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Sara here!

This week has been full of unfortunate events. After soccer practice on Monday, I ended up brutally bruised. Let’s just say I received a ball to the face and the stomach, got kicked in the shin, and was accidentally crushed by two agile, built, and tall boys (did I mention I’m only 5’1?). To make matters worse, I injured my knee! On Tuesday, I received the life-ending news that because of my knee injury, I could not play soccer until it healed. I’ve been chained to my bed since with unbearable pain. The next day, on Wednesday, the pills I was taking to help with the pain had a negative effect on my body; I spent the whole day with a raging headache, nausea, and low blood pressure. With so much going on, I forgot that I had a date on Thursday and did not call beforehand to cancel… I’m ashamed to say I stood a boy up… (accidentally)… For this whole crappy lovely week, I’ve been stressed out and immobile. Thanks, knee!

But worry not! With all the time I’ve had on my hands, I’ve been devouring books. If it wasn’t for my never-ending TBR, I would be bored and frustrated out of my mind.

#BookHaulthis week’s stack of pretties (links lead to Goodreads)



The Iron King by Julie Kagawa | Spelled by Betsy Schow | Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler

I purchased these as eBooks since I am out of the country and my traveling buddy is my Nook. My parents are in another country at the moment and they were so concerned when I told them about the knee injury that they allowed me to make a few purchases. A few… ha…

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#PostPornawesome posts from around the blogosphere (complied by Aimee)



Was your week better than mine? I want to hear all about it!


About Sara

I’m Sara, a Colombian teenager with a never-ending enjoyment for reading. I’m a Netflix and Disney enthusiast and my monumental obsession is coffee.

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #12: Unfortunate Events with a Side of Reading

  1. So sorry to hear about the knee injury. Sometimes the doctors give us the wrong medicine. I hope it heals up. Glad to hear that you got some reading done.

    Grace @ Books of Love


  2. I’m so sorry you had such a terrible week, Sara. :( I’ve never busted a knee or anything, but I fractured my arm a few years back because of this stupid thing I did, and I couldn’t eat or write like a normal person for one week. >_< I hope you feel better soon!


  3. Ouch. I’m sorry all those things happened to you. I played soccer when I was on elememtary school, but I quickly lost my interest. Good thing your parents let you buy a FEW books, haha.


    1. I love soccer so much, so not being able to play and exercise is driving me nuts. And haha, little do my parents know I bought more than 20, oops.


      1. They’ll probably ground me for it but no punishment can honestly be worse than having a knee injury and being in bed all day. They ARE good, or so I hope x)

        Liked by 1 person

  4. UGH. Worst week ever. I hope your knee heals up fast. Omg. D: I AM SO SORRY FOR YOU!! And I’m also 5’1 and have had my share of being walked over on the soccer field. -_- Seriously, we’re not mere blimps? PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES AND DO NOT TRAMPLE US. *feeds you consoling chocolate* HOPE NEXT WEEK IS BETTER.


  5. I hope you’re feeling much better soon! Knee injuries suck, but negative reactions to drugs are just as bad. Boo! I hope all the new books helped, a little :)


  6. Gaaaah I flinched when I read you hurt your knee. I could vividly imagine the pain and it sounds awful! I hope you recover soon and have the chance to play again. And I think that boy would understand just tell him! :)


    1. The pain was intense and unbearable but it’s gotten much better now. I can’t wait to get out on the field again! And I actually talked to him and explained what was going on and he felt so bad that he brought me flowers. It was nice :’)


  7. Aww, you poor thing! What a terrible, terrible week. I hope that you are feeling better asap. Drink up your chicken soup and rest up. Least you’ll have more time to read now…


  8. I’m so sorry about your knee! Injuries are the worst, especially when it means you can’t do what you love anymore (for a little while). Hopefully you’ll be back to playing again soon! <3


  9. Oh gosh, I hope you’re feeling better. xD That sounds like the WORST. Heh, I can TOTALLY relate to being so short; I am pretty much that height, too. (ISN’T IT THE WORST!?) Still — looks like you’ve gotten some great books this week. Feel better soon. xx


  10. Oh my god I am sending you positive healing vibes your way. I hope this knee injury of yours gets better (and soon) because those injuries suck (well al injuries suck but you know what I mean).


  11. Oh man, so sorry to hear about the knee injury – that sounds monstrously painful, and I’m sending so many good health vibes your way :( I do hope the lovely book haul made up for it, though – those are some beautiful books, so hopefully they’ll take your mind off the pain slightly! xx


    1. The books have definitely helped. I’m proud to announce I can finally get back up and exercise gradually, yay! Thanks for the vibes :)


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