Song of Summer
by Laura Lee Anderson

published on July 7th 2015 by Bloomsbury Spark
young adult | romance | contemporary

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The thirteen qualities of Robin’s Perfect Man range from the mildly important “Handsome” to the all-important “Great taste in music.” After all, Westfield’s best high school folk musician can’t go out with some shmuck who only listens to top 40 crap. When hot Carter Paulson walks in the door of Robin’s diner, it looks like the list may have come to life. It’s not until the end of the meal that she realizes he’s profoundly deaf.

Carter isn’t looking for a girlfriend. Especially not a hearing one. Not that he has anything against hearing girls, they just don’t speak the same language. But when the cute waitress at Grape Country Dairy makes an effort to talk with him, he takes her out on his yellow Ducati motorcycle.

*I received a digital review copy for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*
Thank you to Bloomsbury Spark for providing me with an advanced copy for review.

Book Review

We can probably change the title of this book to Holy Mother of Adorableness and it would still be totally appropriate. My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling I just did!

Right off the bat, you could feel the chemistry radiating between Robin and Carter. I was surprised by how well Anderson played the insta-attraction card–she managed to make it both sweet and realistic. It was the kind of cute that will make you want to reminisce on all the guys and girls you’ve crushed on before.

Individually, I love how both main characters had their own support systems. While she may not have had the most present parents, Robin had her co-workers and friends who were very supportive of her and wanted to be happy. Carter had his amazing, sweet, and very caring family. I wanted to hug his parents and his sisters so hard!

Anderson’s writing was really easy to read, and I found my heart palpitating and clenching in the perfect moments. I could really feel what the author intended for the reader to feel, which earned her a spot on my Author Nice List.

One of my little qualms, though, is about how this book is being marketed. The synopsis makes it clear that music will play a big part of this book, but whenever Robin and Carter were together, it was just a topic that was always glossed over or put to the side. It could’ve made this book extra awesome, and without it, the book just lacked some depth at some points.

And there’s this one scene close to the end of the book where Robin tested my patience. She was really quick to judge and made some stupid mistakes, but I guess that just made her more of a person–a bitchy person, but a person nonetheless.

If you’re curious, the book ended in an open ending. It might not be the HEA you’re looking for, but it was realistic and made me daydream about a beautiful future for our two main characters.

Overall, if you’re just looking for a quick contemporary read to make you smile, definitely consider picking up Song of Summer!

Skulls 3.5


About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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27 thoughts on “Review: Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson

  1. I love a contemporary novel which has those feel-good vibes, so this sounds promising! On another note, it’s nice to see another book featuring headphones on the cover (I remember doing the Find Me Tag and for that category ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’ was pretty much the only one used lol). I just finished a book which was really good and did have that open ending, but it did still work, so I can see that it could here – thanks for the heads-up :) Brilliant review as always Aimee!


  2. Realistic open-ended climax? NOT PERFECT HEA? Okay, this book sounds like the ultimate read for people like me. The amount of sugar and love that radiated about the book from your review alone makes me want to read this! And the cover is so utterly delicious! Lovely premise, and further, a lovelier review, Aimee :)


  3. Awww this sounds so sweet. I think everyone needs that one book on their shelves that is just fun and doesn’t make you want to cry and throw the book against a wall. Perfect Review, I’m in a serious need for some fun summer books!


  4. I don’t think this sounds like a book for me (girl, you know I don’t do open endings), but I’m glad you were able to enjoy it for the most part. Too bad about the music though!
    Lovely review. <3


  5. I was so enamored with the premise of this book and I just love the cover Jenny designed. Unfortunately this one didn’t live up to my expectations. I didn’t care for the exes, Robin’s overreaction over an incorrect assumption and the open ending was the last straw for me. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this, though, Aimee. Wonderful review! :)


    1. Thanks, Rachel! I totally adored Jenny’s design, too. :) So sorry this didn’t work out for you! Robin’s overreaction by the end REALLY pissed me off, but for some reason the open ending worked for me…


  6. What an amazing cover- it’s so, so awesome. I love the colours, the typography, the hearts are splendid. Aah. I’m glad it was a mostly fun read for you, although sorry Robin did some frustrating things and music wasn’t as important to the plot as you had believed it would be. It can be so frustrating when a book is marketed as being something and then it’s very clearly not as much of that as you’d anticipated.
    Lovely review! x


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