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Hi guys! So I’ve been banging my head on the table for the past few days trying to think up a new post to share with y’all, and out of nowhere I thought that I wanted to start a book tag! And of course, since International Women’s Day was trending, I thought something along the lines of, Hey, I want to be like her! every time someone posted about their favorite heroine.

So here are the rules for the Literary Twin book tag:

  • Choose three literary characters, one from each category: a) the character you think you are most similar to, b) the character who you aspire to be, and c) the character who most people see you as.
  • If you decide to do the tag, please link back to this master post. You can use the header image created by Deadly Darlings or make your own.
  • Tag as many people as you want!

And without further ado, here are my literary twins! *click on the covers to check out the books on Goodreads*

Rose Hathaway: A Strigoi-Killing Version of Me

18660669“Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies.”

I see myself a lot in Rose Hathaway. Minus the part where she stakes vampires through the heart, of course.

Rose can be really sassy–sometimes she can’t help but talk back and make a joke out of the most serious things. I know this isn’t the most positive trait, but I can totally relate. She also always has her friends’ backs, which is something I think I do. I mean, if evil bloodsuckers tried to attack our school, I would probably hide in a trash can, but I’ll drag my friends to safety with me. That counts, right? Another thing we have in common is how we can both be a bit too honest. Both of us have trouble keeping our mouths shut.

Rose Calloway: Hopefully Me in Ten Years

20658510“[Rose] leave[s] a trail of bodies with your glares.”

Rose is both brainy and beautiful, inside and out. She’s also very elegant and well-mannered, even in the presence of people she can’t stand, which I hope to be more of.

Brains and beauty aside, Rose is very passionate and determined. She strives hard to do what she wants, and is at the same time respected by many. She also loves with her whole heart, and she doesn’t doubt the people she loves.

Rose is, to cut it short, a successful woman in more ways than one.

Cress: The Person People Think I Am

13206828“My life is an adventure.” she said, growing confident as she opened her eyes again. “I will not be shackled to this satellite anymore.”

People who know me in real life think I’m a preppy girl. I guess I am sometimes, but more often I’m actually pretty moody. I think people assume that I’m the preppy, “cute” type because of how short I am.

Cress is also a tech-savy hacker. My classmates see me working with Photoshop, GIMP, basic HTML and they think I’m some sort of computer genius. Which is kind of awesome and flattering, if I do say so myself.


And so there you have it! My three sort-of literary twins. Thoughts on these fabulous women? ;D And now for the tagging part!

I tag…


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22 thoughts on “Literary Twin Book Tag! (In Which I Racked My Brain for My Possible Clones)

  1. Literally panic typing this comment because my test is about to start.
    I just wanna say that this is a bright idea Aimee and I’m coming back later to write something more sensible than this comment lol.


    1. Here come sensible comment:
      You are tech-savy Aimee, and preppy and a computer genius. I forgot everything I’ve learned about html codes and you might have forgotten that it’s you that I ask what code’s for this or that. I haven’t read Cress but if that’s how she is then yeah you are like her. :D


  2. What an awesome tag Aimee! You are totally sassy and kickass like all these characters, and I hope you become the best you you can be in ten years time. I love when you find that one character you can totally connect with, and they can help you become a stronger and better person for it because you want to imitate their qualities. <3 <3


  3. OMG I totally agree about Rose Calloway! Yes, yes *nods* she shows women being who you are, whoever that may be, is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t dumb yourself down, or feel embarrassed about your lack of sexual experience. Just BE YOU and everything else will fall into place. Her character sends such a great message.


  4. This is a great post Aimee! I have no clue which female characters I’m most like, I have in the past really connected well with certain characters, but to be anything like Rose Hathaway that would be amazing! I still need to meet Rose Calloway :/ I know I shall have to rectify that immediately!


  5. WHAT A FUN IDEA AIMEE!!!!! I love this so much. I have no idea which characters I’d pick for all three things, but I know I wouldn’t mind if it people thought I was a bit of a badass. Sadly, no one would actually think that because I’m very lacking in any kind of fighting prowess. Fail.


  6. Love this post! I may try to get around to doing this tag sometime soon. I haven’t read about the first two protagonists, but I loved reading Cress! Of all heroines for others to see you as, being Cress can’t be so bad. She’s unassuming, but is secretly waaay more capable and awesome than others think. ;)


  7. Oooooo cool tag! And you came up with it yourself, how creative. Haha thanks for the tag, and I’m excited to do this one [: I’m really going to have to think hard lol, there’s so many characters I aspire to be like in YA. However, it’s harder for me to determine which ones I’m actually like/how people perceive me (in a good way!? hopefully. If they like me then yeah, probably. See there’s a lot of factors that play into this haha.)

    Oh yeah, I can certainly identify with Rose’s sharp sense of humor. I’m the type of person who always has something to say about everything, and it usually comes out through sarcasm haha. I also find myself to be very loyal (…and kinda clingy to those I love but that’s beside the point) and protective of my friends.

    Ooooo. I admit to not reading Kiss the Sky. But omfg I’ve heard so much about Rose and Connor. i need to get my shit together and check out that series. Anyways, Rose seems like such a inspirational character. I really would also like to see myself as cool & collected and mature in the future. She also seems very independent and confident which I can definitely admire.

    Cress! LOL so I’ve finally finished Cinder like 4 days ago. And just began Scarlet today. From what I’ve heard Cress is an amazing book though, which seems on track because I loved Cinder. Lol, anyways I think you’re more like Cress than me to say the least. I know literally zero about technology haha.

    Loved this post and can’t wait to do it myself <33


  8. Oh my gosh, I love this post!! You always come up with the most creative ideas!
    Okay, and I love that you say people see you as Cress – that’s awesome. :D Just don’t go around staking people, okay? ;)


  9. You mean I can ask you html questions?! I have a bunch. I used to program in Basic when they had the huge mainframes that were housed in another room and PCs were just about unheard of! Gawd I’m old. I switched my major from Computer Science when I realized how much math I was going to have to take. Lol. Anyway, this is a fab tag. I am happy you don’t seriously see yourself as preppie. You are to wonderfully quirky for that.


  10. Thanks for the tag Aimee, I love the sound of you already from the character’s you’ve picked for yourself! I just love how sassy and strong Rose is, and she’s a bit of a goofball as well when she wants to be. Hehe you are cute and small, I’ve gotten the same thing a lot because of my height too. Cress is fantastic, I love that about her!


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