Hey guys!

So as you may have noticed, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted a review for a full-length novel. See, there’s this thing called school, and it’s currently the cause of our lack of time and fried brain cells.

We’re looking for 1-2 (we’ll see!) co-bloggers to help us out here on the blog! We don’t have any requirements or anything, but here are some blogging-at-Deadly-Darlings guidelines:

  • Once you’re chosen, we’ll work out your schedule and find out how often you should post. We’re not strict with post quotas since we know people are busy!
  • Reviews should not be cross-posted on a different blog.
  • Review honestly and in English.
  • Be able to communicate through e-mail, Twitter or Google hangouts.
  • Know that Deadly Darlings is a YA fiction-only blog.

We would love it if you were a Filipino, just so it’s easier to communicate and understand each other (plus easier meet-ups, if ever!), but those are just preferences and we would love to have you on board no matter where you’re from!

If we’d like you to join our team, expect an e-mail within a week or two!

Interested? Just fill up the form below! If you have any questions, you can shoot me a Tweet @AimeeReads or an email at

Also, if you know anyone who’s looking for a place to start blogging, or someone who no longer wants to blog alone, do send them our way! *hugs everyone*


26 thoughts on “Searching for Co-blogger(s)!

  1. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’d love to be a part of this lovely family but sadly I’m already part of too many families and I literally cannot take any more relatives into my already crowded home. (track & field, school, book-blogging, youtubing, HORMONES)

    I wish you the best of luck! :)

    And my advice, for how much it’s worth, pick your co-owners carefully. It’s much easier rejecting them now than letting go of them later!


  2. Aimee + Dyan…I hope you girls find the perfect coblogger! <3 I know how difficult it can be to balance school, blogging, and whatever other extracurricular activities you participate in! Hopefully this will be a load off your backs! <3


  3. Aww girls, I really hope that you’ll ace everything at school and that soon enough you’ll be back. In the meantime I really hope you’ll find some amazing co-blogger to help you out. I need to spread the word ;) Good luck! :)


  4. I made extra posts before so I can take a break and not worry about posting, but being alone is hard. good luck finding a new co-blogger! I’d do something like it myself only I don’t know if I want to relinquish control of my blog or anything or just loosen up a bit at least.


  5. Not going to lie, I’m actually so tempted to fill out that application. I love being a co-blogger for YA Midnight Reads and this blog seems like it’d be so fun to join this team c: I’ll try to make a choice soon on whether or not I’ll apply! c:


  6. I’m still in High school so I understand what you’re going through. i’ve always wanted a co-blogger on Lite-Rate-Ture since that’ll make it easier for me, but I’ve always had trust problems. IDK why? I had a co-blogger before but she lasted only for a week, I really really got pissed and swore to never get a co-blogger. Good luck with yours, though!


  7. Aimeeee, I’m tempted to try this out myself but hey we’re already co-bloggers on my own blog so there goes that decision out the window! Haha. I hope you find awesome ones, my dear >:D< You only deserve the very best!

    Faye at The Social Potato


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