A Deadly Christmas is a series of 2014 debut author features (quick interviews, reviews and giveaways) hosted by Deadly Darlings. Check out the full schedule here.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, BOOKNERDS! 2014 was an awesome year for us, and here are some things we accomplished, plus our favorite reads of 2014!

Deadly Xmas WRAPUP

So here we go, first off with our blogging and bookish achievements!

• We celebrated our first blogoversary in May! Woot!
• 486 Bloglovin’ followers! Yay! We love you guys. *squishes*
• The four of us together read a total of 485 books this year! (Marga totally bumped it up with her shiny 201 books.)

And here’s our awesome list of favorite 2014 reads by category! Click the covers to check them out on Goodreads!
***Note: We tried not to repeat answers, so if a book fits in two categories, you’ll likely find the other as a runner-up instead! Most runners-up are Aimee’s, but Marga and Zoe had a couple in there.

• • • I Cried So Hard! • • •

1 - Aimee1 - Marga 1 - Zoe

Aimee | Faking Normal truly made me sob because of its deep, dark story with passionate and mentally unstable characters. There was also a lot of support going on that made me want to engulf all the characters in a group hug!

Marga | Well, that would’ve been the Clockwork Princess for me. It’s impossible not to. Right, guys?

Zoe | Rose learns about the power of hope and friendship under the most extreme of circumstances. What went on in these concentration camps is absolutely heart-wrenching and so horribly honest and will break your heart into a million tiny pieces.

Runners up:

22296542 17948607 17883441 16069030 17926775

• • • Hilarious! • • •

2 - Aimee 2 - Marga 2 - Zoe

Aimee | Come on, guys. In A Little Something Different, we get to read a love story from 14 different POVs, including ones from a BENCH (yes, it does talk about butts) and a SQUIRREL. The book was cute and fun as a whole, but these two POVs made the laughter much more prominent.

Marga | I can’t remember some details now but this was seriously humorous. The laughs just kept coming.

Zoe | The story is told from the perspective of a dog, and being in this dog’s mind makes for a hilarious narration, while still managing to have a thought-provoking story at the same time. Reading this dog’s thoughts on everyday life (and cats especially) will make you laugh.


20829994 18667800 16090645


• • • Crap, That Was Scary • • •

3 - Aimee 3 - Zoe

Aimee | Japanese horror stories are off-the-charts scary. The Girl From the Well (a retelling) was no exception. There were severed heads (lots and lots of those), murderous and vengeful spirits, plus exorcisms. Freaking scary, but absolutely brilliant at the same time.

Zoe | Vega’s story is not completely flawless, but it does set out what it wants to do: create a spine-tingling, horrifying read. With its chilling ending and the many descriptive gory scenes, The Merciless is certainly not for the faint of heart.


12483970 13638131 18775628 7766027


• • • Never Seen That Before • • •

4 - Aimee 4 - Marga 4 - Zoe

Aimee | I had no idea what “intersex” even was before I read None of the Above. This book opened me up to the concept of intersex people and how tough life must be fore them. Definitely a first for me.

Marga | Well, I read Under My Skin by Shawntelle Madison. It was quite different from other books I’ve read. Though I think the writing could’ve been done better.

Zoe | The Girl with All the Gifts is not like other YA zombie reads. It not merely a zombie novel nor a science fiction novel, but a combination of the two with multiple other genre elements thrown in, and the result is absolutely stunning.


17926775 21393526 18599754

• • • Favorite 2014 Debut • • •

5 - Aimee 5 - Marga 5 - Zoe

Aimee | I read plenty of fantastic 2014 debuts this year, but I think the one I enjoyed most is probably Snow Like Ashes. I was hooked from chapter one, and although the big twist was kind of predictable, I really enjoyed the book as whole in the end. And also because Mather, you know.

Marga | I just noticed that the books I’ve read this year was mostly published from the previous years so it’s hard to choose what to put in this one. So in all of those few debuts I’ve read this year, I rated Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid the highest.

Zoe | I think I could quite honestly say that The Island at the End of the World is almost flawless. The concept is completely unique and engrossing – a post-apocalyptic novel set in Hawaii. There is no romance whatsoever. The focus is on familial relationships, and that just adds to the strength of the novel.


17926775 18302133 17617617

• • • Favorite Author Discovery • • •

6 - Aimee 6 - Marga 6 - Zoe

Aimee | Siiri introduced me to Krista and Becca Ritchie, and let me tell you guys, I devoured all their books this year. They have the most heart-wrenching stories with lots and lots of gorgeous character development. Plus they’re twins, and that just adds another layer of awesome.

Marga | This was easy! It was Richelle Mead. Oh you guys, I’m addicted now. I started Vampire Academy series like this last two weeks of December and now, I’m on Golden Lily!

Zoe | Abigail Haas has a way of planting the prefect red herrings and blowing your mind when the culprit of the mystery is revealed. And, unlike most mysteries, her books don’t just focus on finding the culprit – there is an undeniable focus on human psychology and how people become who they are; something I adored.


16069030 16034235 9565548

• • • Best Book of 2014 • • •

7 - Aimee 7 - Marga 7 - Zoe

Aimee | Hands down, my favorite read of the year has to be Stolen Songbird. It had a brilliant, unique premise and gorgeous characters who I got attached to. I laughed, I cried, I swooned and everything in between. I highly recommend it to all you high fantasy readers.

Marga | OMG this was the hardest. But I think for me, it’ll br Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. It was absolute perfection. I just love the heroine and the world building the guys. I mean, how could you ask for more?

Zoe | In Dangerous Girls, there are so many possibilities for who the culprit could be, and eliminating those possibilities is what makes this such an intense book. And at the final page with the reveal, my jaw just dropped at how wonderfully twisted this was.

Deadly Xmas GOALS

Here are our goals this 2015!


• Read at least 100 books in 2015, like every year.
• Finish (not necessarily start) at least 5 series/trilogies.
• Discover and interact with more bloggers!
• Return to my old commenting and replying habits. I’ve been slacking off recently.
• Participate in Mel’s Fairytale Challenge–I’m going for the Big Bad Wolf category which is 10-15 books.
• Attend at least 2 bookish events. (Michelle Hodkin in Manila, anyone?)
• Take my grades more seriously. I did get a silver award in the second quarter, but let’s aim for gold!


• Discover more bloggers and actually talk to them like regularly.
• Post regularly on Tumblr, Goodreads and here.
• Read 100 books.
• Read at least 3 classics.
• Start and finish at least 3 new series.
• Read from debut authors.
• Finish all the series I already started.
• Read all my ARCs.
• Be more than just an “average” student.


• Get a 3.9 GPA in school.
• Get a featured role in a musical.
• Take the time to comment on blogs every day possible and try to get at least 10 ARCs or eARCs.
• Read at least 125 books.


So how do you guys spend New Year’s? Any noteworthy books you read this year?

About Aimee

Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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21 thoughts on “A Deadly Christmas: 2014 Recap + 2015 Goals!

  1. Happy new year girls! I keep seeing Stolen Songbird in this list. I’m even more convinced to start it ASAP. And Snow Like Ashes as well! I love epic fantasy <3

    Omg, Marga YES to Clockwork Princess! The second half was so full of tearful moments I never cried so hard over a book or any fictional character in that matter. Unlike some people, I actually loved the ending and I thought the epilogue was beautiful. Ahh, authors keep coming to the Philippines I admit that I'm quite jealous hehe :P I hope you'll have fun in those events, Aimee! And good luck for your studies! To Zoe as well! ^^


  2. I cried at the ending of Addicted To You! Eeeek, that ending made me sob inside the LRT train HAHA. I really need to get my hands on Dangerous Girls! I heard so much good things and *shocking* comments from everyone! The feels are still around everytime I think about CP2. I am so intrigued with Snow Like Ashes. It feels like a new ToG series that I think I will like! Goodluck to your goals this year, girls! Happy New Year ♥♥


  3. There are so many here I agree with ESPECIALLY the favourite authors. Richelle Mead, Becca & Krista Ritchie and Abigail Haas are all definitely authors I really love!

    Zoe, I know you really loved Dangerous Girls as did I and I hope you get that feature role in a musical, that would be so amazing.

    Aimee, I’ve heard a lot about Stolen Songbird but I’m yet to read it, hopefully that will change this year! I think Jess really loved Snow Like Ashes too, so it’s promising that two bloggers are choosing it as their fav this year.

    Marga, You read 201 books?! WOAH That is totally amazing, I wish I had your reading motivation!

    Happy New Year lovelies!


  4. It is odd that while I’ve had so many favourite books this year, there’s not one author that stands to mind. I did manage to rediscover my love for Sandra Brown, however, so that’s a good thing. Kasie West is also an author whose work I decided should be on my auto-buy. But other than that, I think I’m just going to see where 2015 will take me.

    Happy New Year to all you Deadly Darlings!


  5. I really liked Faking Normal and Addicted series was one of my sister’s favorite series but I haven’t read. Since you loved it, maybe I’ll try it one day. Congrats on silver, yes aim for the gold. <3 And good luck girls, with your goals! You can do it!


  6. Aw, thank you for the shout out, lovely! And look at you three reccing so many books! I’ve yet to read Faking Normal, Heir of Fire (I still need to get to Crown of Midnight; sighhh note to self: SIIRI GET TO WORK SRSLY!) and I know how much Zoe and Nick and everyone loved Dangerous Girls and thanks to Nick I now have my own copy which I can’t wait to devour :P OHHHHHHHHHH AND KRISTA AND BECCA AND A2Y OBVIOUSLY. OBVIOUSLY!!! I hope you get all of your reading (and non-reading) goals accomplished and can’t wait to talk to you cuties some more this year! Happy New Year, loves!


  7. Happy New Year! Zoe, I loved Rose Under Fire so much, and I agree that it was such a heart wrenching book and brutally honest book. Aimee, I really want to read Snow Like Ashes because I’ve heard so many awesome things about it. Marga, I would also really like to read the series with Heir of Fire because I’ve heard only good things about it and lots of copious flailing. I loved so many books that I read this year including Cress by Marissa Meyer, The Innovators by Walter Isaacson, Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker, Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, Bird by Crystal Chan, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and so many others.


  8. Awesome goals, ladies!! YAY I see Throne of Glass on your lists somewhere :)

    @Aimee Siiri keeps telling me about the Ritchies, everyone loves their books! I NEED them. SLA was a great debut, got me hooked right from the beginning too! I’ve heard lots of great things about Stolen Songbird, can’t wait to read it.

    @Marga Yay for Richelle Mead!! I love that woman’s books. Ahhh Clockwork Princess made me cry so much. ;( Drink, Slay, Love sounds hilarious!

    @Zoe I knew Dangerous Girls would be all over this ;) The Islands at the End of the World sounds great, I saw it at my school library. I’ll have to check it out! Merciless sounds sufficiently creepy 0_0

    Happy New Year all <3


  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is by far the most diverse 2014 favourites list I’ve come across and it makes me want to read all of the books here! One of my bookish goals for 2015 is to read more lesser-known books so I think I’ll make this post my reference, if you guys don’t mind. XD

    Good luck with all your goals for this year, girls! :)


  10. YAY. Throne of Glass AND Heir of Fire made it onto here. I only started the series last week, but have been totally addicted. All of you have fabulous goals XD



  11. Ahhh, Dangerous Girls! Definitely one of my favorite thrillers and one that I tend to push on everyone haha.

    Totally agree about The Merciless and The Girl in the Well, definitely gory, not to creepy!

    Happy New Year!


  12. I’m so excited to read Dangerous Girls this year!! I finally broke down and bought myself a copy after not getting it for Christmas. (It was on my list, but no one bought it for me. :( ) I’ve been seeing a lot of Snow Like Ashes on favorites lists too. I have the audio, so I think I’ll give it a go soon. It’s not my usual genre so I’ve been a bit hesitant, but this year I’m hoping to branch out a bit more. :) Great post, ladies!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3


  13. First of all, Happy New Year! Secondly, I am always very jealous of all Filipino bloggers just because they seem to have so many great authors all the time. Michelle Hodkin in Manila? ARHHH. I see literally NO ONE in Puerto Rico because I live in a lonely island… lol. I seriously seriously seriously should read Stolen Songbird. I saw that book in a couple of wrap-ups for 2014 so it must be good! Great post, girls!


  14. Happy New Year you guys! I’m glad that you enjoyed SO MANY BOOKS this year! AND YES I loved The Girl With All The Gifts, it was such an amazing and unique read. Like it’s about zombies, but with a more existentialist view of it. And yeah I also really need to read Throne of Glass, Stolen Songbird, A Little Something Different. I ACTUALLY DIDN’T CRY FOR ROSE UNDER FIRE, but I’m glad you did Zoe HAHA. No but it was still emotional though.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. I hope you all reach your resolutions and goals for the year :)


  15. OOH, YAY FOR AN AWESOME YEAR, YOU 3. And go Marga with 201 books. WOOT WOOT. I completely adored Abigail Haas this year. Erk. I just. WOW. I was so blown away and she totally starred in my wrap-up post too. Talk about min blowing. 0.0
    And of course Rose Under Fire made me cry. gee. I hate Elizabeth Wein’s books, but then I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN. #bookwormproblems
    Mel is doing a fairy-tale challenge?! *dives over to join up*


  16. Happy New Year, ladies! Good luck with all of your goals! I’m aiming for 100 books as well. I think it’s a good number XD

    MARGAAAAA, Heir of Fire is a fantastic choice for best book. And I’m so glad you discovered Richelle Mead! I flew through VA a few years ago ermehgerd. Have you read Dark Swan yet? SO. GOOD.

    I neeeed to get my hands on The Merciless.


  17. Happy New Year to all of you! Here’s to another great year of blogging and reading!
    This was such a fun post! I love how you did this. Happy to see Richelle Mead, A Little Something Different, Faking Normal, Ask Again Later, Stolen Songbird, The Winner’s Curse, and Grave Mercy on your lists!


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