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So yeah, I do write a bit. I really love thinking up new stories, as well as my own twisted versions of old stories. So I wanted to share this two-book series I’m planning to write, featuring two gender-bender retellings.

1. Mulan Retelling

Mulan is one of my favorite fairy tales because a) Mulan is Chinese like me, and b) she’s badass. I’m also in love with pretending-to-be-guys stories, but what if my main character was a man dressing up as a woman?

Story plan:
– The story will be set in China and the main characters will have Chinese names.
– Jun (the main guy! I’m still thinking of other possible names) had a family member who was publicly executed. He wants to dress up as a female (it may or may not work out with his gangly frame) to seduce and kill the emperor.
– Mei (the heroine!) is a daughter of one of the emperor’s concubines and wants to be the heir. Therefore she must kill the king before his real wife births an heir.
– Action and GORE. (Did you know that people used to eat their children in China?)
– Romance. Duh. Jun and Mei are going to have lots of babies. LOL, kidding. But romance, definitely.

Why do I want to write this:
– I study Chinese history in school, and believe me, it’s actually pretty interesting. It would be fun to share some of the Chinese culture with you guys.
Mulan is my favorite Chinese folk tale.

2. The Little Mermaid Retelling

I also ADORE The Little Mermaid. The Disney version, I mean. Ariel may seem kinda like a dimwit, but she was actually pretty endearing most of the time. And Eric was a sweetheart.

Story plan:
– This is going to be a modern fantasy retelling. Henry (the hero!) is the Sea God’s son, and Julie (I’m still a bit iffy about this name, but she’s our heroine!) is the only daughter of a wealthy government official.
– Henry and Julie have been best friends for forever, but they only see each other in the summer when Julie goes to their beach house by the sea.
– Some crazy-ass Sea Witch wants to make uber-powerful babies with Henry. Ick. Maybe someone has to make a deal to save his life? *wink*
– Lots of secretsss.
– A sweet best-friend romance. Because you guys know I love those.

Why do I want to write this:
– I don’t read a lot of mermaid books, which is why I want to try writing one on myself.


Thoughts on my story ideas? Maybe you’d like to share some of your story ideas as well?

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44 thoughts on “I Actually Want to Be a Writer: My Story Ideas #1

  1. THESE BOTH SOUND SO FANASTIC!! Retellings, FTW. I would actually pick these up if I saw it in a bookstore. I don’t think there are enough gener-bending retellings out there! But seriously. People used to eat their kids in China!? *shudders* I’m so with you when it comes to mermaid books. I don’t read enough. But then again I don’t really think there are that many ones out there? And the ones I do read are a let down — or aren’t even about mermaids at all. *cough* Atlantia *cough*

    I hope you get a chance to write these one day!


    1. Thanks so much, Kara! :D

      Yes, they totally did! Some of them would even eat their NEIGHBOR’s kids instead so that they wouldn’t have to feel guilty about eating their own kids. I also remember this one story where a dad ate noodles and didn’t know that the noodles were made out of his dead son. .__.

      I see a few mermaid stories here and there, but I guess they aren’t popular enough for me to feel like I really want to read them…


  2. I love Mulan! It’d be awesome with a retelling (:
    I once wanted to be a writer, but then I figured out I didn’t actually. Now I make theatre, and I can do that for hours and hours, and it’s so awesome.
    Get those ideas written down! No reason not to start out. (:

    – Love, Felicia


    1. Thanks, Felicia! I actually already started writing up the Mulan retelling a few weeks ago. :) I’ve been re-writing the prologue for ages!

      I love theater as well! Mostly public speaking, but I’m game with acting as well. :)


  3. Omg. That’s amazing idea! Can’t wait to read them.
    I adore Ariel and I’d love to read a story about her and just like you said we don’t usually see mermaid stories and I’m sure this one will be great.
    you’re amazing x


  4. I love retellings and I think both of these sound so cool! I’m especially enamored by the Mulan storyline. I don’t know much about Chinese history at all but I do love historical fiction AND Mulan (one of my favourite Disney movies) AND romance AND gender bending. But anyway good luck with these! They both sound great and I have a very strong feeling they’ll turn out to be great stories as well! :)


  5. Love the sound of them both, I lovr best friend romances too ♥♥ And I HAVE A CONFESSION, I know nothing about Mulan, oops.. but your retelling’s storyline sounds awesome, and a guy dressing up as a girl would be the coolest twist! Good luck with the writing :D


  6. First of all, I love hearing about Chinese culture. One of the moms who used to sew costumes with us for my son’s childrens theater group was first generation Chinese-American and she told us about a lot of Chinese traditions and superstitions. The baby eating thing I had yet to hear though! I did not know Mulan was based on a pre-existing story. Shame on me because it is in my top five of all Disney animations. In fact it is the last Disney film animation that I liked. I would cetainly read both these stories. You should put one of the two up on Wattpad. I like Julia better than Julie. :)


  7. Oh yay! Another book blogger who is also a writer! I love writing, and I’ve recently really gotten into novel writing. I have so many ideas badgering for my attention, so it’s a lot of fun to write them down, and I hope to get published one day. I think the Mulan retelling sounds especially awesome. I am so in love with historical fiction. It’s not even funny.


  8. Oh wow these both sound like fantastic ideas! I’m partial to the Little Mermaid one because I love the Disney film, but your Mulan story feels a little more fleshed out and the idea of learning more about Chinese history sounds great so I would love to read that one too. I really hope you’ll write these sometime Aimee!!


  9. That sounds freaking awesome! You’ve got some really good ideas there. I don’t read a lot of fairytale retellings, but… I’d totally read these.


  10. Good ideas!! I like the Mulan one better. I feel like you’d have to be really careful not to make the Little Mermaid one predictable. Now, to do what all of us writers struggle with – don’t procrastinate! Go, write your books! Good luck :-)


  11. Gender bending retellings sound really cool to me! There doesn’t seem to be enough of them (or or maybe there is, but I haven’t seen a lot; I’ve only heard that Scarlet and Lady Thief are Robinhood gender benders)
    I study Chinese history in school too, but I don’t know they eat babies 0_o I kind of hate Chinese history though :P (I like world history better)


  12. These are awesome. I really admire those people who can write their ideas on paper. I have tons of stories in my head but because at suck at writing I never had the courage to write them down.
    Wow, retellings that is sort of brave. There are already expectations on these kinds of stories, since people are familiar with the plot. These ideas are great, I hope it’ll get published!


  13. I’m really digging the Mulan idea. You know, for my fairytale retelling I’ve actually written a post with all kinds of ideas I wish people would write. It will be published somewhere this year, so it’s fun to see two of your ideas :D [and I’m no trying to make any advertisement for my challenge, just thought it was funny] Mulan is such a fascinating story and it has so much potential to make a nice retelling, go for it!


  14. I like the sound of the Second one, but I love the idea of the first one- it sounds so like many YA stories! I’m currently doing a ton of writing projects, but the one i started a while ago is a retelling of beauty and the beast, told from the beast’s POV. What do you think?

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Fantastic ideas, Aimee! I always have a thing for retellings and oh my god one about MULAN??? GIMME THAT NOW *BEGS* I’ve never stumbled upon something like that before since many YA retellings are about Beauty and the Beast >_>


  16. I want to read your Mulan retelling! I love gender bender stories. That’s the first genre I look for when I’m out of Manga series to read. I read a lot of Manga with boys pretending to be girl.


  17. I’m in love with your ideas already, what can’t I read the books yet?! I especially love the idea of re-doing Mulan but with the guy dressing as a girl. Will there be some competition at first between Jun and Mei before they decide to work together? *Squee!*

    And I think you might be jus the person to write a Little Mermaid retelling if you haven’t read that many mermaid books. I’ve read some, and though there are a few original standouts, too many of them all seem to follow the same mythology and mermaid society, and it gets really old!


    1. Gah! I wish I can write faster because honestly, I’m going into these stories pretty blindly and am just going with the flow. ;)

      I definitely need to find some unique mermaid reads to get a better view on them. >_<


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