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I was tagged to do some cool book tags today! Let’s see if we have some similar answers.

Emoji Book Tag

This tag was originally created by Vilde A on YouTube. I was tagged by the adorable Abby @ Enthralling Reads, and the elegant Mitchii @ The Aeropapers. Thanks, Abby & Mitchii! The rules: Use 5-10 emojis that you always use or just love, then pick a book or character that matches the emoji. Here are my top 8 emojis in no particular order:

*Click on the covers to be taken to my Goodreads review (or if there’s none, the book’s GR page). Book titles in my explanation will lead to the book’s GR page.

Emoji Tag - Dead & Drained Emoji Tag - XOXO

1. The emoji is the sort of confused and half-dead looking one. I use this whenever I chat with/text classmates when school makes my head spin! Antigoddess by Kendare Blake left me dead and emotionally drained with how it ended. Seriously, what a major cliffhanger! Sequel, please publish yourself sooner!

2. This emoji is the one with heart-shaped eyes. I’m not even sure why I use this, but I do so a lot. I associate this book with The Program by Suzanne Young because from the beginning to the end, the main characters really loved each other and all I could do was ship them. XOXO I love you, Sloane and James!

Emoji Tag - Y U No Good Emoji Tag - Love Me

3. Lately, I’ve been using this crying emoji a lot. Also because of homework. I was disappointed with Boomerang by Noelle August, since I’ve been seeing rave reviews for it. Y U no good, book?!

4. The kissy emoji (or the heart emoji, too)! I use this when I chat with close friends and bloggy friends. Perseus Jackson, please love me! I have the BIGGEST schoolgirl crush on Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. How can I not? He’s too adorable!

Emoji Tag - WHAAAAAAT Emoji Tag - Give it to Me

5. I always use the shocked emoji when I forget there’s homework, someone’s birthday or anything else. Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas made my face similar to the emoji’s, and it made me going whaaaaaat?!

6. The rage-y face is one I use when I’m pissed off–which is actually very often. I’m moody like that. Anyway, I’m totally raging because I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE YOUNG ELITES BY MARIE LU. Give it to me, nooooow!

Emoji Tag - Meh Emoji Tag - Hehe Funny!

7. When I’m bored or annoyed, I use this emoji! And Dissonance by Erica O’Rourke, sadly, was meh. Just meh. I mean, it has a really good plot and all, but it could have been a lot better. I had trouble connecting with the characters.

8. This emoji looks like it’s going to explode from laughter. Or something. Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols made me LOL so much. It was easy to relate to and the characters were super humorous! My most common reaction throughout the book? Hehe, funny!


And I Tag…. (not sure if you’ve already done this!)


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22 thoughts on “In Which I Relate Emojis to Books

  1. What a cool tag!! I love all of these. Oh, and I really have to read The Treatment. It looks great :D And yes, totally agree about Dangerous Girls. I think the emojis I use the most are :D and :P and :) Although I might sometimes use :'( for a book I love as well – The Fault in Our Stars, maybeeee? Maybe that would need two: :’) and :'(


  2. EMOJIS ARE MY JAM AIMEE! Seriously…I have a bit of an obsession with them. ;) That’s why whenever I see this particular tag I always love it! <3 And I completely agree with all your choices.

    Dangerous Girls was definitely a jaw-dropper; the ending was so unexpected and well-done.
    And I <3 Percy Jackson with my whole heart. (PERCABETH!)
    While I didn't quite like The Program as much as you did, I still really enjoyed it and thought it was a good addition to the dystopian genre in the midst of the genre craze going on at the time.
    AND YES! Antigoddess was all sorts of lovely goriness, was it not? Plus the Greek mythology aspect was off. the charts.
    I am so anxious for The Young Elites! I wish it could hurry up and release already! :D

    Thanks for sharing, and great post! <3


  3. Stupid boring disappointing boomerang, go away. The Elites and more PJ, please. pleasepleaseplease. I love your post, even though I can’t even envision assigning emojis to books myself because I’m so terribly out of touch with basically everything. But I do know a few and I shall use the entire slew of them for you: :) :D :P ;) errr…. those are the only ones of happiness or similar persuasion that I can think of. Here’s another one for me: :/


  4. YAY! You made it. Aw, too bad you didn’t like Boomerang, I did enjoy it. I heard good things about The Program, I haven’t read it though but once I got myself a copy I might try it too. Also, I have the second book of The Biggest Flirt, I think I need to start the first book soon! Lovely choices, Aimee! <3


  5. LOL! I saw some sort of a cover for Antigodess’s sequel so I assume you’re getting it soon-ish. I NEED TO READ THE PROGRAM AND ITS SEQUEL SOON. *pets her HCs* I liked Boomerang, but didn’t love it and I’m still so sorry you didn’t love it :( HAHA. I also need to read Dangerous girls like asap. Lawl! That’s a good reason to be angry :D AND WHOOOOOP. Going to read Biggest Flirts soon :) Yay for fun ;)

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination


  6. LOL yes i love how i saw all your emoji’s and just immedaitely understood what you thought of the books I love that! Also, now i’m worried about Boomerang! I keep hearing the first part is oh so good and than not so much :/


  7. Oh I love it how you did your post, Aimee!! I still haven’t read Antigoddess and I’m actually waiting till the sequel is out. Better to be safe than sorry in my case. Also meh is the last word I like to hear about books and Dissonance seems to bring that one for a lot of people. Great post! :)


  8. Wow, I’m sad to see that you didn’t enjoy Boomerang as much as everyone else! Like you, I’ve been seeing/reading rave reviews everywhere, and to hear that you didn’t like it to the same extend as others disheartens me. I might still read it..? OMG YES THE YOUNG ELITES. I still cannot get over how much I was captivated by Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, and I’m extremely pumped for her new series! Dang, you talk about Dangerous Girls a lot. I must check it out ;)


  9. I haven’t done it before! I do want to…but I like only use the basic faces like :) and :(. I’m hugely unoriginal. I could always cheat and just use cool emojis and say I use them a lot. *whistles innocently* I’M SURE NO ONE WILL QUESTION IT.
    I heard so many people say Dissonance was “meh” that I totally just threw it off my TBR. It doesn’t sound like my thing anyway. Biggest Flirts sounds really cute. And OMG YES TO DANGEROUS GIRLS. *head spins*


  10. I can’t remember whether I commented but I’m 90% sure I did, but anyway, I don’t use emojis cos they recently popped up on android recently but they are android style ones which are kind of boring :P anyway, I like the bored one haha, I used to use one similar to that a lot! This is a really fun tag Aimee, thanks for tagging us! I’ll check with Michelle whether she uses emojis XD


  11. The one for Dangerous Girls is so appropriate! Seriously, that book…
    So excited for The Young Elites! Marie Lu can do no wrong :P
    I must admit, I’m one of those weird people that don’t really use emojis that often (except the standard :) and :( and stuff). I mostly chat with people through FB, and I just send a crapload of Pusheen gifs haha


  12. Ooooh this was such a fun post! :D Haha I’ve never heard of the emoji tag! I also haven’t heard about a lot of those books but I’m going to have to check them out! My TBR list keeps getting longer and longer and now that uni has started I have so much less time 😭 darn it I just want to read books all day *sighs*


  13. Ahh. I love this tag – such a fun post to read! I’ve been considering filming it, but may convert it to blog form. :) Also, this reminds me that I really need to read The Program, Antigoddess, The Lightning Thief, Dangerous Girls and Biggest Flirts! ALSO I WANT THE YOUNG ELITES TOO!


  14. Lol, I love this tag! I want to read Biggest Flirts so bad…. I love the emoji for Dangerous Girls XD The Young Elites sounds interesting. I’m not a die-hard Lu fan, but she’s pretty good. I’ll probably check out this book eventually ;) Great picks, Aimee!


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