Marie Lu book signing in the Philippines

Marie Lu’s one of my favorite writers of all time. I mean, she wrote Champion, one of the books that made me cry rivers. So far, I’ve enjoyed all of her books, so I was over the moon when I found out she was coming to our country.

So, I did mention doing a recap of Marie Lu’s book signing here in the Philippines… And this is it. This post will be sort of a rant, in a way. If you’re looking for an informative recap rather than me raging and slightly recapping, you can check out Shannelle’s recap of the event instead.

Anyway, I got to the registration area at around 7:45 am (the actual registration starts at 10 am), and already I was the 299th person in line. There were almost 800 bookworms who attended! Holy hell, the first person in line got there at 9:30 in the morning… ONE DAY EARLY. Girl, you are nuts. But that’s dedication, so hooray for you!

In line for the registration, I finally talked to Shannelle (The Art of Escapism) in a not-so-awkward manner! She was really nice and filled in the silence when I had nothing to say (which is, unfortunately, a lot of times). I have no idea how I’m so chatty online and so confused in real life…

Marie Lu Book Signing in the Philippines
my poster

After that, Dyan and I (see, we’re partners in crime during signings) met up with another friend, Megs. We had a quick lunch and ran back to the signing area to get some good seats. Our spot was on the 2nd floor, and we were able to SEE Marie, but we COULND’T FREAKING HEAR ANYTHING SHE WAS SAYING. After how many signings, the place still had an awful sound system. All the people around us were going, “What’s she saying?!” and I couldn’t answer them.

The actual signing began at around 2:40, although I’m not so sure since I didn’t have a watch. By the time 5:50 rolled in, it was finally my turn. HURRAH! So I told Marie about how much I loved her books, and that I made a poster for her which she wasn’t allowed to sign, unfortunately. I know it was  in the banner that she wasn’t allowed to sign non-book items, but I still don’t know why they aren’t allowed.

Moving on. I would’ve liked to talk more to Marie, especially about how much Champion made me cry, and about how fantabulous she is for being Chinese (I’m full Chinese!) and how she’s married to a Filipino (my nationality!), but the staff members practically shooed me out. Well, then. Personally, I think booknerds would want each individual to talk to the author, since they waited for hours to meet her!

Another problem I had: The staff only allowed one book to be personalized. The hell, people? If you guys remember my Stephanie Perkins book signing recap, all the books I got signed were personalized (only with the reader’s name–no message). This sucked, honestly.

That’s it. My brain’s spazzing out. Here are the books I got signed (and another paperback of The Young Elites for my cousin–not in the photo) with the poster I made.

Marie Lu book signing in the Philippines books

Another small disappointment: I was supposed to meet up with Abby (Enthralling Reads) since we’ve been talking about it for ages, but sadly, the signing left me drained and I had to leave early, so I wasn’t able to talk to her. *cries* We’ll meet for sure some other time, girl.


How are book signings done where you guys lived? Have you had a bad experience at a book signing?

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26 thoughts on “My Heart’s in Pieces (A Marie Lu in PH Rant & Recap)

  1. You know I’m so jealous over your hardcovers (not to mention Since You Been Gone) like they look so pretty. ;____;

    And I am so frustrated too, especially seeing all the boxes signed during the blogger event, and then those who waited don’t even get the same amount of privileges. But that poster’s really nice and I’m sure she must have loved it. And awww, you mentioned me! >////< I'm feeling all flustered now.

    My friend and I agreed that even though Steph was allowed to write names for everyone, she just had two books, and even if there was 800 people, it wouldn't be the same for Marie because what if a person was going to let her sign a lot? I even heard someone was going to make her sign 52 books, if that's even true. But with that measure in place already, it's not nice to rush her and everything because fans waited so long for it already. :/


    1. Hahaha! I can lend you Since You’ve Been Gone the next time we meet. :)

      Let’s rant about that through Twitter DM!

      Thank you! <3

      That's what I told Dyan, too. She was pretty bummed about it as well. Still, it would've been nice to at least have some sort of message since they only allowed us to personalize one book. :(


  2. Aimeeeee! We waited for this event since forever and we got to talked to her for a very (emphasizing the very) limited time :( NBS should really improve their events. I am thankful, but they could have handled it better, imo. And we also didn’t get to meet but there’s always next time! :D :D

    So sad to hear that you didn’t get to hear her interview. It was my favorite part but I couldn’t see her, I could only hear because everybody refused to sit down HAHA. I wanted to request if she could write “walk in the light” or “daniel altan wing” but the staff were literally escorting me to go down the stage already :(

    I am sure Marie Lu appreciated our efforts ♥ Great poster, btw! I have to DM you something! :D


    1. SOON, Abby! The time was definitely limited. :( It’s amazing how they brought Marie here, but I think they handled the event badly (again).

      I bet Stephanie would have done that, or her husband. Jarrod Perkins was awesome and let a couple people ask for dedications.

      Thank you! <3 Go ahead. :D


  3. Well I’m jealous that you got to meet her even if it was very brief. And wow how frustrating, though! Like I understand some reasoning behind no personal items signed (some people might start bringing tons of stuff and it would take hours to get through the signing line) but I mean limit to one item or something shouldn’t delay it that much at all. And no personalization is just annoying and even moreso to allow the employees to get theirs personalized and not the people who waited for hours or a full freaking day (holy dedication batman!) to meet her. And the sound system thing – did you complain to the bookstore? Maybe take some lip reading classes for the next author visit lol! At least you get people where you’re at. No one comes in my parts the closest that’s big enough to get anyone exciting is a 4 hour drive away. Booo!


    1. Meeting Marie was a dream come true! :) Exactly. I heard some people got the boxes of their boxed sets signed–totally unfair. Those are technically non-bookish items, too! So true about the employees and personalizing books! :/ Bahaha–that’s a brilliant idea. xD

      There usually isn’t a lot of signings here, but this year our local bookstore’s gone cray cray with inviting authors over (which is a good thing, of course)!


  4. I really don’t like book signings here to be perfectly honest. It’s so disorganized and unfair for some people who waited ages just to get their book sign. I’m not that patient to wait so I’m completely off with books signing unless it’s…wait, I couldn’t think of anyone. *shrugs* I think, since NBS is doing this practically every month it’s about time to consider online registration. Poor kids waiting the whole night just to get a minute or less with the author. I’m somewhat concerned about that. :/


    1. Me too. :( But I was willing to go for Marie. I honestly wish I hadn’t gone, though. The experience ruined my view of her a bit, which is a huge shame since she’s one of my favorite authors. Online registrations would be great–then maybe they can finally organize things better since they know how many people’re going to attend.


  5. “The staff only allowed one book to be personalized” Whaaaaa? I’ve never been to a book signing but it seemed custom for you to bring definitely more than one book. And she wasn’t allowed to sign the poster? That’s really disappointing :( Especially since you waited so long, I’m sure the author would have loved to talk to you about that stuff-I mean, that’s what we are excited for most, right? A chance to talk to them? I’m sorry it wasn’t the experience you wanted!


    1. The author signed all of the books, but only one could have your name on it. :( Really sad since Stephanie Perkins was able to personalize all of our books, and Jarrod Perkins even put a few dedications on some. Very disappointed about the poster as well. :(

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, 800 people is such a big event! I feel like they should break it up into two or more days – and online registration would be great so everyone can get time with the author! Especially since there is such a great demand! Unfortunately though personalizing one book and limiting everyone’s time with the author is common if it’s expected to be a large event. Sarah J. Maas only personalized one book the last signing I went to and there was not nearly 800 people there. She had to catch a flight soon though. And if I go to any signing with a celebrity author, I never have more than one thing to sign – I already know they will not allow it because of time.

    I think though that if you are willing to wait a loonnng time – it might be nice to be the very last person in line – because the author will probably be willing to talk to you more. But then you run the risk of the workers needing to end the event. So it’s tough! It’s great that you got to see her though and get all your books signed!

    Love that poster you made too!


    1. It was huge! There were around 700 for Stephanie Perkins and 1k-2k for VTR. They did have two days for the signing, but one was in a different province in our country. :) Aw that sucks, Charlene. :( Personally I wouldn’t even bother going if I can only get one book signed…

      LOL. I have a friend who was at number 700+, but she mentioned only getting a few seconds with Marie as well. :(

      Thank you! <3


  7. That is insanity. My mind is just blown by how authors have become rock-star popular back home. and to line up the day before the signing is just…wow.

    sorry it was such a disappointment for you. I don’t get why she’s not allowed to sign your poster. Boo hiss.


  8. *Phew* It’s a rant on the EVENT. I was so afraid that it was going to be a rant on the author and I just can’t. I haven’t read Marie Lu, but I’m planning to, within the year.
    So awesome for 800 people to go to a book signing! I haven’t been to one, except for my uncle’s book launch…hehe. What age were the people in the signing?


    1. Haha! In that case, I’m happy to tell you that Marie’s books are AMAZING. Especially Prodigy and Champion. <3

      That sounds awesome! I wish I had an author as a relative. ^_^ All sorts of ages, but I guess mostly 16-20. :)


  9. Boooooo it sounds like you had an okay time BUT STILL. That sucks that you waited for so long, and yet you couldn’t even hear Marie Lu! This is kind of why I don’t go to author events (and also because I can’t find any). I hope you have a better experience next time! I feel like the Philippines is crazy when it comes to book events though


  10. Wow, sounds like it was a VERY busy event! I’m sorry you weren’t able to hear anything she was saying, and that’s so stupid how she wasn’t allowed to sign non-book items! Over in the Philippines, you guys seem to have heaps of author’s visit! We rarely have YA authors visit here in Australia. :( So the only signings really available are for Australian authors, but even then, they’re rare events. HOWEVER, I’ve been lucky enough to go to two signings (both this year) and they were both pretty small events. I’d say 100 people, tops. So there’s never been any major problems. One of the author’s assistants goes around with a pen and a sticky note so your name will be on the first book the author sees so there’s no time wasted there, and then they sign your books and there’s time for a quick photo with the author. I hope your next book signing is a more positive experience. :)


  11. That fan who was there at 9:30am in Saturday was… crazy! In a good way, but still crazy! Of course I’m only saying this because I can’t do that. I’m not even sure if I can do what you do, lining up 7 hours before the actual event. Which is why I ask my friend in Cebu to have my books signed. Signings in Cebu, although still organized by NBS, are generally less stressful because there are fewer people. But I think the number of attendees is not enough reason to not personalize the books. I mean, what is the difference of lining up to have it signed and buying a signed copy of it in the bookstore if there’s no name? I hope NBS is taking all these things into consideration.


  12. Awwww Aimee it sounds like you were disappointed, even though you were able to meet an amazing author (I’m totally jealous btw). Marie Lu sounds like she was really lovely, but the way they organised it seems like it needs a bit of work. At least you were able to get your books signed and meet some lovely bloggers :)


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