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LifeC.J. here!

It’s been crazy since I last checked in with y’all.  I scheduled my dissertation proposal defense (OMG I’M GONNA BE HALF A REAL PERSON SOON), went to an awesome wedding at the Motherland, went to a multiphasic birthday party during which I rolled down a hill and bruised the crap out of my hip, and briefly was convinced I had cancer (it was just random bruising. Pretty sure the doctor thinks I’m crazy).  I also went back to work on my WIP, which has been with me for 16 years and counting.  It’s way better than it was 16 years ago, at least.

I wish I had more interesting things to report on.  Grad student life is pretty rote.  Sleep.  Go to the office.  Sleep.  Go to a different office.  Sleep.  Play with the adorable kitty cat who lives in my apartment.  Briefly check out Tinder.  Get scared and avoid Tinder.  Karaoke “Lithium” with a near-stranger.  I did, though, have the pleasure of meeting up with Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings, who happens to go to the same school!!!  So yeah, if you need a psychology or computer science consult, hit us up.  ;)

#Obsessedcurrent obsessions

How did I only just start watching Orange is the New Black?  It’s everything I love!  Prison drama, regular drama, black humor.  I think I’m on the third season now, maybe.  Everyone in it is just such a terrible but also good person.  (And if you’re curious, the book that started it all is on sale today).

I’m also on a smoothie-making kick.  Do you know how easy it is to hide vegetables with some orange juice?  Kale has never tasted better.  It also helps because I’m sort of trying to be a vegetarian most of the time, although now that I’m saying that, it could have something to do with all the bruising…  Ah, the important questions in life!

Nirvana!  Oh, wait.  That’s all the time.

#BookHaulthis week’s stack of pretties (links lead to Goodreads)



Deerskin by Robin McKinley | Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy | Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman


Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari | The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman | Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark


Some Boys by Patty Blount | Tampa by Alyssa Nutting | The Book of You by Claire Kendall

This was a pretty slow week for book buying, so I’ll just list the ones I’ve gotten since we’ve last chatted.  Apparently I’ve been feeling all adulty.  Still, they’re mostly all digital.  I still have so many ARCs on my to-do list that it’s hard to justify buying new books–except for all the pre-orders, which just haven’t come in yet.  If you’re still on the fairy tale kick from Tuesday, check out Deerskin by Robin McKinley.  It was recommended to me by Betsy Cornwell, so you know it’s good.

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#PostPornfabulous posts from the blogosphere that you must check out


How did your week go? Any new books added to your TBR piles?


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21 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #15: In Which C.J. Tries To Convince You She Has a Life

    1. I can’t believe it took me so long to watch it. Aziz Ansari is my spirit animal. Seriously, though, I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but his descriptions of the book sound really fascinating. Thanks!


  1. Oh wow! What a coincidence that you and Anya go to the same school – haha! How great that you were able to meet up with each other!

    And OMG…you must have been scared out of your mind when you got that bruise CJ! So glad you’re okay! <3

    Great recap and thanks for sharing! (Whew did you have an interesting week!)


    1. I know, right? It’s crazy! And here I’ve spent four years thinking I live in a bookish wasteland.

      I WAS. It was MANY bruises. And I do bruise easily, but these were all sudden and in weird places. Also I tend to overreact. (Pro tip: Don’t look at WebMD at 3 in the morning.) Me too! Thanks! <3

      Ha, thanks. I guess I did more stuff than I realized.


  2. Girl, your life seems pretty dang exciting to me! Birthday party, dissertation (idk if that counts, but STILL!), karoke, meeting up with Anya. That is waaay more than I’ve done in the last few weeks (minus vacation). Basically, my days have consisted of sleeping, blogging, reading, and maybe lying around the house. So you’re definitely living it up! Although, I’m sorry about the bruises, but hopefully it was worth it??

    Looks like you got some great books too!! I had no clue Aziz Ansari had a book coming out, maybe I’ve been living under a rock, I’m not sure. I’m excited to see what you think of it though!

    Lovely post, CJ! Hope your next few weeks are awesome. <33


    1. This was a special week. Don’t be tricked! :P Sleeping, blogging, and reading sounds phenomenal. I love sleep so much… Haha, it was, now that I know I’m not dying.

      I just came across it because I follow him on Twitter. I don’t know how much it was marketed. I’ll get to it at some point on the TBR!

      (: Thanks! You too!


  3. OHHHH Some Boys is really quite excellent!! I wasn’t expecting much from it, but IT WAS GOOD. *nods*

    Agh, my mum calls that kind of thing “veggie smuggling”. -_- SHE PUTS VEGETABLES IN EVERYTHING. Even places vegetables shouldn’t be…(I spied zucchini in my muffin yesterday) and somehow it still tastes excellent and I don’t always notice???? WEIRDNESS.

    oh Oh! I want to try Orange is the new Black sometime! :D I always have grand intentions with TV shows but never end up watching them because BOOKS DISTRACT ME.


    1. Yay! I’m glad it lives up to the blurb.

      IT’S SO GREAT. IT’S ALMOST LIKE CHEATING. Zucchini bread, similarly delicious.

      You should! I don’t TV binge much either for the same reason, but this one is totally worth it.


  4. Sounds like you had a pretty busy social week C.J.! I have been on a smoothie making kick before, it’s so much fun isn’t it? Delicious XD hahaha. I need to get started with watching OITNB too. Curious about your thoughts on Tampa!


    1. Yeah, I guess I actually did a lot this week. Don’t let it fool you! xD Mmmm smoothies are the best. I’m running out of ingredients, though.

      May take me a while to get around to Tampa, but I do always like weird, uber-dark books.


  5. Awesome. Good luck with your dissertation!! Yay for smoothies, having a life (haha!) AND meeting Anya :D But that bruising sucks D: I’m thrilled that you’re loving OitNB because I haven’t seen it yet either but I’ll be getting into it SOON! You’ve got a lot of awesome books too, happy reading!! xx


    1. HAHAHAHAHA no, but I’m not surprised. I have met exactly one person from there so far, and I’m not sure I really want to continue. It’s stressful.


  6. Ah lol I need to get on the Orange Is The New Black bandwagon, I keep hearing about how great that series, but never actually sat down to Watch it. How’s grad school? I’m starting my MA in September and I Wonder what it’ll be like. I’m England though (I assume you’re in the US), I guess it must be different.

    Oh yeah smoothies are the best way to make yourself eat/drink vegetables. I need to do that more!


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