Blogger Love

Blogger Love is our new feature where we spotlight some bloggers.

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I wanted to feature these two lovely ladies who have been absolutely sweet. Today, put your hands together for:

General Blogging Info

Welcome to the blog, you two! Please introduce us to your blog.

C&K: Carmel & Kyla is where we get to share with other people our love for books, movies, TV shows, and everything under the sun.

 How old is your blog?

C&K: One year old! Our blog anniversary was on May 3rd.

That’s so awesome! (Y’all can find their blog anniversary post here.) What books do you mainly blog about?

C&K: Young Adult novels.

What will readers most likely love about your blog?

C&K: Our blog layout!

Which one of you is sort of the “boss” when it comes to blogging?

Kyla: Carmel, since she’s the older one.
Carmel: What she said. Hehe.

What/who inspires you to keep blogging and why?

Kyla: My undying love for books is the reason why I’m inspired to blog. Plus all the authors & bloggers I love!
Carmel: All the amazing authors that I have interacted on Twitter. To name a few, it would be: Nikki Kelly (author of Lailah), Lindsay Currie & Trisha Leaver (authors of Creed), Annabel Monaghan (author of A Girl Named Digit).

If blogging was a tangible object, what would it be and why? (Basically, compare blogging to an object, haha!)

Carmel: Blogging is like having a pet dog. You have to be responsible for that dog.
Kyla: I agree with Carmel. Blogging is definitely like having a pet dog. A dog who can be stubborn, sometimes, but fun.

Weird Questions

When I say the word “blogging”, what are the first three foods you think of and why?

Kyla: Almonds, pizza, doughnuts.
Carmel: Squid balls, ice cream, french fries.

If you had the opportunity to hug three YA authors of your choice, who would they be?

Carmel: Kate Brauning (author of How We Fall), Tarryn Fisher (author of Never Never), Natalie Satandiford (author of How to Say Goodbye in Robot)
Kyla: Kimberley Griffiths Little (author of Forbidden), Fisher Amelie (author of Vain), and Suzanne Collins (author of The Hunger Games trilogy).

If you found out that all the internet connections in the world would disappear, what would your last blog post be about?

Kyla: About me and the things about me that no one knows.

Fun Facts

Carmel: (1) I’m fascinated with serial killers. I am such a fan of The Following; (2) Desserts come first. They get eaten first. I love eating anything sweet esp if it’s blueberry cheesecake and pistachio ice cream; (3) I love anything with lies and revenge. It was no surprise I so love Liars, Inc. (Speaking of lies and all the stuff, I play HerInteractive ‘s Nancy Drew games. I get to play as Nancy and solve mysteries. LOL I’m so weird.)

Kyla: (1) I am obsessed with Taylor Swift and cats; (2) I love Maggie Q. I have watched almost every movie/TV series of hers; (3) I spend most of my time daydreaming about things that will never happen.

About Carmel & Kyla

Carmel and Kyla are troglodytes — and cousins —  who express themselves through blogging. Carmel likes various things including: Sam Claflin, ice cream, and chocolates. Kyla perpetually likes TAYLOR SWIFT, Maggie Q, and everything nice.
Thank you Aimee for welcoming us to your blog!

Social Media Sites

You should check out Carmel and Kyla’s blog, Carmel and Kyla! Their blog also has a fabulous Facebook page. You can also stalk Carmel on Twitter and Instagram. Kyla is also on Twitter and Instagram.

Do you follow these two lovely ladies? Find anything you have in common with them?

About Aimee
Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.Goodreads | Twitter | Instagramall of Aimee’s posts →


45 thoughts on “Blogger Love: Carmel and Kyla

  1. Ooh, Carmel and Kyla sound so awesome. Relative bloggers are always such fun :) I’ve followed you on Bloglovin’ and your blog design really is lovely!

    Pizza is definitely needed for blogging. I am oddly relieved that I’m not the only one who likes serial killer and dessert. And damn, I’m almost tempted to take down the Internet to find out all those DEEP, DARK SECRETS. XD


  2. HELLO CARMEL AND KYLA!!! *waves* I love this feature Aimee! The best part of blogging (other than fangirling over books, obviously) is getting to “meet” (e-meet?) new people who love books as much as you do. I will definitely be checking out their blog!

    Also, yes to pizza, doughnuts, ice cream and french fries ;-)


  3. Hey there, Carmel and Kyla! Your blog design is definitely my fave thing ever, them colors are so mellow! I also have developed a new obsession with Taylor Swift and cats, hopefully I will not spiral into the depths of Tumblr’s cat and Taylor Swift tags.

    Cool feature Aimee!


  4. Love their blog and their layout! The girls are right, it is my favorite part of the blog because the layout is so cute :) This is a great feature Aimee, because of you a great new book blog to visit and bloggers to get to know! And Carmel, I too am fascinated with serial killers and yes, dessert should definitely be eaten first ;)

    Awesome feature Aimee!


  5. It’s always great finding other people out in the blogosphere, so this sounds like it will be super helpful. Going off to check out Kayla and Carmel’s blog right now! Thanks for putting this together and fabulous post! <3


  6. This post is a lifesaver. I’m currently looking for more blogs to follow so thank you Aimee for spotlighting these two lovely ladies! I’ll be sure to check them out soon (or right now as I’m typing). AND YES TO DESERTS AND TAYLOR SWIFT.


  7. Ooooh, a new blog to check out! :) Also, I loved the questions, especially the first three words that come to mind when “blogging” is mentioned. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


  8. EEEPPP! I’ve been reading the comments and I love each and every one of them. I’m glad they appreciate this post and that it made them want to visit our blog. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE, HUMAN BEANS! Especially to the amazing, Aimee. <3


  9. Ooh, I love these blogger spotlight features — I’m always in need of more awesome blogs to follow! And hehe, Carmel and Kyla were right: I really like their blog layout. It’s so cute and vibrant and just all around fun! :D And lol, I totally agree with what they said about how blogging is like having a pet dog… You have to take care of it and maintain it otherwise it will die out. Especially if you have your own domain. Then it literally WILL die.

    CARMEL, WE ARE SO SIMILAR. I have this morbid fascination with serial killers as well. Like, if I come across a murderer I’m not familiar with, I’d wiki them up and read their full bio — especially the parts about their victims. Call me crazy, but they’re so interesting to read and know about. I have a weird interest in all psychopaths, really. O_O

    Thanks so much for sharing, Aimee! It was nice getting to know these two wonderful ladies. :D


    1. I love them too, Meg! :) And yes, their blog layout colors are so adorable and girly! <3
      Ha–yes! I've never had a pet dog before, but I agree with the idea.


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