This is where I share some totally pointless things!

I don’t reread books. /Unless I have to for school./ But sometimes, I can’t get this particular bookish scene out of my head. And then I just have to reread it.

I’m pretty big on scene rereads, but today I’m going to share with you guys my top 8 most reread scenes! These scenes are probably spoiler-y, so if you haven’t read the book I mentioned, best not read the scene description!

Also, here’s a mini list for recent favorites that are going to eventually make it onto this list once I find time to reread:
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (The Carnival Scene), Fuel the Fire (Connor’s Speech), Snow Like Ashes (Chapter One!) and for more favorites, go here.

Without further ado, here are my top 8 most reread scenes:


8. Shadow Kiss (novel + graphic novel) / The Cabin Scene
Anyone else who has read this scene definitely knows what I’m talking about! This scene is not only steamy, but it’s also full of love and raw emotion. I love how Rose and Dimitri both shed their protective barriers and just let themselves be who they are around each other. Alternatively, I also reread this scene a lot in the graphic novel.


7. The Battle of the Labyrinth / The Beginning of the Most Epic Romance of All Time
Because this book is where Percy and Annabeth first kissed. Enough said, yeah?


6. The Iron Knight / The Reunion
This scene gives me the ~~feels~~. When Ash and Meghan met again, after all that Ash went through to be with her… It was just such a beautiful moment.


5. Perfect Chemistry / The Ending
The way Alex decided to change just for Brittany? SWOON. The scene where Brittany just told him to be himself… *dies*


4. Catching Jordan / All the Sam Henry Scenes
HENRY IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CONTEMPORARY HEROES EVARRR. He deserves my rereads. Especially the parts when he and Jordan fight (because angst is my thing) and the part where they make up (finally!).


3. Champion / The Epilogue
This is one of the most perfect series enders of all time. I loved how everything wasn’t squeaky clean in the end, and that our minds are actually given some space to wonder whether or not June and Day will get together again. And yeah, I basically cried an entire ocean in my room.


2. Destined for an Early Grave / Goodbye, Bones & We Meet Again
Remember that scene where Bones pretended to leave Cat because of Gregor? Yeah, that scene just made me cry buckets, and I felt like my heart was breaking a million times over. And the scene where he came back? Holy shit, my feelings went of the charts. Alternatively, I read the alternative scenes posted on Jeaniene Frost’s website, because MORE FEELS.


1. Kiss the Sky / All the Scenes
I love this book to pieces, and the sequel was even more fabulous. My favorite scenes, though, are the ones from the Alps (heh) and the ending (because Connor Cobalt is the sweetest man on this planet).

Something to ponder: I actually have a handful of sad scenes here, which probably means that I’m sort of masochist, right?


What are your favorite bookish scenes?

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48 thoughts on “Darling Diaries: My Top Eight Most Reread Scenes

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who obsessively re-reads scenes. There are many in ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES that I go back to, some in SERAPHINA, others I’m probably forgetting right now.

    Sarcasm & Lemons


  2. I’ve only read KTS from this list omg. *dashes to add them all on tbr*. But “All the scenes” WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED AND INCREDIBLY HAPPY BY THIS. Great post, Aimee <3


  3. Oh, I reread books ALL THE TIME. Like, far more than is healthy. But I literally have read zero of the books listed here? A huge oversight, but on the bright side, most of them are on my TBR.

    (Oh my *goodness* there’s been so much praise about Simon Vs. I have heard nothing bad or even meh about it so far. I want it soooo much.)


  4. Yay!Another scene rereader!I am reread scenes quite often.At times I really feel nostalgic about characters and books,so I frequently go revisit my favourite scenes with them.
    Shadow Kiss has a lot memorable scenes I like to reread.Along with the cabin scene,I also love the first scene where Dimitri and Rose talk outside in the night,the scene where Rose fight Dimitri and wins,the beautiful scene in the church and last scene with the cliffhanger.I love all of them!


  5. I had to skip through a few of these as I hadn’t read the books yet, I know what is wrong with me? But I have to agree the ending is one of my favourite scenes in Perfect Chemistry, I love characters who go through tremendous growth, or who are willing to change, so I was a fan of that one. And yes I so need more of Sam Henry in my life, I totally fell in love with him in this one!


    1. I totally agree. The characters (especially the heroine) weren’t incredibly likable at first, but they grew on my A LOT. :) Sam Henry is my man. <3


  6. YES TO THAT PERCABETH MOMENT. I also love the ending in The Last Olympian with the famous underwater kiss *swoon* One of my most reread scenes is in Divergent. Even though my love for the series has long been gone, I still like reading the Tris’ Dauntless imitation tests. Those were very exciting!


    1. YES YES YES THAT SCENE TOO AHH. <3 And Mark of Athena. And House of Hades. <33
      I never had any need to reread Divergent since Tris got on my nerves, haha.


  7. YES TO KISS THE SKY UGH OH GOD. HAHAHA, I swear I probably reread this books for more than 10 times, I even bookmarked all of Connor and Loren’s bromances haha


  8. I haven’t read any of these books O.o I do promise myself to finish Nigh Huntress, I only read up till book 2! And I want to try out Krista and Becca Ritchie’s books too because I know how much you love these two and their books! Really great list Aimee! <3


  9. I think sad scenes are actually a lot more touching and memorable actually! DEFINITELY that VA scene, my gosh <33 and that scene in Night Huntress, both of them were super emotional. I will always love and cherish the ending of Champion too!


  10. MEGHA AND ASH I CRY EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go and reread that because what are feels if not crying for your otp haha. I love the ending of KtS and that whol books obviously!!!! Also, I totes need to read at least one of Riordan’s series, I may start with HoO and then go back to read the original stories if I end up loving the spin offs :P


    1. I cried happy tears the first (second, and third) time!!! <33 KTS = the only book I'm willing to reread as a whole. ;D Noooo the original books are 1000000x better!


  11. I love the idea of rereading a scene, rather than the entire book. I’ve never reread a book before, since I feel I just don’t have the time. But rereading scenes – perfection!! I’m reading Kiss the Sky right now and it’s SO GOOD! Now I’m exited to get to the ending. :)


  12. This is a good idea! I mean, I rarely have time to reread and there are some parts of books I’d LOVE to reread, so this is a nice middle ground! And thanks for posting about Champion, because sadly, I could not remember how it ended (I don’t think that’s good!). Enjoy your scene re-reads :)


  13. I don’t recognize half of the books here, but the scenes you described sound awesome (and I don’t think I’m spoiled because I don’t even know the characters.) The epilogue for Champion was a killer, and I don’t know how people survive that.


  14. I’m actually a HUGE rereader of books in general, but I’ve also found myself rereading favorite scenes in books when I just can’t get enough of a particular moment :D I love Percy Jackson and will definitely be rereading the series at some point. I do want to get into Heroes of Olympus first though! And as for the rest of your list, well I still need to read VA, Iron Fey, Night Huntress and Legend- though I do own the first book in those first three. It’s great seeing them on here though, because it proves how much I have to look forward to! Great post^^ x

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews


  15. Ooh, I like this a lot! I don’t tend to reread books that much either, I don’t have the time to read NEW books much less reread old books xD But anyway, I totally get this because there definitely have been books that I will pick up just to reread my favorite scene over again ^^ The Cabin scene, are you TRYING to kill? Gah, I loved that too. You are so right that it is such a key and important scene for so many reasons besides sexual ones.


  16. I don’t reread often, but I SO reread scenes all the time! I stick bookmarks in the books so I can find them easily when I need something wonderful to read. :)

    I had to skip that Champion bit, but it bodes well for my reading to know you loved the EPILOGUE so much!! I have to get to it! So much from The Iron Knight, though! Ash just broke my heart and made me happy alllll the way through.


    1. I don’t have enough bookmarks for that–I’m going to need lots of scraps of paper. ;)

      I LOVED IT AND HATED IT AT THE SAME TIME ASDFGHJKL. The Iron Knight made me cry happy tears!


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