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I guess we ALL know what it feels like to be eagerly anticipating the final book in a series we loved. It’s just pretty much a given that we want to know what’s going to our favorite characters, right?

We booknerds have all the feels, but there are two emotions that will come up on top when we’re waiting for a series ender:

Utter excitement.

Because you’ll find out if you’re OTP stays together! You’ll finally find out how the curse will be broken! You’ll finally find out if the evil mastermind loses his memory and dies! You’ll find out if the cute guy in the story ends up being single and then you’ll daydream about him for the rest of the week!


Fear. And lots of it.

Does my favorite character die? Will the funny side character move to a different state? WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE THE BOOK? And of course, our main issue with series enders…. I DON’T WANT THIS SERIES TO END. Give me mooooooore!

*Runs off to the author’s house* *Smashes the windows* *Locks author in a cellar until s/he writes more*

Are you feeling these now?

OF COURSE I AM! Every year, a bunch of new series enders come out and I am just biting my nails in both anticipation, fear, excitement and sadness. Right now, I’m SO SCARED AND EXCITED for the release of the Blood of Olympus, which, unfortunately, comes out during exam week. I just took a photo of The Lost Hero in waiting.

How often do you hyperventilate about series enders?


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32 thoughts on “Series Enders, Come Out Now! (On Second Thought, DON’T!)


    I am all anxious, excited, lonely, happy, sad, nervous, anticipating, giddy to read The Blood of Olympus! There’s so much predictions and theories but who knows? Rick Riordan always has his ways with books and us, readers! YOUR FEELINGS ARE PALPABLE! Now, let’s wait for 12 days til we get our hands on the precious gem that is BoO! *sobs in a corner because last percy book*

    Series enders freak me out to no ends. All sorts of emotions are really reserve for series enders because of the thing called E N D, ending, last, final, epilogues etc. I don’t want it to end, but it has to….. buT I STILL DONT WANT IT TO END!!! :( I feel like a piece of my soul is going to be taken away from me once the series ender of the series I love is released. XD


  2. How often? Every freakin time! It scares me that I’ll end up hating the whole series because the last book sucks. OR I end up so hang over on a book that I literally can’t move on for a couple of days.

    Yeah, life of a bookworm. I can never win. But I still love it!!!


  3. Oh my god. I love series enders and I also hate them. I agonize a entire year for them and then the minute I have them in my hands procrastinate on reading them. IM JUST SO CONFLICTED. I want to know what happens but…what if I don’t like it? What if my OTP doesn’t happen? What if…what if ….. So many what if’s!!!


  4. There have been so many series ending books this year and of course I’ve pre-ordered most of them, but still not got around to reading them. I pre-order them excited to be reunited with my fave characters once more and of course I’m dying to find out how things will end. But then I’m all teary at the same time too, because I don’t want to say goodbye to these characters either! Thanks for sharing this interesting discussion post with us Aimee, I hope you end up enjoying The Lost Hero! :)


  5. YES x 1000. Series endings have me in tizzies all the time! It makes me a nervous wreck needing to know how it all ends and, most importantly for me, if my OTP will be together.
    The Queen of Zombie Hearts comes out next week, and I have a strong feeling all will end will, so I’m mostly excited. But I’m extremely nervous for Mara Dyer, which comes out in November. Someone’s gonna have to hold me.


  6. Ooh, interesting topic! I get so anxious about series enders. I’m always worried that I won’t like it as much as the others in the series, and that it’ll be a complete let down. Of course, I try to not let this effect my enjoyment of the book at all — but still. When series ends it’s a rather nerve-wracking time for us booknerds. :)


  7. You think of interesting stuffs to post Aimee!

    I am always, always, waiting for a series ender to come out. It’s insane because there’s no end to my waiting. (I read books in a series way too much!) I am looking forward to Blood of Olympus, too! There’s going to be an awesome and epic fight, I’m sure of it.


  8. We all feel the same girl. I just wonder am I crazy as I have got similar moves like Jeremy when my last book in series arrives! Tell me I’m not please! :D I truly hope you’ll enjoy the last book in that series and also that I’ll actually read that one day xD Great post, Aimee :)


  9. Ahh the series enders. I go in with lots of trepidation and then sadness knowing it is the last. I just went through that with one of my all time fav series: The Hollows by Kim Harrison. Thankfully it was almost everything I wanted. I hate when I am disappointed.


  10. The anticipation of a series ender is killer!!! You’re so absolutely right about the fear part too. I have that anxiety all the time, it all started with Breaking Dawn (which was a disappointment to me). My biggest will-make-me-cry-when-it-ends will definitely be the Addicted series. I’ve invested so much time fangirling over that one, I have no clue what I’ll do when it ends. I’ve noticed though that many of the NA/Adult romance series are really made up of stand-alones, so it’s not that bad. But then I started reading some YA fantasy/sci-fi series and BAM, cliff hangers everywhere!!! All I need is a happy-ending. Great topic, Aimee! Good luck with your studies :)


  11. I always try to put off series finales for as long as possible, but that never works out because my curiosity ALWAYS gets the best of me. So, then I try to savour ’em, but again, FAIL because once I start I just can’t put the book down until I’m done. And, you’re right, there’s no in-between, either everything you want to happen does, or it’s horribly disappointing. It’s exhausting!


  12. Dude yes, this is basically me right now for The Blood of Olympus. I am fureaaaaaking out but also I would kill to get it in my hands right now as it’s school holidays and next week school starts meaning its coming out at the worst possible time ugh.

    Great post, Aimee! <33


  13. Yes, ahhh! I’m so excited for SO MANY series enders! (I really need to get to The Heroes of Olympus. I own them all except the last one but I’ve only read two of them… Oh, man.) I was really excited for Ignite Me back in February, and I was so happy to find that I loved it. I was really anticipating Ruin and Rising, but I still haven’t read it even though I read it. I don’t even know, man. I’m so conflicted when it comes to reading series enders. I’d hate to hate the final installment in one of my favorite series.

    *cough* Allegiant *cough*

    Great post! :D


  14. Haha, I love how perfectly you write reader reactions, Aimee! XD

    I definitely get series ender anxiousness (SEA – this should totally be a thing). I have this favourite series from my childhood called Heartland and I STILL have not read the last book, simply because I don’t want that chapter of my life to be over, and I don’t want there to be no more original content from that series.

    But other times I am all GRABBY HANDS GIMME GIMME when it comes to series enders, like Ruin and Rising. I just NEED to know what happens, so I read it as soon as I have the opportunity.

    Although I haven’t had to come to a series ender of a book series that I have been 100000000000000000000000000% in love with in quite some time. And that’s when I get SEA, and never ever want to finish the book. EVER.


  15. That’s exactly how I feel about series endings. YES, FINALLY, I KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN and Oh no.. what is going to happen.. does it get a happy ending? I don’t want it to be oooover. And most of all, I’m afraid it’s going to be disappointing.


  16. I totally get you, Aimee. I’m reading The Blood of Olympus now and I’m excited to see the end but I also want to just cuddle with the book and spend lots of time with it… because I don’t want it to end. You’d think after 10+ books, I’d be over Percy but nooo! I want more, more, more!


  17. I hyperventilate about series enders all the time!! A bad second book can be made up for with a great final book to salvage the reputation, but a good first and second book followed by a disastrous third book never works!! the third book is CRUCIAL. I get anxiety over it XD But I immerse myself in other books and the release dates for the series enders creep up on me until they’re here and I get even MORE anxiety over them… *huffs* Lovely post <3


  18. Ahhhh, I do not. I hate series enders. Hate, hate, HATE them. I am always disappointed. It has never happened for me to finish the last book of a series and go all “Well, this turned out ok. I am good with how it ended. I am content.” Um, nope? Never? As you said I want to go to the authors home lock them up and have them rewrite the ending most of the times, whilst making sure that they understand why their ideas were horrible, oh so horrible.


  19. it’s like an illness where I get the shakes of excitement, the feeling of dread that someone is going to die or has to die, anxious as to who is going to sacrifice themselves in the name of the cause, happiness and relief that finally there is going to be some resolution! it’s all a lot of feels and sometimes I can’t take it or stand it. But it’s the best part of being a reader. The best part of the end. And I mean there is always fanfiction and sometimes good, or tolerable movie versions. (Hey not everything can be as good as Harry Potter. I believe that Hollywood is learning and progressing. They will one day find the right equation as to how to adequately fit a 300+ novel into a 2 hour film without destroying the wonderful world our authors gave us.)


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