This is where I share some totally pointless things!

This is just going to be a little hiatus announcement from me. I’m going to Japan (my dream travel destination, btw!) and I’ll be there from the 9th to the 16th. I’ll be checking out Disneysea, Universal Studios (YES HARRY POTTER AHH) and Akihabara–anime street!

I will still try to do some quick blog commenting, but just a bit because commenting on my phone is a pain. Marga and Zoe will be around to interact with you guys, though! Posts have already been scheduled, so hooray for that small miracle!

I’ll still be on Twitter a lot. If you have anything urgent to tell me, tweet to me @AimeeReads or shoot me an email at thedeadlydarlings@gmail.com!

I *might* even post an event recap when I get back. ;)



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40 thoughts on “I’m Going to Japan! *Cue Excitement*

  1. Oh please do a recap! I would love to know all about your trip and especially about Disneysea and Harry Potter world!! So excited for you!!


  2. I just went to Japan in August, and really loved it! I just remember Tokyo smelling lovely (this may be because I had just come from Seoul, which did not smell so good). I really enjoyed the Tokyo SkyTree because everything inside it was so pretty, including the insides of the elevators! And I highly recommend the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo if you want to see something truly bizarre (not sure if you are going to Tokyo?). I hope you have a fabulous time and I do look forward to the recap!


    1. So glad to hear that! I don’t think we’re going to Tokyo SkyTree, though. :( We are heading to Tokyo, and I’ll let my parents know you recommended a restaurant and if it fits our schedule. =) Thanks so much!


  3. Have fun! I went about 10 years ago and loved it! There are so many beautiful shrines to tour and cool shops to visit. You’ll have a blast! If you are near Kyoto, you should visit Kinkaku-ji the golden temple. It is amazing and part of these beautiful gardens.


  4. Japan’s like my fav vacation spot ever. Enjoy the fantastic food — and Disney Sea is amazing! Do check out their haunted house, I quite liked it (several years ago, but oh well.) Have fun!


  5. GET ME SOME PENS PLEASE. I wish I could be going with you! I would love to see Japan, mainly for Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I think my mom’s sick of my begging. Have fun!


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