This is where I share some totally pointless things!

So I know I don’t share a lot about myself, and that totally sucks since I’m a really open person in real life. So I’ve decided to do a little sub-feature called Darling Diaries, where I share some stuff about myself so you guys can get to know me better!

I would love it if you guys left comments as well so that I can get to know you, too!

Anyway, for our first session, I want to share five completely random facts that you probably don’t know about me.

1. I’m kind of a too-honest/moody bitch.
I’m the kind of friend who will tell you straight up if you’re being an ass or if you’re getting on my nerves. The smallest things can make me cringe and make faces (and I have the most expressive facial expressions, apparently), and I’m going to rant about those all day. But it’s easy to get me to smile when I’m pissed, hence my friends all calling me a moody bitch.

2. I have a family of readers, but no one can relate to me.
My brother (age 11) is FINALLY a kind-of reader, but he only reads the Big Nate comics. A lot of my cousins also read YA (but only the clean, safe and popular ones) and MG (which I seldom read), so I still keep my fangirling to myself. Sad, I know.

3. I am Chinese, but I sound like an idiot when I speak Chinese.
I’m okay with writing/reading/understanding Mandarin and I can understand the basic Fukien sentences, but when I try to speak either myself, I sound seriously off. I used to be awesome at speaking it in grade school, but I’m totally out of practice now. Speak to me in Chinese, okay, but I’ll either answer in Tagalog or English.

4. I’ve always wanted a pet unicorn.
Preferably one that shits rainbows and chocolate coins.

5. Aside from books, I also collect bottles and teddy bears.
Tiny transparent bottles look super elegant and adorable. I put colored gems/sand in them to make them extra display-worthy. As for my teddy bears, well, I have this odd habit of naming them after the people who gave them to me. I have a life-size bear named Marie.

So that’s it for now. Next time around, I plan to share Five Things That Seriously Annoy Me. ;)


Thoughts? Tell me something about you!

About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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50 thoughts on “Darling Diaries: Five Random Facts About Me

    1. I can 100% relate with the fangirl thing. My twin only likes realistic fiction unless I push her to read other books, that she always hates (Shiver, shiver) my best friend likes reading but not enough to fangirl. And well my parents are a lost case. My dad only reads auto bios and my mom whatever my aunt says. Plus I would not want to share all my OTP’s with them… (Shiver,shiver) that would not go well….
      I feel you!


  1. At least you have family members who read. XD I’m the only one and that’s including my mom’s side of the family (about 80 people). XD


      1. I have tried to do that! My twin tells me its impolite to bring books to family get-ups and she tells me my bag doesn’t go with my outfit when I bring a bag to put my book in! Ugg! and when I do and try to hide my grandma gets mad at me and makes me leave the bathroom I use as a hiding place. I always feel that all the other rooms are to full… plus my cousins are to obsessed with flappy bird or whatever to care about at good solid book, like a good mystery or horror, I love those! Well what can you do?


      2. I actually don’t bring bags. I just carry my books around wherever. ;P But my dad always does get mad at me about “not socializing” with my cousins…


  2. Even though I’m Chinese, I cannot speak Mandarin to save my life. The different intonations are so confusing and they make my tongue twist and my face cringe each time I hear myself.
    Ohh and btw, Happy Chinese New Year! ^^


    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Jeez, I grew up studying Chinese but it’s still so out of my comfort zone. I would rather memorize how to write the words than say them. :/

      Belated happy Chinese New Year! ^_^


    2. I feel sort of like that but with french. I can understand everything but I can’t speak, only simple things like what you learn in your first years. Its annoying! My family thinks I don’t know anything and they talk to me in french like I’m an idiot. If I even try to explain they don’t get it :{


  3. Thanks for sharing these cool facts with us Aimee, don’t worry my sister always says that I’m really moody and anti-social all the time, I think I know which people or family members I just get on with, whereas with the rest I just can’t be bothered and I tend to show that I can’t be bothered. :/


  4. I connect with the Chinese thing so much. I sound so bad. I sound like a foreigner trying to speak a different language which is so sad because I AM chinese. My parents cry at night because I disappoint :P



  5. Yay! Facts about you! It’s not pointless. ;-) It’s always awesome to get to know the bloggers behind the blogs, right?! I AM TOO HONEST AS WELL. It’s a problem, but then, I’m too honest to care. HA. I’m always telling my sister exactly what I think and most of the time, when she asks for opinions, she’s like “Everyone give me feedback…except for Cait.” Meanie. ;-)


    1. Definitely agree with you, Cait! ;)

      TRUE. My dad goes on and on about how I should stop ranting. :/ Basically my family just pretends to listen when I start talking during dinner. x-x


  6. Wow, it’s amazing that you can comprehend Chinese, I’m already struggling learning Japanese and from what I heard Chinese is harder (?). If you already knew Chinese then it’s easier for you start learning JP. Haha, I’m too honest too and guilt creeps in easily. I love teddy bears.


    1. Maybe it isn’t harder for me since I grew up with it. I have an uncle in his mid-thirties and he went to Japan to study Japanese, and now he teaches it!

      That’s awesome. I’m all for learning Japanese. ;)


  7. I’m so brutally honest with my friends (even when they don’t want the truth). My family reads, just not my style!! My parents are into reading newspapers and business books while my sister lazily turns the pages of MG if you can even force her to open a book. My brother reads conspiracy and nonfiction books. It’s so boring. :P My tone goes all over the place when I’m nervous. I guess I’m okay at speaking Mandarin if I focus and am not a nervous mess… A pet unicorn would be very nice… Lovely getting to know you hun <33


    1. I get you, girl. My friends probably want to tape my mouth already. I don’t know how they put up with me. xD

      My dad’s into non-fiction, my mom’s into gossip magazines and my little brother just had his first DNF with a comic, haha!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rachel. :D


  8. Aww it’s so cool that you have a family of readers Aimee! My family is not as big readers as I am, they read but they wouldn’t read as much as I do in a year so I can’t share my thoughts with them. I’m Chinese too and have the WORST accent when I’m speaking. I can’t even read or write which is shameful I know…
    I would love a pet unicorn as well, but I do have a ginger bunny called Mia :P


    1. Same! Most of my cousins read like one book a month or something…

      I FEEL YOU. I hate speaking Chinese in public because I feel like such an idiot.

      CUTE! For some strange reason, all my pets seem to either die or get eaten by other pets. :(


  9. I’m too honest for my own good, too, Aimee. My mouth constantly gets me into trouble because if it comes into my head I usually say it! I need to filter myself more and think before I speak. It’s impressive that you know more than one language! Great, fun post! :)


  10. OMG yes to number three. It doesn’t help that my mom’s friend’s children are all great Chinese speakers, and she basically thinks of me and my sister as shameful for our lack of Chinese proficiency.


    1. I can’t even speak Chinese to my parents–such a shame. xD And wow, I didn’t know you’re Malaysian! I’ve been to Malaysia twice and it’s awesome there. :)


  11. I can relate to the third one!Well,not totally,I am not Chinese:),but I suck at speaking my country’s language too.I am from Sri Lanka,and here we speak a language called Sinhala,and I am terrible at it.At instances when I have to speak in it,I end up making a fool of myself:)


    1. Ugh, I know! I speak our local language (Tagalog) well enough, but Chinese… Nope. And that’s pretty bad for me since I’m Chinese-blooded and my grandparents are from China.


  12. I love these fun fact things <33 mainly cause I'm a quasi stalker and love learning about my bloggy friends oooops.

    YOUR FIRST FACT IS SO ON POINT OMFG. Lol, like it's literally me. I'm a very transparent person when it comes to my moods, so if I'm upset or annoyed? Everybody knows it and I'm not afraid to say why. I also am quite prone to mood swings haha. So I'll be perfectly happy one moment and then remember something that annoyed me earlier in the day and get upset.

    I'm with you on the language thing, though not Mandarin- LOL that's for sure. I do know French, it's just that speaking it is like 904890809 times harder than just reading and writing it. It seems to be that way for most languages, I feel like it's an unwritten law haha.

    Loved this post girl! Can't wait for the five things that annoy you haha. Oh god…. if I made that post it'd be more like 93028493028409 things that annoy me. I get annoyed easily- oooops~


  13. I’m not as honest with my feelings and opinions as I would like to be, but I do have a resting bitch-face and I have crazy mood swings… so does that make me a moody bitch as well? xD My neutral face makes me look like I’m constantly angry, so people always think that I’m this unapproachable snob whose only friends are books. I don’t mind the latter part, but I get really annoyed when friends ask me what’s wrong only all the time. Like, I WAS BORN THIS WAY, DAMMIT.

    And I can so relate to #2! My whole family loves reading as well, but my dad only reads theology books now (he used to read a lot of fiction back in the day, but I guess your reading tastes really do change as you age…); my mom is only interested in these self-help books, and occasionally some historical non-fiction, and my sisters only read books in the school curriculum. My friends? The ones who are into YA read only the clean ones, too, or the really popular ones. Most of them read all these philosophical books, though. I am really, truly alone in my love for YA literature. But hey, at least you have us, right? ;)

    Tbh my Mandarin sucks pretty bad, too, and I used to go to Chinese primary school. I mean, I can communicate well enough, but the harder, less used words? Nope. The only language I’m fluent in is, embarrassingly, English. I am such a disgrace to my race, haha. Languages are haaaard, but it’s so satisfying when you’re able to say a sentence in a language you’re not good at.

    Ooh, you’ve got a cool collecting habit. As for me, I collect… paper bags. I KNOW, it’s so weird. If I go shopping and buy something and it comes in a nice paper bag, I’m keeping it. And it’s not like I keep them to use them later on, too. I just stuff them in a drawer (where I probably won’t see them for the rest of the year) just because they’re pretty. Probably why my parents always call me a junk collector. :’)

    Loved this post, Aimee! Looking forward to the next one. :D


  14. I don’t think of myself as super straightforward or honest but among my friends, I certainly am. I don’t hold back from sharing my opinion and given the right topic, I will let it rip and just go on and on for an hour. I am rather moody as well although I can easily be cheered up and don’t hold grudges but sometimes, when I’m in one of my moods, it’s best not to cross me. Sometimes, I just get so frustrated and snap and call people dense… which did happen one time and this will be mean but in my defense, she WAS being dense. I try to hold my tongue now in saying those things because I know I have a tendency to say things that come back to bite me later but sometimes, things still seep out… I have no problem in calling out people when they’re being mean or dodgy.

    And it’s hard because I do feel like speaking your mind and being open is sometimes seen to be at odds with being kind and nice, which is something I strive to do. I know I’m not a nice person all the time but I also feel like being an outspoken person is so frowned upon as a woman in our society so it’s tough to balance that. I don’t know when I’m sticking to what I believe in and when I’m just being downright rude and mean.

    And in terms of Chinese, Aimee, you are not alone there either! Could not speak it to save my life. My pronunciation is always so off and I can barely read and write. So my main or rather, only language is English which I guess is okay and will probably get me by in a lot of situations but I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere the benefits of being bilingual so…. you know..


  15. Chocolate coins? That is the funniest thing I have heard all year! I sometimes speak to my son in French, so he doesn’t forget what he has learned, but now he answers me in Japanese, which I don’t really understand, so it is totally unfair. :)


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