Michelle Hodkin in Manila Philippines Book Tour

Yesterday was a fabulous day for me! I played two rounds of Laser Tag (because I’m mature like that), found out that I won a giveaway via Little Pieces of Imagination, and I met the wonderful Michelle Hodkin!

Fully Booked brought Michelle Hodkin to the Philippines! It was a three-day event, and I went on day one at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street.

Okay, so, the wait in line for registration was kind of confusing at first (some people were cutting the line–inevitable, really–and most of us were lost didn’t know where to wait). I got there at around 8:30 in the morning (the actual registration started at 10:30-ish), but we did get a chance to sit down for most of the wait, which is a good thing.

Michelle Hodkin PH Crowd
Part of the crowd in BGC

When I got back to the venue (I went back home to chill) at exactly 7 PM, Michelle was already there, and the crowds were everywhere! It was hard for me to see since I was short, so I went up to the second floor to listen to the introductions by one of the Fully Booked staff members.

After a while, the interview started. I wasn’t able to record the whole thing since my phone’s memory is crap, but here are the things she mentioned that I can remember at the top of my head:

  • Michelle hasn’t had a TV for around 4 years.
  • One of her editors ended up becoming an FBI agent. No joke.
  • Writing advice: (1) read everything, and (2) never give up. Authors are just writers who never gave up.
  • Words to describe Noah Shaw: (1) obnoxious, and (2) misunderstood.
  • She didn’t think the covers of her books would attract readers, but they did.
  • Michelle’s scared of dolls. She has some in her room and she’s too scared to throw or give them away because they might come back saying, “I’ve missed you!”
Michelle Reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Michelle reading from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Michelle also read aloud the first chapter of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, which is one of my favorite book openings ever. Very creepy, for those who haven’t read the book yet.

Now, I started to wait for the actual signing, which I think started at around 8:30 PM. I was #119 in line, our of around 250 people. Believe it or not, my number was only called out at around 11:30 PM. But honestly, I didn’t mind one bit, although I can tell that my cousin and parents were pretty bored.

When it was my turn to get my books signed, I was ecstatic since it was obvious that Michelle was super friendly and sweet. What I love about this event hosted by Fully Booked is that we got our books all personalized, and that we got to chat a while with Michelle. Totally worth the wait.

Michelle Signing
Michelle Hodkin signing my books!

So I first asked Michelle if she was enjoying her stay in the Philippines. She said that, yes, she was, because of all the welcoming fans and readers. Then she asked me if I was still in school (it’s probably my height and baby face that gave me away), and I said yes (and that I wasn’t enjoying it too much). She told me not to worry because high school was the worst years of her life, but she finally found her people in college.

After that, she asked me how I discovered her books. Shyly (not that I’m ashamed of my blog–I’m just not used to talking about it), I told her that I was a book blogger. She said that that was cool and that I should tweet to her more often.

I had my photo taken with her (up close and personal, whoa). She was super cute with her fluffy hair! After the normal shots, I was surprised when she asked me to take a selfie with her on her phone! But dammit, I don’t have any proof since by that time, my mom left me and didn’t take a photo. Thanks, mom. Hopefully Michelle sees this and sends me the photo, yeah? ;)

Me & Michelle
Me & Michelle Hodkin!

Anyway, when that was over, I hugged Michelle, and she thanked my parents for bringing me over which I thought was super adorable.

I was totally on a Michelle Hodkin high all the way home. Thanks a bunch to Fully Booked for bringing her over and for hosting an awesome book signing event!

Here are my gorgeous signed books:

Michelle Hodkin in Manila Signed Books Michelle Hodkin in Manila The Unbeocoming of Mara Dyer


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34 thoughts on “The Most Fabulous Author Came to Town! (Michelle Hodkin in PH Recap)

  1. Still jealous that I wasn’t able to attend any of the three-day event. I love the series especially the first one. Michelle sounds so sweet and fabulous. Aaaand the fact that she’s a lawyer makes me look up to her more. I have lots of dolls! OMG Like a collection of both barbie and the big-eye dolls. I’m also scared of them especially the ones with the big eyes during night time, but I love looking at them in the daylight. HAHAHA. I’m weird. There’s a scene in the second book (I think?) that the doll leers at Mara *shivers*

    Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed the event, Aimee! :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, sayang, Abby! :( I haven’t read the series, but so far I’m not a huge fan, haha! But I do want to continue the books after meeting Michelle. :) SAME HERE. I have Barbie dolls, Bratz dolls, those cheap dolls that I have no idea wheat their names are… *shudders* Yep, Michelle mentioned that since she’s creeped out by dolls, she wanted them to scare Mara as well. ;P


  2. Awwwww she sounds like a cute and very nice author!!

    It was so very nice that your parents accompanied you! :D I think I can’t wait for FB’s next signing event because even if its long, I think it would be worth it. I am glad that you enjoyed it (I can tell) and I can’t wait to see you soon!! :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is! <3 Total author crush. ;)

      Haha! I was planning to just go with my cousin, but my parents didn't want us staying out alone until 12mn. :) I can't wait for more FB signings, too, and to meet up with you guys again! :D


  3. Aww, sounds like you had a bloody good time, love! <3 I wish I was there with you and the rest of the people! Next FB signing, samaaa!


  4. Aaw.. She sounds so awesome! I didn’t go, I saved money for the event but days before, I realized I wouldn’t have any left for my daily work commute. :(

    I think Fully Booked may have been taking notes from NBS’ mistakes. The only thing I regret bout not going is that I didn’t get to experience the one-on-one Q&A with her. A rare thing from NBS events.


  5. Aww Aimee you and Michelle look totally adorable! I’m glad you’re waiting around in that big group was totally worth it, and the long day didn’t dampen your Michelle Hodkin high. She seems like such a nice person! Thank you for sharing this recap with us, I’m glad that you finally got to meet her! :)


  6. I haven’t read these books yet, but it’s so wonderful that Michelle was engaging with everyone! I’m glad this was a wonderful event for you Aimee! This was an awesome recap to read!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ah I need to start this awesome series! Michelle sounds so wonderful and sweet, and I love how easy it seems to be able to talk to her. I’m amazed by all these registration and stuff for events, it doesn’t really happen in Australia – we all just kinda of line up and wait when we get our books signed. And the lines are not as long as yours! I think there might be less book lovers in Syd :O :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve read book 1 and wasn’t a huge fan, but I love Michelle, so I definitely want to support her by reading the rest of the series. :) LOL, the PH fans would explode without registrations. :P Maybe it’s because it’s pretty rare when an author comes to the PH. It wasn’t until recently when they all started to come here. XD


  8. I’ve never read her books (but I have seen them around) but I’m def adding them to my TBR! She sounds awesome and I love those interesting stuff she said on her interview. Plus, she asked a selfie with you!!! That’s awesone! 😄 I’m so glad Fully Booked is finally organizing author events. They’re still some kinks but I feel like they made it a more special event for readers with more tine with the authors. I’m so glad you had fun Aimee ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

  9. You are one lucky girl!!!! I loved the first two Mara books and Retribution was one of my most highly anticipated for 2014, but because of review books that read hasn’t happened yet. I love it when authors are so personable and comfortable with their fans. You should definitely tweet and ask for a copy of the selfie! What a wonderful experience for you. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  10. :D I’m so glad you had fun! My friend loved her, and said he was her favorite author that he’s met! And I can tell that you enjoyed your time with her too, and I am so so happy for you.


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