This is where I share some totally pointless things!

I do have a few pre-reading and post-reading “rituals”, if you can call them that, and today I wanted to share to you guys my five pre-reading rituals!

Go ahead and #GrabABook!
Because duh. How the heck are you going to start reading without your book?! E-Readers and phones work great as well.

Yes, I Think #ImInLove…
After I pick up my book of choice, I’ll first stare at it. For hardcovers, I may remove the dust jacket and admire it, as well as the book without the jacket. For paperbacks, I’ll twist it in all angles and inspect its gorgeous lines. For e-books, well, staring at the cover will do!

Yes. You can fall in love with books, and that is the second step in my pre-reading ritual.

#CalmYourBalls, Aimee. But gah, #hyperventilating!
This is the part where I get EXTREMELY excited to finally start the book. I may just hyperventilate on my own or share my gush-y feelings on social media! I probably look like some sort of diseased chicken to my family and friends at this stage, but who cares! I’m going to read a new book!

Come to me, my lovely. Mwahahaha! (By this point, I’m clutching my book like a maniac.)

#DisturbMeAndDie, mortals!
This is the stage where I tell everyone NOT TO DISTURB ME. I am now going to start my beautiful book. Shh. Shut up or I might have to duct tape your mouth and lock you up in my basement.


So. What are your some of your pre-reading rituals? ;)

About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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24 thoughts on “My Pre-Reading Rituals (Told in Hashtags)

  1. #DisturbMeAndDie, mortals! Is pretty accurate, hahaha. I hate it when I’m interrupted when reading a book I’ve spent so much time admiring, you know?


  2. Hahahaha :P I have reading rituals as well, of course, but not quite so… Insane seems mean, but enthusiastic? The last one I 100% agree with. I hate it when you’re two pages in and someone feels the need to start telling you their whole life story. Go away! Although I can’t say I ever do number four :P


  3. Hahah I love this! I am so glad I am not the only one who admires the book and looks at it from every angle! Sometimes, that initial picking of the book process is just as fun as the actual reading :)


  4. Haha, I love this!
    I often find that I cannot start a book without informing goodreads. So, I pick the book, admire the pretty of the book, go on goodreads, add book to ‘Currently Reading’, admire the book some more, and then I start reading.


  5. Haha, this is comedy gold, girl! I do most if not all of these before I start reading… especially #ImInLove. Most covers in hardback are just so unbelievably gorgeous, they literally take my breath away. And sometimes, if they’re particularly pretty, I’ll read through a couple of pages before closing the book and staring and stroking the cover again. xD Unfortunately I can’t really do that with my Kindle, since everything’s in b&w, meh.

    THE LAST ONE, THOUGH. So true! I have a resting bitchface so I don’t get disturbed often, but sometimes the unsuspecting kind adult will think that I’m reading because I’m bored or because I have nothing to do, and think they’re doing me a favor by talking to me. Um, I appreciate the thought, but like, if you could just leave? It’s especially bad when you’re at a super good part, and someone comes and talks to you.

    This close to strangling you, man. This close!


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  7. Grab a book haha. Definitely the essential first step in pre-reading rituals :P
    To be honest, that’s probably my only real step. I do all the admiring and fangirling and stuff after I read the book! Doing the actual reading is more important for me haha


  8. Hahahah oh Aimee and your hyperventilating when starting a new book, that’s so cute! Love the sound of your pre-reading rituals haha. I don’t have any in particular, maybe grab a bookmark and update my goodreads shelf then off I go!


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