This is where I share some totally pointless things!

So… Summer’s almost over for us here in the Philippines and… school starts on Tuesday.

I know, right? But hey–you guys won’t miss me because I’ll still be here!

The thing is, I probably won’t get as much reading done as I used to. That means I won’t be able to post as many reviews as I usually do. I’ll still be blogging, of course! I’ll be here, and over at The Social Potato as well. You guys should follow me there too–we have so many awesome new features to share with you guys! And obviously you guys’ll see me on Twitter and Goodreads if you guys want to chat.

The first week of school is always the time when I read the least, since I’ll have to adjust to the schedule as well as meeting new classmates and teachers. Wish me luck, guys!

So to end this post, I want to ask you guys: If we won’t be able to post as many reviews, would you still come by often to check out other posts? What other posts should we have: discussions, personal posts, tips? Totally Pointless posts? Anything else?


Aimee is, sadly, going back to school soon. She’s 14 and going to be in 9th grade when she starts school on Tuesday! (Wait, is that good or bad?)

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56 thoughts on “Will You Guys Miss My Reviews?

  1. Shame summer’s ending for you! But I love this blog, of course I’ll come back and read all your posts <3 I'm in year 11 and I totally understand how much time school takes up. I hope you have a great start to year 9, that was one of my favourite years :D


  2. Good luck in the new school year(s) ahead! I definitely will miss your reviews, but I completely understand. School comes first. I hope you enjoy these years of school, learn lots of cool and important things, and have the time of your life!

    I enjoy all the posts here, so I will still visit often. :-)


  3. I don’t write as many reviews either, so I totally get it. I think posts that are interactive and easy for you to put together are best. So discussions, tips you want to share, etc. Personal posts


  4. Of course, even if you’re not posting I’ll still come by to check for anything new. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to not only settle into a new school year, but maintain a presence on both blogs. Take it easy for a while little poppet, we’re not going anywhere, your studies are far more important :)


  5. Lol! What everyone said, will be stalking your adorbs blog ;) I hope you have a great new schedule and have awesome teachers and subjects! Don’t worry too much about not posting as many reviews, we’ll still be here no matter what :) *hugs*


  6. Good luck, Aimee!!! Have fun with the new schoolyear! I have no qualms with this because you know we’ll still be talking every day ;) Just focus on school and study hard and study smart!


  7. We’re on an opposite schedule than you are, and my kids summer vacation is just starting. Which actually makes things busier over here-I get a lot more reading/blogging done when they’re in school :)

    If you post, I will read lol. I like blogs that have a good mix of things on their blogs!


  8. :( I will sure miss your witty freakin’ beautiful reviews, but I will absolutely keep stopping by at one of my favourite blogs. :) Good luck with your first day and the rest of the year! <3


  9. So weird. Summer here is just starting and over there it’s already over. xD I love discussion posts! Don’t worry, I’ll still stop by when you don’t post as many reviews!


  10. Awww… I’ll miss you! You and Dyan are where I get most of my books to read from, so less reviews equals a lot more prowling Goodreads… :()
    Wait, your summer is ENDING?? My summer literally just started on Thursday- Friday was my first full day of summer!


    1. Aw, thanks so much, Carissa! :D We’ll still definitely try our best to post reviews at least once a week! :D

      Yep, it is. We don’t follow the American system, so… :(


  11. Whatever you post, I’ll read :) Even if it’s just random chats about movies or whatever! Book reviews don’t even need to be formal to be enjoyable; sometimes a quick bullet point list is enough.

    Also: I’m confused too. I’ve just started summer two weeks ago! But I hope school goes well for you, and you enjoy it as much as you can considering that it’s school :P


  12. I don’t really mind whatever you post Aimee, just having you blog is enough because I understand how busy school can be. Enjoy this school year! And I’ll always be visiting even when you get too busy :)


  13. Hehe I find it interesting that you’re going back to school while I’m finally getting off of it. Personally I feel like this is YOUR blog, so it’s your creative space to do whatever. Lol I’m still going to check Deadly Darlings daily whether you post cute photos of cats, rants about annoying things or long and detailed reviews.

    Hopefully the adjustment with going back to school goes well. I know it’s always so hard to get back into the swing of things.


    1. I know, right? Some of my cousins are just getting off school as well! Thanks so much, Larissa! We love your comments and visits here–very insightful and full of obvious enthusiasm to read our posts! <3 :D


  14. What a silly question. Of course we will miss you! I do believe that you would be able to balance school and reading and reviewing :D

    Personally, even if you will be busy, I will dedicate my time to visit your blog every time I go online :D. And even tweet you! :D Don’t worry Aimee! I believe that you would be able to balance it :D


  15. Of course I’ll still visit. And school is definitely important so don’t feel bad about having less time to read and write reviews. Writing reviews for me takes hours so you will need that time to do homework and study!


  16. Oh my, I feel you Aimee, though I still have a month before school starts, But nevertheless my school reading pile is starting to grow so that sucks.
    Will I miss you? Your posts, maybe. But, we’ll still get to “hangout” right??? I’ll see you there :) AND, focus on school young lady, enjoy the new school year :D


    1. Same here! My TBR is bigger than ever. ._. Good luck to you too, Ella!

      Of course we’ll still hang out! We’ll both try to stop by Fully Booked on the 25th, haha! :D Thank you! :) <3


  17. Bah, don’t you hate it when school gets in the way of reading? :p
    I love your discussion posts, so I’ll definitely still be stopping by! Glad to hear you’ll still be around here and there, too! Good luck with school!


  18. For a second you had me worried. I thought you were totally jumping ship! Thank goodness you aren’t and by the way…I totally follow The Social Potato. That’s how I discovered you and Faye! :) Anyway, I’m glad you won’t be disappearing but school is kinda important! Ha! ;)


    1. I won’t be doing that anytime soon, Cristina! I love blogging. :D Faye and her blog = awesome. <3 School is definitely important, but my blog still comes second! :)


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