This is where I share some totally pointless things!

Like I told you guys in this post, I went to one of my dream vacation destinations–the fabulous Japan! And so here you go. (I’m such a crowd pleaser.)

Unfortunately, this might not be a helpful guide to anyone looking to me to help with an itinerary because I can’t remember any of the names of the restaurants we ate in. I’m amazing like that.


Weather: Freaking Cold

We arrived in Japan (Osaka) a little bit late, just around 6 O’clock in the evening. The airport was an hour away from the hotel we were staying in, so we decided to eat dinner at this cook-your-own-food all-you-can-eat buffet.

I am one of those fun people who love cooking their own food in restaurants[1], and I just adored the pork chops [2].

[1] Of course I’m a total professional and managed to burn some of my food.
[2] Pork is my life.

After that, we headed to our pretty cramped-up but still nice hotel. And I pretty much fell on the bed and napped.


Weather: Cold as Fuck + Rain

And this is where the fun begins! Our first actual stop was Universal Studios in Osaka. Believe me, I woke up and was sleepy as hell, but I got because HARRY POTTER.

But being from the Philippines[3], we were surprised as hell to discover that it was eleven degrees Celsius outside, and it was RAINING. Oh yeah, I had to wear a sleeveless shirt + a long sleeved one + my Percy Jackson Sweater, and I was still shuddering the whole way there.

[3] It’s around 35 degrees where we are. Around 20 in December.

When we finally got to Universal Studios, we immediately ran to get time tickets for Harry Potter. We picked a time in the afternoon because reasons.


11126927_10204021206872270_162493383_n 11158189_10204021206832269_1944182950_n
[Left-right] The Most Epic Rock in History & The Most Epic Map in History

Who Wants to Play Quidditch? (Aka I Hope This Chunk of Metal Doesn’t Kill Me)


11149019_10204021206992273_1452778187_n 11119631_10204021191671890_231658193_n
[L-R] It’s Raining But Gimme My Butterbeer & OMG This is For Real!

Little Brother Got Swag

11117470_10204021195031974_827417196_n 11165906_10204021194991973_1787804506_n
Slytherin FTW!

11178484_10204021194951972_1487566416_n 11173700_10204021206792268_458244214_n
[L-R] Hangin’ at The Owl Post & My Mom Wanted to Take a Selfie

I’m so disappointed that they don’t have Platform 9 3/4 here. And you have to pay to take photos inside the Hogwarts Express. :( So obvs we’re a cheap bunch and skipped it.

After that, we checked out the other parts of Universal Studios, but they weren’t nearly as badass. ;)


Weather: Pretty Cold

And this is basically where we waste a crapload of time on the bullet train to Tokyo. I got a lot of reading done though, and managed to read a good chunk of Written in the Stars on the 2 and a half hour ride. OH, and the train station had a bookstore (I didn’t even bother checking the bookstore’s name because I immediately ran inside), and EVERYTHING WAS IN JAPANESE LIKE WHAAAT.

11149153_10204021191751892_453890861_nI Want to Buy Manga But Can’t Understand Japanese


Weather: Reaaaaally Chilly

Day four was when we went to Akihabara, also known as Anime Street. Because we all woke up late and spent too much time invested in lunch, we were only able to stay here for only two hours and just visited two badass anime stores. I got myself a Danganronpa figurine and pin (not pictured because I’m lazy). :)

11164081_10204021191631889_1189802252_nCranky Anti-photo-taking Little Brother and Me

Afterwards, we spent three hours in one of their local shopping streets (curse my forgetfulness), and basically everyone on the tour with us bought shoes, because they’re half the price of the ones here in the Philippines!


Weather: Holy Crap I’m Going to Get Hypothermia + Fucking Rain

I already knew we were going to see Mt. Fuji, so I was prepared with a sleeveless shirt + thick long-sleeved shirt + sweater + jacket. So you can believe my disappointment when I found out that it was raining too hard for us to go up. We did get to some other mountain, and it was 3 degrees Celsius. The rain was turning into ice.

So we had to leave early. We went to this place called “Hell on Earth” which is supposedly hot on a normal day, and that they use the heat coming from the earth to cook these black eggs (again no photos because I suck). It was EXTREMELY COLD and we broke two umbrellas. Heh.

After that we went on a TWENTY MINUTE cruise. Yeah. Twenty minutes. How exciting. We did get to see some Cherry Blossoms (aka Sakura) though, which were gorgeous. Excuse my sleepy-looking face.

11094227_10204021186591763_874370933_n 11169092_10204021191591888_1414260229_n


Weather: Not as Cold as Before

So this was a free non-tour day. We basically spent the whole time shopping and buying everything we got our hands on because things in Japan’re crazy cheap. Like 1/3 of what we’d pay if we bought them from where we live.

I got a ton of Tsum Tsums because I’m totally mature like that. My little bro got shoes (NEON YELLOW SHOES).





And that brings our Japan trip to a close!


Would you have enjoyed if you were with me? Any thoughts on my (fabulously unhelpful) recap style?

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63 thoughts on “My Journey to Hogwarts (and Other Nearby Places) / Japan Recap

  1. THE FOOOOD. Other than the rich culture and the sakura, I really love Japanese food and I’m a little jealous that you got to eat the REAL DEAL. But just a little. How was the butterbeer??? It looks really good from your picture haha. :D


  2. Going to Japan is one of my dream vacation spots!!!! I saw your IG photo of your wands and I was like WAHT *slowly turns green*. And that Hedwig owl plushie *cries*. Pssst you and your fam are adorable!! All the manga and light novels and figurines. HEART EYES OVER HERE. I want to learn Japanese some day. I know some words because I watch anime a lot but it’d be so cool to read it! The cherry blossoms are so pretty. But the food…good lord, I’m drooling. Sucks that the weather wasn’t amazing but I’m glad you had fun!


    1. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy the plushies! :( I wanted to, but obviously my mom was not too keen on that idea, haha! Same here–it would be awesome to finally be able to watch anime without subtitles, and to read non-translated manga. ;) Thanks so much, Jae!


  3. Japan must be a lovely place to visit! I want to venture out into Asia and I never knew that there was a Harry Potter Studio in Japan. In London it is absolutely Harry Potter crazy!! I adore anime and there must be loads there, but lets not forget that lovely Japenese food. Hope you had so much fun!


    1. It was definitely awesome. :) Asia’s a fabulous place to live in. Oh, yeah, the Harry Potter area is one of the reasons why everyone’s suddenly going to Japan, haha! I’d love to go to London someday too. :)


  4. Oh wow. Your a better travel journalist than I could ever be. Lol. Most of the time, I barely remember to whip out my camera. :) I didn’t realize you’ve been gone and back! It seems like yesterday when you were saying sayonara to us all.

    anyway, looks like you had a ton of fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. I love their art, their culture, the friendly people…just. EVERYTHING.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Ha! I doubt I can be one since I already forgot all the names of the places we went to. ;) And for the photos, I thank my mom for always wanting a selfie, haha!

      The people are super friendly! Except when you don’t understand them and they get a little bit frustrated…


  5. Wonderful! The Harry Potter in Japan looks just like the one in Florida. :) And I have a picture of the Butterbeer stache just like your brother. That stuff was amazing! It is too bad that you had kind of poor weather though, when I was in Japan it was HOT. And I didn’t appreciate sushi back then, so I want to go back and have a whole new food experience there. Your last set of photos look so yummy.


    1. Too bad I’m a uncomfortable-with-fizz kind of girl and my mom had to chug my butterbeer for me–after I finished all the foam, haha!

      Oh dear, I’m not a sushi fan either. That was all my mom. ;)


  6. Ahhh. This is so cool, I want to go to Japan now. Or really anywhere because ahhhh, I have the worst case of Wanderlust. I just want to travel the world really and experience all of the unique culture and history the world has to offer.

    Pshhh. The Canadian in me is sticking my nose up at your “fucking cold” description [; Pshhh. Girl, come on over and experience a Canadian winter. And then you’ll be wearing shorts when it goes from -25 to 11 degrees. I have to say though, rain is the worst. Like yeah, snow is pretty cold but I feel like rain always manages to soak you to the bone.

    HARRY POTTER WORLD! I went to the one in Florida like 5 years ago. It looks pretty similar (: I tried Butterbeer too but… I didn’t like it :o I know, it’s practically hearsay. Lol I just gave it to my brother. Speaking of brothers, yours seems less camera shy than mine haha. Whenever I try to take a selfie he literally runs away, or gives me a dirty look and swears. This may be because he’s sixteen but stillllll.

    Lol I also feel you on breaking umbrellas. It’s a struggle okay. In Italy it rained quite a bit in Florence, so I went and broke some umbrellas there. Ooops. I also can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic or not about the 20 minute cruise. I’m going to say you are hahaha. But personally, I love those kind of things?? Yes, I’m strange. I just love being on the water I guess. BUT OMG THOSE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREES ARE SO GORGEOUS <33

    ….. and you have seriously slayed me with those pictures of food. Thanks girl!

    Lovely recap haha. I laughed quite bit and loved the pictures (:


    1. I would love to travel more, too! Unfortunately, we always have to save up and only go out of the country like, every other year? :/

      Oh come on, give me a break. ;) In our country, 20 degrees is cold already! (And this is in winter/December!)

      I didn’t love butterbeer (not a rootbeer girl), so my mom chugged it for me. Heh. I loved the tasty foam though! My brother is only okay with taking pics as long as I don’t force him to change his FB profile picture. xD

      We borrowed the umbrellas from the hotel we were staying in and it was embarrassing to let them know they all died a sad death. I’m totally okay with cruises, but only 20 minutes?! We didn’t even see any views yet. :/ THEY ARE AREN’T THEY?

      Thanks so much, Lovely! <33


  7. I sort of love all of your footnotes? They’re hilarious! And Japanese stuff is indeed a bargain compared to exports. AND AAAAAH THE FOOD IS MAKING ME HUNGRY!


  8. I’m so jealous! The food, the butterbeer, JAPAN, Tsum Tsum ahhh I’m so jealous right now. Yes yes, the food looks glorious, I wanted to lick my screen okay? I admit it.

    Hah! I can definitely tell you are a person of warm weather. (Well, yeah that’s a bit obvious living in the Philippines [Right?] and all…) PS. I really like your Percy Jackson gear! :D



    1. Better douse your computer in vanilla extract before licking it. ;D

      Yep! For us here, the coldest temp is usually still around 20 degrees C, unless you go up to the mountains and it’s around ten during December.

      Thanks! I’m addicted to it, haha!


  9. Seriously, I just go to places for the food. Cook your own food buffet? I think I would pass because I’m lazy like that, but it sounds kind of cool!

    I’ve been to HP world in Florida but it was a while ago and I can’t remember if I was even a blogger back then. I don’t think so :P There were some cool rides and we drank butterbeer and had a good time. I wanted to buy the robes but they were 100 bucks so parents were like NO.

    I hope you had an AMAZING time and omg your weather updates made me LOL because I’m from Canada and you pretty much describe my life.


    1. It’s basically just a grill and you stuff all the meat in it, and wait for it to cook. ;)

      Florida is another place I want to visit someday! I totally get what you mean about the robes though. My mom looked at me funny and walked away…

      Hahaha, thanks! ;) It’s pretty warm where I live so I’m not used to the cold. >_<


  10. I think you mean “fabulously hilarious” recap, but okay :P This looks like so much fun – even if you were freezing your toes off the entire time! And I totally get the whole splurge thing; cheap stuff is the best lol.


  11. Wonderful recap Aimee! Thank you for sharing! So jealous of the time you spent at Hogwarts. Oh and Japan! :D It looks like a beautiful country – I really hope to make it over there someday!


  12. I AM SO JEALOUS. Wizarding World, ugh, I’ll see it someday. And OMG, cherry blossoms! It sucks that it was so cold though. We’re just not bred for that sort of temperature. But oh, Japan. If I do go, I’m bringing so much money, and I’ll be hoarding so much ink and nibs and brush pens because Japan is the manufacturer of those. I’m getting giddy just thinking of it.


    1. You will see it, Shannelle! So true. My bones all ached from the chills, haha.

      I’m sure all those stuff don’t cost much there! I was actually shocked and assumed that things there were expensive. >_<


    1. I’m not a rootbeer girl (fizz makes me feel iffy), so I thought it was okay. :( The foam was fabulous though! What? We didn’t need to pay extra for the cups, but there’s an extra fee if you want an extra souvenir.


  13. AHH I’M SO JELLY RIGHT NOW :P I so want to go to Japan now. HOGWARTS. BUTTERBEER. JAPAN. And obviously, what would a trip be without the food (which is totally making me hungry right now)? XD Ohmigosh the entire trip sounds amazing <3


  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I went to Universal Studios in Florida last year, and I loved seeing the Harry potter theme park. Sadly, the Hogwarts Express wasn’t built yet, but it was such an amazing experience.



    Sorry, I’m just fangirling over the two best things in life. I’m glad you had such a great time, the weather must have taken some getting used to, though :D Your pictures are lovely!


  16. OMG THE FOOD! I need that food in my life! And I have seen these Tsum Tsum things- they show them after episodes of random stuff on Disney Junior, only I never knew what they were! Thanks, now I can tell my daughter instead of “I don’t know WHAT those are” haahha. It looks like you had so much fun, aside from the horrible weather. And your brother’s face in those pictures is priceless- look at all the blackmail you now have for the future ;)


  17. OMG THE WIZARDING WORLD of HARRY POTTER. That’s a life goal for me, right there. I MUST visit there before I die XD You and your family look like you had a total blast – but too bad about the lack of Platform 9 3/4 though. The food looks absolutely divine *drools* and all the beautiful nature shots made me swoon! The bookstore was epic too but what a bummer that it was all in japanese D: Anyways, gorgeous post and thanks for sharing all about your trip and all the wonderful pictures ♥


    1. It was! :( I was so sad since I’ve been seeing so many photos of people at Platform 9 3/4. Probably in the US, not in Japan. :(
      The food WAS divine! I miss it already!
      Thanks so much, Micheline! <33


  18. HARRY POTTER!!! It’s too bad they didn’t have everything, and you have to pay extra for other things. I still wanna go though. This is the main reason I want to go to Japan so I can’t go until I have the money to buy everything. Lol. And of course the food! I love Japanese food, and I bet it’s way way better in the country itself. And cherry blossoms! Such an awesome trip! :D


  19. OMG Japaannn!! I would love to go and visit one day. And a bookstore? ON A TRAIN!! I want all those mangas and the anime dolls! I’ve always wanted to shop in Japan because I hear they actually have the costumes that characters in anime shows wear. And I’ve also wanted to see a live Sakura tree. They’re beautiful. It looks like you had an awesome time there :D


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