Random Recommendations

Random Recommendations is another feature here at Deadly Darlings, where I pick a random theme or genre, as well as a random date to post, and recommend a random number of books from that theme or genre.

So, we aren’t recommending from a genre/theme today, but we’ll be recommending some awesome fantasy authors to you guys! Some of these include my favorites, Dyan’s favorites, and some other popular authors to check out! I might do a part two–tell me, which fantasy authors do you just adore?

Also, if you follow The Social Potato, you’ll know about our Potato Prints feature. Yes, I’m seriously getting into making wallpapers and bookmarks! Hence, this recommendation will be in the form of a wallpaper which you guys can download if you spot your favorite authors there!

YA Fantasy Authors Wallpaper - 1

download the YA Fantasy Authors wallpaper | 1900 x 1200

Seriously, check out ALL THEIR BOOKS, ‘kay? I would leave all the Goodreads links for you guys, but that’s a LOT of books (from 29 amazing authors). I should stop being lazy.


Wait around for our next set of recommendations, guys! You can suggest topics or genres or themes for us to recommend from here!

YOUR TURN: Do you have any awesome YA fantasy authors to recommend to us?

RECOMMEND ALL THE AUTHORS, YEAH? So many books, so little time. How the hell can Aimee get to all the 800+ (and counting!) books on her want-to-read list? And so many awesome books come out every month. Her TBR’s about to explode, really.

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43 thoughts on “YA Fantasy Authors (Part One!)

  1. I love this wallpaper! I hope you make more with different genre authors! :) This is great to put on my desktop to remind me what author I need to read next! :D


    1. Thanks, Nikki! <33 I checked all the authors here, and I'm pretty sure they have fantasy in their books one way or another. :) Cruel Beauty was fantastic! Thanks so much! <33


  2. I am currently reading City of Bones so my current favorite is Cassandra Clare, but I see Richelle Mead! WEEE! HAHA! Love this feature Aimee!

    You forgot OUR favorite, Michelle Krys (Hexed) LOL :p


    1. Cassandra’s Dyan’s pick! :D I did enjoy the first three TMI books, but not the books after the third. It should have just stayed a trilogy, IMO. .-. Richelleeeee! <33

      HAHAHAHA. xD


  3. Aw, this is so cool! I love that you’re designing stuff :) I need to start with Stacey Jay, CJ Redwine ad Victoria Schwab. I do love me some Sophie Jordan, VERONICA ROSSI!!!! Laini Taylor, Richelle Mead and Julie Kagawa though :) Great picks, girl!


  4. You’re really talented, Aimee :( That’s a sad face right there because I envy you. Hahaha.

    Anyway, thank you for this! I’ve been drowning myself with YA contemporary lately.. I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t heard some this authors before. YAY! THANK YOU FOR THIS HELPFUL POST!!


  5. Rick Riordan is pretty awesome. I haven’t read anything by Cassandra Clare yet, although I have an ARC of her latest (with Holly Black) yesterday. Hopefully it is good! There are so many amazing fantasy authors I haven’t read yet, but I really want to. Veronica Rossi, for example. Under The Never Sky looks amazing!


  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together Aimee! Fantasy is a genre that I really want to try to read more than I currently do, so this should be a really helpful guide! :)


  7. Ooh, that’s awesome! And so pretty! I have to admit I love John Flanagan and Melina Marchetta too. They’re fantasy was what inspired me to write it. xD


  8. Love the print! There’s definitely a lot of awesome authors on there! There’s also a bunch of my TBR list that I really need to get to, haha. Like Maria V Synder! I’ve had Poison Study on my shelf for far too long! Thank for sharing (:


  9. Okay, that’s just awesome. No seriously, this made my day. Kristen Cashore and Kathleen Duey are pretty great too ;)


  10. Some of them are my favorite too and here’s my recommendation:
    Alison Goodman – Eon/Eona
    Melina Marchetta – Lumatere Chronicles
    Morgan Rhodes – Falling Kingdoms
    SM Boyce – Grimoire Saga
    Breeana Puttroff – Dusk Gate Chronicles
    AR Ivanovich – War of the Princes


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