Until Midnight by Melissa Landers

Alienated, #1.5 (short story)
published on December 23rd 2014 by Disney Hyperion
young adult | romance | science fiction

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Cara and Aelyx only have one day to spend together before he returns to earth and she travels to Aelyx’s home planet, L’eihr. Homesick and worried about the upcoming year apart, Cara is desperate to make these final hours count. Worst of all, Cara is missing Christmas, stuck on board an alien spaceship. When Aelyx learns that Cara is forgoing her favorite holiday, he tries to recreate Christmas in space by researching traditional earth customs…but a few things get lost in translation.


In this very short story, Aelyx proves to Cara just how much she means to him. Despite being from a different planet and not knowing anything about our customs here on earth, Aelyx puts together a mini Christmas celebration for Cara–and making a mess of it all. In an adorable way, of course.

While for some reason I wasn’t able to connect with the characters in this one (since it’s just under a hundred pages), I really liked the cuteness and sweetness of this one. You could clearly see Aelyx’s efforts and how much Cara was touched by everything he did for her.

So I wanted to ask you guys: What’s the most romantic and sweet scene you’ve read from in a book so far? Being a romance junkie, I’d definitely love to read your recommendations. *wink*


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18 thoughts on “Mini Review: Until Midnight by Melissa Landers (Plus a Quick Romance Question)

    1. Ah! That reminds me that I need to re-try Daughter of Smoke and Bone ASAP. ;)

      I haven’t yet! CoHo doesn’t seem to be my kind of author, BUT I WILL READ UGLY LOVE SOON.


  1. thay’s a tough question Aimee! I need to think this over again and get back to you! I’m a romance reader so I’ve read tons lol

    And short stories can sometimes get frustating. I mean, you’re happy too see the characters again but it’s SO SHORT. You want more! Haha.


  2. Not going to lie my memory is the absolute worst when it comes to remembering specific scenes from books. Even if the story ROCKED MY WORLD AND THE SCENE WAS THE EQUIVALENT TO SHAKESPEARE….yeah. I’ll eventually forget it. Lol now you know why I don’t reference specific scenes in my reviews.

    But I can definitely recommend you some cute romance stories c: ……but you’ve probably (definitely) read them because I’m prone to following hype instead of discovering things on my own [; So yeah anything Stephanie Perkins, Starbound series, In The Shadow of The Blackbirds…list could go on for awhile girl [;


    1. I know, right!? I have the worst memory. I only remember scenes from books with movies or if I’ve reread that scene more than twice. x_x

      Loved Anna & Lola by Perkins, but I haven’t read Isla yet, because I AM SCARED THAT I WON’T LIKE IT. Anyway, These Broken Stars was fantastic. In the Shadow of the Blackbirds is has a cute romance?! Count me in. ;)


  3. I like your review… Short and sweet!

    Your question’s tough though. I love romance so I’ve read several kilig-induced scenes, I don’t think I can pick just one. I’m reading My Best Everything right now and it has one of the best first kiss scene ever. The scene in Anna and the French Kiss where Etienne climbs after Anna and confesses his love for her — I love that. And in Fangirl, that time Cath reads to Levi and he kisses her. Oh man, Aimee, you make me want to binge on YA romance books!


    1. Thanks, Joy! ^_^

      Definitely a fan of scenes that are nakakakilig. ;) What? I totally passed My Best Everything up when I spotted it on NetGalley. xD I have to read it ASAP. Aww, that scene in Anna was definitely adorable. And I can’t remember that scene in Fangirl, but I remember liking the book as a whole. :)

      I do, don’t I? ;D We should have a contemporary readathon someday. :)


  4. Yeah, I remember this novel was kind of cute, but not as cute as it might’ve been for others, because I’m not really that invested in the characters tbh.

    Man, sweetest romance scenes….just read an epilogue novella for Winterspell which had a really romantic sort-of-monologue from one of the characters! :)
    I have a really terrible memory to be honest though lol. Can’t really think of any others. The only reason I can think of the Winterspell one is because I read it literally an hour ago haha


  5. Oh wow, the picture for this cover is so pretty. At least, compared to the parent book. I know I’m in the minority, but I really dislike the cover for Alienated (which is why I’m not that interested in reading it, haha). >< But I'm glad that this novella was still a fairly decent read for you! I've noticed that it doesn't bother me as much, most of the time, if I'm not able to connect to the characters in a short story. Probably because the story's so short, so it would be harder for the author to bring the characters to life. But yay for sweetness and adorableness! Two things that can never go wrong in a book! :D (Especially when it comes to romance, hehehehe.)

    Hm, let me think of a scene… Well, I really, REALLY liked the romance between Tris and Four in Divergent? Can't think of a specific scene exactly (I'm like Larissa — hopeless when it comes to these things xD), but I know I shipped them hard when I first read the book. And I remember giggling insanely whenever intimate moments between them popped up. Now, though, the only good romances I come across are all in manga. :/


    1. It is, isn’t it? I totally love the texture of the title, too. :D The Alienated cover looks really cheesy, but I love how it matches the sequel’s cover. ;) When I’m not able to connect, even if there is an awesome story around the novella, I find it pretty boring which is sad. D:

      Now I’M in the minority when I say Tris & Four do not give me any feels aside from annoyance. I kind of want to punch them both sometimes, you know? Okay, maybe not. xD I love reading oneshot romance manga. I don’t even understand how manga gives me feels in one freaking chapter, but it works!


  6. Wait how come that I haven’t heard of this short story till now!!! I need this in my life! Even though I’ll probably have same issues here I need this cuteness now. Great review, Aimee :)


  7. I still haven’t read ALIENATED, even though I was ridiculously excited for it back when it was released. I absolutely love Christmas stories, too, so hopefully by Christmas this year, I can read this one :D

    As for your question: the sex scene (although it was SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT) between June and Day in Champion is seriously one of the most perfect and beautiful and romantic and touching things i have ever read. </3


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