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LifeAimee here!

I was busier this week and wasn’t able to do a lot of commenting since we had TWO Chinese exams this week. *glares at the school’s Chinese Department* But I did get to go shopping during the weekend because SALES EVERYWHERE. Hint: I shopped at Miss Selfridge because they had a “petite” section and normal clothes are way too big for me. #ShortPeopleProblems

#Obsessedcurrent obsessions

So in school, we’re having this mini talent show coming up, and my group decided that we would perform When I’m Gone (yep, the cup song!) from Pitch Perfect, and so I’ve pretty much been OBSESSED with it and have been singing it in my head for the past couple of days.

I’ve also been obsessively stalking Epic Reads’ Winter cover reveals (which you can find here, here, here, here and here). I NEED THESE BOOKS TO COME OUT.

#BookHaulthis week’s stack of pretties (links lead to Goodreads)


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The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow | Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young

The Scorpion Rules is about war, y’all. War. I needed it. I’ve read and loved Suzanne Young’s The Program, The Treatment and The Remedy, so my excitement for Hotel Ruby was off the charts! I may or may not have fell off my seat when I was approved for it. Thanks so much for both of these, Simon & Schuster!

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Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy | A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis | Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

Last week I got my first Harper approval, and since then they’ve blessed me with more books! I’ve heard the best things about Dumplin’ so far, despite not loving Julie’s debut novel. Mindy McGinnis is a fabulous lady and I love horror, so I needed A Madness So Discreet. I haven’t finished Rae’s The Girl of Fire and Thorns yet, but Walk on Earth a Stranger sounds amazing and it’s been getting so much love. Thanks to HarperCollins for these!


White Hot Kiss & Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Our local bookstore’s having a sale, and since I told myself to give JLA’s other books a shot, I decided to get the first two books in her The Dark Elements series, White Hot Kiss and Stone Cold Touch.

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How did your week go? Any new books added to your TBR piles?

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51 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #10: More Books and Music Obsessions

  1. Very nice haul Aimee! I have an ARC of Dumplin’ as well which I’m excited to get to – it does look like a nice heartwarming contemporary. A Madness So Discreet looks/sounds amazing – it’s a book I’m really looking forward to reading since the psychological aspect is so intriguing! I haven’t read anything be Jennifer L. Armentrout before (though one of my friends LOVES the Obsidian series and yet I’m still not convinced I’ll like it), so looking forward to seeing white you think of her other works :) Hope you have a great week!


    1. Awesome! We might end up reading it at the same time, Eugenia. :) Same thoughts on A Madness So Discreet! I’ve read the first Obsidian book and I really didn’t like it, but I’ve read JLA’s Half-blood and enjoyed that one!


  2. I so need to go shopping soon Aimee, and I’m exactly the same, I can only but clothes from the petite section, especially when it comes to buying jeans! And I wasn’t even aware that Epic Reads had some cover reveals recently, I am off to check them out now! I hope you have a great week! :)


  3. I’m sorry that school has been so busy for you^^ At least you have some fun stuff going on too! (yay for shopping!) You got a lot of gorgeous books too, I hope that you’ll enjoy them :D Have a great week and happy reading! xx


  4. The Epic Reads reveals were crazy! I added so many books to my wishlist :D I think I’m most excited for Jennifer Brown’s new book, since it’s about synesthesia!

    Omgggg The Scorpion Rules was SO GOOD. I cried a few times. But also I loved it <3

    I also was just very startled to see my name and 20 in the same sentence O_O I kind of forgot about that being a reality. Some days I feel 20 but some days I still feel 19!


    1. SAME. I added alllll the books. Jennifer Brown’s book does sound awesome!
      Ahh that makes me 10000x more excited because book crying is the best kind of crying! ;)
      Believe me, I still feel 12 despite almost being 16. xD


  5. AHHH ALL THOSE COVER REVEALS. SUCH PRETTY BOOKS. I’ve been stalking people’s 2016-releases Goodreads shelves and getting myself all excited…even if we’re only halfway through 2015.

    Dumplin’ looks really good, can’t wait to read it! Still need to read Not a Drop to Drink, actually…*stares at crazy TBR*


  6. DUMPLIN IS SO SO GOOD!! I still, to this day, have no idea what the heck Side Effects May Vary was trying to achieve (except hating on everyone and everything??? gah. Weird) But Dumplin is just so totally different and adorable and FEMINISM..YAAAYYY. *ahem* I desperately want to read The Scorpion Rules at some point too. ;-)
    AHHH, thanks for linking to my post! YOU ARE THE NICEST.


    1. I read your review and that made me MORE excited since I found out you didn’t like Side Effects May Vary either!!
      I am, aren’t I? ;D I kid! I just love your content, Cait!


  7. haha it’s kinda cute that you like the petite section best. I’m constantly in need of big clothes even though I’m only 5’6 because the malls in my country never have clothes for any girl above 5″ ft. And it’s so cool you got approved by Harper!! :D


    1. I don’t like it *best*, but that’s the only place I can shop where the clothes actually fit me. xD That’s interesting! Well, I’m not yet 5′ so I’d be perfect in your country. :P Thanks, Ju!


  8. I got Hotel Ruby a while ago! Still haven’t read it though. I hope we both like it :) I hope you do good on your Chinese exams! And good luck on your talent show! Thank you for participating in our LNO :)


  9. *offers sympathy and takeout for Chinese exams* I literally switched education systems to run away from Chinese. Didn’t succeed, but at least now it’s easier. And Pitch Perfect! I’ve been hearing so much about that, good luck with your performance. A Madness So Discreet has a beautiful cover! I think it’s part of a series, no? I’ve heard about it here and there. And aaah, thank you for including my Mulan post! EVEN MORE TAKEOUT FOR YOU.


    1. Ugh, Chinese exams are the bane of my existence, haha. (Okay, not really. I hate physics more.) I’ve actually never watched Pitch Perfect, but the songs are fabulous! I’m not sure–I’ll check on GR. :) OF COURSE–I totally loved your post!


  10. Isn’t the Chinese department not allowed to give two exams in the same week?!

    I loved reading White Hot Kiss so I hope you enjoy it too. Happy reading! :)


  11. Good luck with your Chinese exams Aimee! how exciting you guys are performing a song from Pitch Perfect! I can see how it would become obsessive hehe. Congrats on getting approved for Harper! That’s super exciting, more books on your radar. Have a great week hun!


  12. THE HARPER COVER REVEALS!!! *falls down dead* I need all those books in my life Aimee. NEED! You got some fantastic books this week, I can’t wait to see what you think of Walk on Earth a Stranger, I’m really hoping I love that one as much as I did her previous series. Hope your exams went well my friend!


  13. Oh my god I’m sooooo jealous, I really want to read Dumplin, A Madness So Discreet & Walk on Earth a Stranger!!! I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on them. I haven’t read Suzanne Young’s previous works, but the synopsis for Hotel Ruby seems very interesting. :) I personally really enjoyed both of The Dark Elements’ books released so far (the third one is coming out this month, I think!) and I really hope you do as well. XD Happy reading!


      1. I can imagine! ;)
        I’ve been thinking about it, but I’m not yet sure how to go about it and I think my follower count and stats are too low for what they’re looking for. Maybe someday though! Thanks, I think I’ll need it! :)

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Very nice hail this week, Aimee! I’m really looking forward to Dumplin’ and Walk on Earth a Stranger – I hope you enjoy them, and that the live up to the hype :)


  15. Well, now the Cups song is in MY head too! Congrats on the Harper approval- those are some pretty fabulous looking books (all of which I am incredibly excited for too!) and I hope you love them!! Also, right there with you on the Epic Reads reveals- the cover gorgeousness is just… drools.


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