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High school girl, right here. I am one of those kids who (although it’s unnoticeable) does value grades and studies, even just a bit. Of course, while I adore reading and blogging, there are times when I have to say, “Oh shit, I have homework to do!” (No, really. I say that out loud almost every day.)

Basically, there are so many book/blog-related things that I wish I had more time to do! Here are, at the moment, my top #5. I’ll even throw in a goal or two I have for each thing I want to do more of.

I wish I had more time to…

5. Open up to new genres.

I do have a limited amount of time to read. When I do find the time to read, I would go running to my safe-zone genres (or genres I already read a lot of books from), like fantasy, contemporary, etc. And I do stick to the YA age group a bit too often… I want to branch out and check out more New Adult/Adult. Maybe I’ll even find some rare gems.

BOOKISH GOAL: I want to try reading more New Adult, Adult and LGBT books. Here are some I would like to try (and feel free to recommend some books to me!)

LGBT New Adult Adult

4. Attend more bookish events. (And get to know my PH blogging buddies!)

So far, I’ve only attended THREE bookish events (you can read about them here for Rossi-Riggs-Mafi, here for Stephanie Perkins and Faye’s post about the Tintin Shop opening) in which I was a huge wuss and was only able to muster up a little bit of courage to ask Stephanie Perkins ONE question. And to tell Veronica Rossi that I was feeling fine.

In both events, I was also able to meet a few bloggers that I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time–but the thing is, when I meet people for the first time, I can be quiet as a mouse, and you won’t even notice I’m there. >_<

BOOKISH GOAL: To attend at least THREE more bookish events this year (including MIBF!) and meet (and actually talk to) more PH readers and bloggers! So if you find out that I’m going to an event and you’re going to, tweet to me @aimeereads!

3. Comment on more blogs.

I love, love, love leaving meaningful comments on blogs, because I know bloggers use up a lot of their time and brain cells to come up with helpful reviews and interesting discussion posts for us readers! Lately, I’ve been only commenting on only 5-10 blogs a day, and I have a list of around 70 (but probably more) blogs I would love to comment on daily, if I could!

BOOKISH GOAL: Comment on at least 20 blogs on days where I don’t have any homework, and at least 5 when I do!

2. Meet new bookish people (readers, bloggers, authors, and all).

Earlier, I mentioned wanting to meet/get to know more PH bloggers… This time, I mean it generally. Meeting new people from all over the globe is amazing, even if it is just online!

On Twitter, I try to follow bookish people and reply to some of their bookish tweets, but sometimes I find my replies to be really awkward and random. But sometimes, I spend more time only replying to tweets directed at me–I love the bookish friends I have now, but I also want to meet more people!

BOOKISH GOAL: Talk to more random strangers fellow bookworms on various social media sites.

1. Read more.

Again, I already mentioned branching out, but there are some days when I can’t even read a single page of any book! There are two reasons why I want to blog more, and that’s (a) for my own pleasure and (b) to have more reviews and bookish posts up for you guys!

Let’s do some math. I’m at school for around 10 hours a day. I sleep for about 6 hours each day. I blog for about 2 hours (commenting, writing posts and such). Doing homework will take about 2 hours as well.

10 + 6 + 2 + 2 = 20

That’s four hours left to read! And what about eating snacks (20 mins) and dinner (40 mins)? And hygienic things like, say, taking a shower (15 mins)? Chores (1 hour)?

And so, I only have around less than 2 hours to read a day. And that’s on a good day.

BOOKISH GOAL: Do homework faster… maybe. Find breaks in between school and chores to finish even a chapter or two of what I’m currently reading.


Do you have enough time to do all the bookish things you want to do?

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Aimee loves being a little bookworm (okay–she doesn’t like being little). She also loves chocolates and sweets but is freaked out by the thought of possibly getting diabetes.

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39 thoughts on “Bookish Things I Wish I Had More Time For + Goals

  1. Awesome goals, Aimee! Just don’t get too tired out with them all. Little bits at a time, maybe? I totally recommend Aristotle and Dante, it is amaaaazzinggggggggg. Yep, all those extra letters were worth it. And you only sleep for 6 hours? That’s crazy! I sleep between 8 and 9 hours, lol. Maybe I should sleep LESS. I’d like to attend more bookish events too, but it’s hard to get into Sydney from where I live…especially on my own.

    Good luck with all these :D


  2. These are some wonderful goals Aimee, and some of them are definitely achievable! I find I get time-burgled as well each day, so sometimes I just can’t be bothered to read because I’m exhausted. I definitely need to comment on more blogs too/visit new bloggers. And I’m beginning to read books in other genres, which I’m proud of! I hope you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, but remember not to burn yourself out too much! xx


  3. Eek, I know what you mean about time. At the moment I feel so dodgy about commenting, because I feel like I don’t comment on as many blogs as I used to. But it’s not my fault *glares at thesis*

    But we all understand what it’s like to go to school and have a blog. IT IS HARD. It’s hard to find time to do everything you want to do, and still get good grades. I remember when I was still doing exams in uni last year and the year before, and it was really hard to keep up with blogging at the same time. It really makes you appreciate the holidays, where you can pretty much just spend all your free time blogging (or at least that’s what I like to do with my free time, haha).

    I’d love to attend more bookish events, too, but they are really lacking here. Although I am going to one on September 6! And I am really excited about it :D

    Don’t worry about your replies on Twitter, Aimee! I think everyone feels a bit awkward about them at first, but I have made some of my best blogging friends by jumping into conversations on Twitter, haha XD

    I’d love to meet more bloggers from Aus (and around the world, actually!), but we all live so far away, that it is difficult sometimes. Even so, I think I want to try and meet up more with the ones that I DO live closer to. It’s kind of amazing to have friends that understand what it is like to love books as much as I do!

    I really hope that you can manage to find time to read. I always make a point to read just before I go to bed. Apparently it makes going to sleep easier, and it’s pretty much my favourite time to read. So maybe you could do that? Even for a little bit – because you can’t miss out on reading D:


  4. Whee! Your days are busy. 10 hours at school? I could just die. Also, LGBT books? fucking fantastic. There are soooooo many of them, and most lack the emotional upheaval that somehow follows every straight character. I could never get into the Aristotle book, though. Had to DNF it. Anyways, good luck with your goals. (I was thinking yeah, I should probably do that, too, but then procrastination manifested in the form of boring TV and crappy books so…)


  5. I can highly recommend a couple of New Adult books when you have time to read some. :) Just ask and I’ll give you a whole list! And I don’t have any bookish events around here. Yes, it sucks. A lot.


  6. Yay for goals! I suck at goals. :| I usually have enough time to do all my blogging-ish things because I work from home. I make my own hours (mwahhaha). But, but I hear you. :( My co-blogging-sister has this same trouble and by the time she’s finished all her homework/chores/hygiene she just wants to do nothing. I totally get that. I do! But it makes blogging hard. *sigh*
    I would love to branch out too, but to be honest? There is SOOOO much YA I still want to read. And even when I think I’m catching up, they go and published 10 billion new books I really want to read. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY.


  7. Such great goals Aimee! I agree, highschool is hectic. It can get stressing when you can’t do more in blogging because of the lack of time (I can totally relate because I’m having problems with commenting as well!) but don’t worry Aimee! We love you so much and we will always be here even if you’re having trouble. BTW are you really going to MIBF???? I’m going as well, do you want to meet up and stalk other bloggers? haha


  8. Time is always an issue. There is just never enough of it to go around. I’m up in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Book Festival going today, will be sitting in on Alternative Worlds with Leigh Bardugo and Maureen Johnson. Would loved to have done more but also visiting family, going to Festival Fringe events oh and finishing the final edits of my novel. Busy, busy, busy. Life is good. :)


  9. Have you read The Sea of Tranquility? That’s an amazing New Adult book! (I normally hate NA, so it’s pretty rare for me to find good ones haha. Really I’ve only liked SoT and Colleen Hoover’s books).

    It’s always so hard to find the time to comment on blogs! It actually takes a surprising amount of time to think of a good comment (and then sometimes you have Blogger/WP annoyingly eating the comments grrr)

    I don’t think anyone ever has the time to read all the books they want! There are just way too many books out there, and I think I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I’ll never be able to read them all. Although, dang, I wish I didn’t have to sleep. So much wasted reading time haha


  10. A really good new adult book that I LOVE is Flat Out Love by Jessica Park; her other NA book is Left Drowning, but that one is a bit more angsty. KA Tucker writes some great NA as well!

    I didn’t start blogging until after I had graduated, and I can’t imagine doing all that homework and still blogging on top of that! You’re a beast, Aimee :D


  11. I wish I could open up to more genres too especially New Adult. Great post, Aimee! I might have to do it too, that is, if you don’t mind. :)


  12. Oh, god. Don’t even get me started. I always want to do EVERYTHING in a day. I’ll come on my laptop to catch up on Bloglovin’ and then I’ll end up on my laptop for 5 hours just commenting on blogs. Honestly, though, that’s just me trying to be social, make blog friends, and “network.” I don’t know. It’s really hard. School hasn’t started for me yet so I have a lot of time on my hands, but I’m a time-waster. (Don’t ask.)

    Basically, my goals are to read more adult books and classics, manage my time better, branch out and meet new bloggers/readers, and read more. Oh boy, this will be a fun year… I hope…

    OH AND BOOKISH EVENTS. I’VE NEVER BEEN TO ANY. Literally, I’m going to go and find some that are happening so I can attend! :)

    Tori @ Bookish Affairs


  13. I can understand how you feel, I could barely read anything when I was in high school! But I think these are great goals and not hard to achieve. Reading different genres is a great thing! I’ve started reading books that aren’t YA and loved some of them!


  14. You have some great goals there! I think having goals set for yourself makes it easy to get things done, like with the commenting. I always like branching out, but in the end I always go back to my beloved genres. I do hope you get to read those books! Landline sounds good.


  15. Great goals! I’m trying to branch off into new genres too. I’ve never been much of a contemporary reader, but I’m trying to break that! I too want to read some New Adult and try LGBT. I wish I lived in the Philippines! My mother is from there, and we’ve been meaning to visit… I haven’t been to ANY bookish events yet. Nothing comes near me :( I’m going to remedy that though. I’m going to the Heir of Fire book tour on September 3rd. :) Isn’t it great to talk to and meet new bloggers? I wish I could comment daily on peoples’ blogs too. They post so many great and thoughtful things that I just can’t keep up. It’s hard to balance school with reading but once you get into the swing of things and learn how to cut corners and do things fast and efficiently, I think you’ll find more time to read and blog!


  16. I think read more is probably #1 on EVERY book bloggers wishlist. I’d also like to attend more cons, but international flights are expensive, and all of the good ones happen in the US. We’re finally getting one here in Canada next April, and I’m not familiar with any of the authors that will be attending. *sigh* Another item on my bookish wishlist would be tackling my ‘someday’ pile. I always say I’ll get around to it, but somehow I never do. If only there were more hours in a day! Wonderful discussion topic. :)


  17. Being a student myself, I can totally relate! Though I’m become good friends with procrastination when I get sucked into a book T_T I’ve mostly been reading NA/Adult books but looking to branch into YA. I loved Killing Sarai, definitely must give that a shot I say. Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin is a good light and fun read if you’re looking for a nice transitioning book. Good luck with your goals! :)


  18. I like your ideas of sneaking in little bits of reading and blogging in between doing other things so that you kind of have more time for them. That’s a great idea! I try to do a little bit here and there, too.

    Definitely try out Aristotle and Dante! I read that book a few months ago and it was really, really good. Definitely one of my favorites from this year! I also really liked Landline :)


  19. Aimee! These are such good goals! :D I really need to implement all of them to – ha! It’s so hard to step out of you comfort zone in terms of genres you read, but I think it can be so rewarding in the end. I am highly anticipating Dante as well! ;) And I think everyone could always read more. I completely agree that with school and any other activities you have it’s so hard to find time to really read, but I think you’re doing great Aimee!

    Thanks for sharing! <3


  20. Great goals, Aimee! These are actually my goals, too, except #1. I don’t have trouble reading books from other genre. I love diversity. :) But I also have much lesser time to read now because of this thing called work. I wanted to read more and blog more… but it’s so hard to squeeze everything in. I’m still trying to find the right balance. I hope you do, too. :)

    I want to attend MIBF… but I don’t know if I can. Will you be there?


  21. YESSSSS. I wish I could attend more bookish events (it would help if we actually had more in Aus), read more and talk to more bookish people more often too! :D


  22. These are some solid goals Aimee! <33 I think I need to start making some also. I've been getting more and busy as my final year of highschool approaches and I know it's only gonna get more hard from here. I need to be organized and sort my life out haha.

    Alike you I'm very streamlined when it comes to genres. I usually read only YA and maybe the odd adult or middle grade novel. I think I've read a whopping two NA novels and I dislike them both lol. Really gave me a negative view of the genre lol. There's so many great stories out there though, i just need to be more open to new genres and trying new styles of writing. I'll work on it Aimee, I swear [;

    I live in the middle of nowhere in Canada so I don't even know if book signings/events are even a thing /: I do wish that attending those and socializing with fellow bookworms could be a goal for me. See Aimee, you gotta cherish those for me okay [; So go and be a social butterfly so I can live vicariously through you hahah.

    Lovely post Aimee <33 Really summed up the lack of time all of us bloggers attending school have. I seriously haven't read a single book for like a week and a half. Oooops.

    I miss you and your amazing blog.


  23. These sound like great goals! I completely understand your pain with not having any time, we’ve just finished our exams :( And I like the one about wanting to meet new people hint hint :P


  24. I don’t know how you manage with the Darlings, the Potatoes, school and getting actual reading done, at your age there would have been no way I could have maintained one blog, never mind contributing to two. I think attending events is a great goal, especially to see your fellow bloggers and socialize as well. Things like commenting, you’ve got enough on your plate. I’d still pop.on regularly regardless and your time can be better spent on Aimee related fun.


  25. Considering most of these things I wish I had more time for those as well. I’ve been trying some new genres over the past few years, but it’s easy to run back to your favourite genres as well. A few years ago I didn’t read any contemporary romances, while now that’s one of ym favourite genres! So I guess that shows it can pay off to try new genres!
    I totally agree with points 3,2 and 1 It’s seems like there is never enough time to read or visit other blogs andleave comments. I’ve been trying to spend some time each day or one in two days visiting other blogs and I realized how much I’ve missing out on before that, there are so mnay great blogs and posts out there. Bookisch events are a bit more difficult for me, as I live in the Netherlands and there just aren’t that mnay events close by. Then ofcourse there’s also the issue of money and time.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :)


  26. These are great goals, Aimee! I had no idea before I started my blog how much work it would take, and now I pretty much wish I had more time for reading and blog commenting. I hope you will be able to accomplish all that you want!

    As for recommendations –
    LGBTQ – I haven’t read a lot either, but I highly recommend Something Real and I’ll Give You the Sun.
    New Adult – Cora Carmack has less angsty books (love her Rusk University series), and JLA is a favorite of mine. :)


  27. I feel really late, but I’m going to comment anyway. :)
    I really know what you mean about reading more! I have fallen behind on Netgalley (I have a really bad habit of requesting books without thinking if I’ll have time to read it) so I have an Google Sheets (basically Excel) full of books in the order I have to read them. I’m about two weeks ahead of the pub dates, but I’m trying to read really fast so I can get about a month ahead.
    Its really hard right now to read at school. School just started, so we’re really busy, and I have no time to read! :'( Which means I end up reading until midnight with my handy dandy light-up kindle, then waking up at six and walking a mile to school. Blah.
    Brilliant post Aimee! :)


  28. I’m one of those people who cares about my grades as well but I’ve been letting it slip which totally sucks. But that means I can completely understand why you wouldn’t have much time. Out of the books, I do really really really recommend Aristotle and Dante because it’s just amazing! As for commenting, giiirrrllll, you already comment so so much! I literally see you pop up EVERYWHERE haha! Good luck with everything!


  29. I literally carried my book everywhere with me in high school and read whenever we were doing nothing in class or whenever I had a spare moment to read a page or two. The pages added up and I got a lot more books done in high school than I do now in College.


  30. Bookish events are so fun! I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve attended a few already this year in my area and I’m on the planning committed for ICON 39. We have over 25 authors attending! It’s going to be amazing.

    Good luck with your goals.


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