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Sara here!

I’ve been on summer break since June and will be starting the next school year… in one week… Can you hear my screams?

Since summer began, I’ve been in my native country. I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier than being back home. That said, you can imagine the tantrum I threw when my mother called on Tuesday to remind me that I have one week left before returning to the U.S. and starting school. I have no shame announcing that I’ve done everything in my power to delay my return and the start of school. I have one week left and nothing is going to stop me from going nuts with it; I’m having a road trip to different cities with my cousins, I’m attending two music festivals, I’m going to shop until I drop, and I’ll refuse to acknowledge that school is just around the corner.

Also, I’ve been so, so, so busy yet happy this week in the book blogging community. One of my closest friends wanted to start a book blog and asked me if I could set everything up. It took effort and time but I’m proud to say I designed a whole blog myself (with the help of WordPress, of course), woohoo! Please go check out Laura’s new & awesome book blog and welcome her to the blogosphere.


current obsessions

I’m a bit obsessed with my native country. Here are some pictures of its beauty!



#BookHaulthis week’s stack of pretties (links lead to Goodreads)



Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman | Con Academy by Joe Schreiber | Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Didn’t really make any purchases this week so I thought I’d give you a heads up on books awaiting my review on Deadly Darlings.

#ICYMIposts from us that you might have missed

#PostPornawesome posts from around the blogosphere


What books did you get this week?


About Sara

I’m Sara, a Colombian teenager with a never-ending enjoyment for reading. I’m a Netflix and Disney enthusiast and my monumental obsession is coffee.

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #16: Delaying the Inevitable

  1. Gorgeous photography, Sara! And I love that you were able to help out your friend. I am definitely going to check out her blog. I think she’ll be very warmly welcomed in the book blogging community with you to help show her the ropes! :)


    1. I’m a nature enthusiast so the best way to spend my time is taking photographs :) & thank you so much! She texted me saying thank you because she felt so welcomed and loved so thank you for that!


  2. Ah yes. My kids pretty much feel the same way about school starting in less than three weeks! I can also see why you’d be obsessed about your country! It’s gorgeous. :)

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!


  3. Looks like your country is really beautiful. School isn’t so bad. I hope you love all of your new books. Going to visit Laura and I must say that I like the design.

    Grace @ Books of Love


    1. Thank you! You’re right, it isn’t so bad. But the idea of going back for another year is stressful. & thank you for visiting Laura, she really appreciated it!


    1. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous country. Thank you :) & I actually posted the review for Legacy of Kings a few days ago, so check that out if you haven’t!


  4. THOSE PICTURES. THAT PLACE GAAAH! I wanna go to your native country Sara! Where is this magnificent place? And I hope school won’t get too much of a hassle for you! :D


    1. Thank you! & I LOVED MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE SO SO SO MUCH. I’m not a contemporary romance type of girl but Maybe in Another Life left me in a huge puddle of love and so I automatically added it to my favorites list on Goodreads. I’m glad you loved it just as much!


  5. Ohh the pictures are GORGEOUS! I want to go there too, I understand why you don’t want to come back here ;) Sorry about school starting- I seriously cannot believe how fast this summer went by. I am also looking forward to your review of Legacy of Kings! Hope you have a great last week of summer freedom :D


    1. Thank you! Summer did go by so fast but time usually does that when one is having fun. I have three days left before school starts, so I will enjoy this freedom. Thank you :)


  6. Your country is so beautiful! And congrats, the blog turned out amazing. I already dropped by and welcomed Laura, she seems so awesome.


  7. Hi Sara! Columbia is so beautiful or is it your photography skills xD Anyhow I’m glad that you’ll enjoy what remains of your vacation. School is tough but it’s also the best part. I wish I could go back now. Anyhow have a great time :)


    1. *Colombia.

      Thank you, Tanja! My photography skills are good but the sight is even better. School IS tough, but it’s enjoyable too. The thought of not being able to sleep in, however, is terrifying.


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