I was tagged to do the #MoreHappyThanNot tag by the lovely Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout!

All you have to do if you’re tagged is to answer the question: What makes you more happy than not? My post is going to be *really* long because lots of things make me happy. The last bit will be the thing that makes me most happy though, if you want to skip ahead to that!


I am more happy than not when:

  • I buy/receive new books.
  • My favorite bookstore has a sale.
  • Someone loves a book I recommended to them.
  • A favorite author announces that they have a new book.
  • A favorite author/publisher tweets to/follows me.
  • I meet new bookish friends.


I am more happy than not when:

  • My parents get off work early.
  • My brother lets me hug him.
  • My niece and nephew laugh when I pick them up.
  • My parents are proud of me.
  • My parents and brother listen to me rant at dinner.
  • My grandmothers are healthy.


I am more happy than not when:

  • I pass a difficult test.
  • I’m on the honor roll.
  • My teachers praise me.


I am more happy than not when:

  • My friends invite me to an outing.
  • My friends are honest with me.
  • My friends help me solve my problems.
  • My friends tell me I’m nice/funny/not really a bitch.


I’m more happy than not when:

  • I find something I thought I’d lost.
  • My calligraphy/penmanship isn’t complete crap.
  • I speak well in front of a large crowd.
  • I hug my favorite pillow.


I am more happy than not when I make the people I love smile. I love seeing them happy in general, but it makes me extra happy when it was me who did something to make them happy. I love knowing that I did something special to make someone else’s day. :)



I’ve decided not to tag anyone in particular for this one, because I want to know what makes EVERYONE more happy than not. Let me know in the comments what makes you happy, whether it’s bookish or not. :)


About Aimee
Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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51 thoughts on “Things That Make Me More Happy Than Not

  1. Ah! I LOVE all your answers here Aimee^^ Bookish-wise, I think we share every single item you listed ♥ (not surprising though, right?!) and YES I also am happy when my grandmother is healthy :) Friends being honest and finding something you thought you’d lost are awesome ones too! xx


  2. Such a cute heartwarming post! I love it <3 I am more happy than not on family holidays where we are all getting along. When I receive things that I know are coming in the post. When I buy a new book, or finish a good book. When I can finally play a song well on my harp that I have been learning for a while. When work I have been working on for a while seems to pay off ^.^

    Check out my recent book review: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2015/06/destiny-review.html


    1. Thank you, lovely! <3 I LOVE receiving book mail as well. :) I'm close with a few cousins and not so much with others, so I love it when we all get along too. ^_^ And whoa to you playing the harp! I fail at all instruments, haha.


  3. Very touching post, Aimee. What makes me more happy than not? My family, sunny days, ice-skating, new books, good reviews.


    1. Thanks, Ksenia! :) I’m more of a rainy day kind of person, but that’s probably just because I sweat buckets on sunny days! xD Good reviews make me so happy too!


  4. Aww this is such a sweet post Aimee! I’m sure all those people you care about that you make smile appreciate having someone like you in their life. And yes I have to agree with you on the bookish things, especially when I buy new books! Great post! :)


  5. Aimee you are one of the sweetest beings on earth, I swear. Anyone who calls you a bitch… LET ME AT EM. I both love and hate when there’s a book sale though xD hahah. I’m with you 110%, when the people I care for smile and are happy, that in turn makes me happy too <3 <3 <3


  6. Aimee, seriously, you make me smile ALL THE TIME. You are one of the friendliest bloggers I’ve ever interacted with, and you come up with the cutest posts!

    Someone loves a book I recommended to them.
    A favorite author announces that they have a new book.
    A favorite author/publisher tweets to/follows me.

    ^^^AMEN :)


  7. This is all the sweetest and I agree with it all too! Being happy is all the goals and making others happy is even better :”) Like when my brothers actually don’t mind me being “sisterly” to them it makes me happy too because y’know they’re all grown up and think they’re tough but even they struggle so it’s nice to help them haha and same goes to my teachers when you can tell they’re stressed so you make them laugh and my parents too who both work 24/7 and need chill time.

    Books of course are the things that make me happiest ~


    1. Thank you, Ju! <3 I feel the same way! My brother usually walks *away* from me in school which is really disappointing. D: But sometimes he let's me tackle him or pinch his cheeks in public–score!


  8. I mean, the last part is EVERYTHING! I so can relate! Thank you for doing the Tag, Aimee! Even if Alyssa was the one who tagged you.

    I love how unapologetic your list is! *Slow claps.* And the little victories with recommendations never fail to make my day. (Real story: that actually happened with Alyssa and me fanboying with Simon vs like it’s nobody’s business.) I appreciate that there’s a separate space for family as well! And school. And calligraphy. And SALE. But also, THE LAST PART!


  9. Awww, this was a very heartwarming post, Aimee! I agree with so many of these, especially when I was in High School. I was so competitive then and I glowed every time I passed difficult math tests (I GOT A NEAR PERFECT SCORE IN A CALCULUS TEST WHAAAAT THAT ONE SERIOUSLY FLABBERGASTED ME… needless to say, my next exam wasn’t as lucky). I’ll need to borrow this tag for my personal blog!

    Faye at The Social potato


    1. I’m EXTREMELY competitive, but since I’m almost technically a senior, I’m trying to chill grade-wise, haha. :) Dude, we have a calculus quiz on Friday–don’t remind me! xD


  10. Wonderful answer, Aimee! It’s heartening to see how we and everyone around us are so easily happy, despite whatever complaints we might have. I am totally always beyond excited when someone tells me they’re reading a book I recommended, let alone if they liked it. Family listening to you rant is always a wonderful feeling, especially when you know they might not necessarily agree to you but they’re willing to hear you out! And OMG, calligraphy. I can’t even read/recognise my own handwriting sometimes.

    P.S.: Pillows and smiles make the world go around.


    1. Thanks, Alyssa! <3 My parents actually always tell me to find something more positive to say, haha! xD I can't do English calligraphy, but we're taught calligraphy in Chinese class. o_o
      PILLOWS! <3 I've had this special pillow since I was one, haha.


  11. Aw this is wonderful adorableness!! THESE ARE ALL TERRIFIC THINGS. I relate to like 100% of the bookish ones. I particularly love making people laugh, like really love it. IT IS MY FAVOURITE. When someone says “you’re funny” that makes me the happiest of all. ZOMG. And also when a little kid falls asleep on me. like, gosh, what is it about that?! Specialest thing in the world. <3


    1. Thank you, lovely!! :) I know! When someone tells me that I die a bit inside. :D Of happiness, of course. When little kids like me it’s like, WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? But it’s amaaazing.


  12. I love many of these things as well, like making people happy/laugh and getting new books.

    I was tagged with this one this week so I shall be doing my own post soon :)


  13. I read all of this and didn’t think it was really long at all, Aimee. I thought it was really beautiful and rather splendid. Your final answer made ME smile because it was so sweet and I identify with that feeling/sense/answer. I have a little niece and it really brings forward and makes me realise how amazing and important it is, and how good it makes you feel, to visibly make another person happy. It’s an amazing thing, really, to achieve.
    I’m planning on doing this sometime soon, so I’m looking forward to that! But for now, you’re lovely, Aimee, and I really enjoy your discussions. x


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