ass. What if I’m not on her level? Will she talk to me?

In reality, Jenny’s the absolute sweetest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of internet-meeting. I swear she’s made out of cotton candy!


Cait’s so out there, and the first thing that really stuck with me was how her personality bursts through in her blog. At first, I was afraid that she’d find me super dull and not as badass as herself, and that we wouldn’t click. But we do click, right, Supreme Overlord? ;) Or am I just deluding myself.


When I first came across Kelly’s reviews, I honestly thought that she was one of those people who always spoke elegantly and deeply even outside of reviews. Not that that’s a bad thing–it’s not! I’m just not on that level of awesomeness. But Kelly’s so different outside her reviews! No one can make me laugh as hard as this amazing lady here does. Especially when she chats with Dre (Sporadic Reads)–these two are hilarious together! Kelly’s also very supportive and helpful. <3 (And so is Dre!)


When Larissa’s first discussion post went up on YA Midnight Reads, this was my face –> :O :O :O o___o

How can this lady who comes up with the most thought-provoking discussion posts ever click with little ol’ me? But y’all, Larissa’s the best kind of chatty out there. She’s so easy to talk to and is extremely fun to discuss with! She’s really open about a lot of things too, which also gets bonus points in my book!


And I tag all the people I mentioned above! Also anyone else who wants to do the tag. ^_~


Thoughts on my answers? Violent reactions? Agreements? What do you think of this totally fab tag? LET ME KNOW EVERYTHING.


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Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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28 thoughts on “First Impressions Last… Sometimes (Initial Impressions Tag)

  1. At first, I was a little intimidated by Cait because she’s sooooo funny and awesome and I think she’ll never talk to me/comment on my blog but she did! <3

    Faye is just an awesome blogger she made me feel welcome in this community when I was just starting out. <3


  2. Awesome tag! It’s kind of interesting to know what other book bloggers’ impression of you were but at the same time quite intimidating. I do love your thoughts on these bloggers and agree with most though. Sometimes I’ve struggled with talking to a few bloggers because it seems like we have nothing in common, but when we do chat, they surprise me by being sweet and totally friendly. It’s all sorts of wonderful to know people like that. :)


  3. AIIIIMMMMEEEEE!!!!!! YOU HAVE JUST SO COMPLETELY MADE MY DAY THAT I CAN’T STOP TYPING IN IRRITATING ALL CAPS. I adore you, and one of these days we’re going to meet for real and I’m going to pounce on you and make a scene. Be prepared.

    Thank you, thank you for being so awesome and for always having a kind word at the ready. We need more people like you in the world:)


  4. It is just so weird that so many were intimidated by me, when all this time I thought I was just a normal girl writing normal reviews! Hahahaha. But I definitely am very expressive… although we can all say it’s just personality??? HAHAHA! I hope no one else is intimidated now because I really am just a teddy bear… that has a very expressive approach =)) I’D PROBABLY HUG EVERYONE HERE EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN’T MET ANY OF YOU YET! But seriously, thank you so much! I feel so comfortable talking with you! Sometimes our convos are so whack like wtf are we talking about sometimes =)))))

    I should do this tag, too!

    Faye at The Social Potato


  5. <3333 I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK AIMEE (: And I miss you and the blogging community so much. My life honestly has been one dramatic boy problem after another (AND IT'S LIKE THE SAME GUY OMG I DUMPED YOU STOP CREATING ALL OF THIS DRAMA), I swear it'd make the perfect plot for a YA contemporary novel. But yeah, it's why I've been so MIA recently- I've honestly been on the biggest emotional roller-coaster of my life. And just when I think it's over? It starts up again. JFDLKSJFLKSJFSLKD.

    But yeah, I'm done with that shit. LOL. Hopefully now I can be able to slowly get my way back into blogging…however now I'll be starting UNIVERSITY on the 8th of September :o Girl. I can't even. So much change is coming in my life and I most certainly don't feel ready in the slightest. I just honestly want to curl up with a good book and hide from the world. BUT NO I'VE DONE THAT ENOUGH LATELY. World, here I come- despite stupid fuck boys and being scared of the future.

    HAHAHA AIMEE OH MY GOD THIS COMMENT HAS TURNED INTO ME COMPLAINING ABOUT MY LIFE SORRY. Lol guess I really am an open person [; I actually do love you so much <33 And being in this post and having such a favorable first impression from you?? It means loads. I'm so glad you enjoy my nonsensical rage usually feminism based discussions hahaha.


  6. I can totally see why you thought that about Cait, she’s so amazing, although it’s kind of uncanny how this was what I thought of YOU, in a sense. I remember that I first saw your reviews on GR, long before blogging, and I thought maybe we wouldn’t get along because you didn’t like most of the books I did, and I entered a few giveaways, and then when I read your how-to-blog series or a discussion post, something like that. Your reaction to Cait was my exact reaction to you. This tag is interesting!


  7. Aimee!! I can’t believe you were intimidated my ME ^_^ When I “met” you, you were this amazingly-talented multi-blog reviewer and digital artist! I was sure you were too cool for me XD


  8. AHHHH THIS WAS THE BEST. <3 AND OF COURSE WE CLICK. Tbh, I was super intimdated about EVERYONE when I first sneaked into the book blog community. I am all bluff, honest I am. I was sitting there going "LOOK AT THEIR INCREDIBLE THOUGHTFUL REVIEWS WITH SO MUCH BALANCED AND HILARIOUS SNARK. LEMME DIE. THEY ARE ALL TOO FABULOUS." XD And since we're confessing things, I've always been endlessly impressed with your blogging style and voice and reviews and discussions. ALL THE THINGS, AIMEE. YOU ARE TOO AWESOME.


  9. I’m so glad you did the tag Aimee! <3 I also thought of the same thing about Cait — that she her personality was literally everywhere in her blog! (So much Caps Lock, too, BUT CAPS LOCKS ARE GOOD RIGHT?) And Kelly is such a sweet, dear friend of mine! :) She has an amazing talent of writing great book reviews!


  10. Yay, thanks for doing our tag! And omg SO MANY people were intimidated by Faye and Cait before they got to know them. I was too! :p But they really are so approachable and down-to-earth. It’s hilarious to look back on what you first thought of someone and see how your opinion has changed over time. :)


  11. I was also intimidated by Faye at first- because she has her shit together and clearly, I did (do) not! I thought it was amazing that she had like, a whole Potato TEAM basically haha. And I agree with Cait too- that her personality just shone through from the first sentence! So glad you did our tag, thanks!!!


  12. MAN, this tag is awesome! I really want to do my own take of it!
    I used to be super intimidated of Cait, Faye and Kelly! They were these amazing blogging superheroes, and I was this nobody newbie blogger!:)
    It’s super amusing how much our opinions and relationships with bloggers change, huh?:)


  13. Aimeee you listed so many sweet thoughts and impressions of some of my favourite bloggers! I love what you say about Kelly heheh, she is totally hilarious. And yes Cait and Faye are some of my favourite girls for their opinions! Larissa’s discussion posts are amazing.


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