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So, the minute I finished Dangerous Creatures (and I will have a review up soon), I began thinking about my book boyfriends shelf on Goodreads, since I added the book there. That got me thinking of another totally pointless topic: What if these fictional men were real? What roles would they play in my life?

See, this is what my life would be:

♥ Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy series) would totally be my hot butler and bodyguard. No, seriously. I can see him driving me around and catering to my every whim! *ahem* I mean, he would be a gentleman who would protect me from all the awful kidnappers out there!

♥ You know who would be my super sweet boyfriend? Why, of course it would be Peeta Mellark! (The Hunger Games trilogy) Peeta would bake me bread while he massages my feet as I lounge around and watch TV. Do I sound like a total dictator? Maybe. But hey, that’s how I see it.

♥ I think Kenji Kishimoto (the Shatter Me trilogy) would make an awesome big brother! He would be ultimately hilarious, but still be there when I need some support. He’ll be that badass big brother who will carry me on his back while the other girls will just watch in the sidelines, pining for my hot big bro.

♥ Now if I had to pick a super caring and wonderful husband, who would he be? Hands down, it’ll obviously be the adorable Percy Jackson! (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) He would wake me up in the mornings with breakfast in bed, and every time we would fight, he would be the first one to say sorry.

♥ Day Wing (the Legend trilogy) will probably be my gorgeous and sexy tutor. He would teach me all night long, while I stare at his beautiful eyes and he would try to get my attention by poking my forehead with pencils.

♥ I would also have an adorable nephew whose name is Bryce Loski! (Flipped)  I would help him bake cookies to win the heart of his crush. And I would push them together no matter what. He is too cute to be denied!

♥ Captain Carswell Thorne (Lunar Chronicles series) will totally be that funny guy I’ve been crushing on. When at school, I would watch from the sidelines as he messes with his buddies and flirts with all the girls. But he’s too funny to ignore!

So those are the fictional boys I’ve thought up for now. Maybe I’ll write up a part two for this totally pointless post? ;)


Agree with any of my choices? Can you think of other fictional guys who’ll play a part in your life?

SIG - Aimee


53 thoughts on “If These Fictional Guys Were Real…

  1. I love Gale better than Peeta within the Hunger Games series, but I think Peeta would be my favourite in real life. He’s so sweet, and besides, he could cook bread for me. Bread is good. I just finished the first Vampire Academy and I see what you mean about Dimitri ;) now I just have to read the rest!

    Haha, love this list :)


    1. *gasp* Nooo! Anti-Gale right here. ;P And yes. Bread is good. Well, at least when there’s cheese or peanut butter. And wohoo Dimitri! Wait til you read book 2–a new hottie’s comin’ your way. ;)


  2. I have to agree with Genissa, I’d also add Adrian Ivashkov here. And please do a part 2, a part 3, or a part forever of this post because our BBF is just like our TBR list, it will always be endless. <3<3<3


  3. Yes on DAY, PEETA, and THORNE! Especially Thorne… man I’d love to have that dude as my husband, lover, and friend. Come on guys, his jokes, his charm, his wit… he’s just perfect <3


  4. Peeta, Percy, Throne, Kenji and Bryce Loski all in the same post?
    Anyways…I completely agree with you on all these! *sighs* If only they were real…


  5. But wait…does this mean you have a harem? ;)

    Haaah. I love this. Definitely Peeta Mellark and Kenji. Thorne would drive me nuts. Does he remind anyone else of Jack Sparrow?! xD Awesome, but seriously, good friends need good fences. xD LOVE THIS POST.


    1. Maybe… ;)

      Thorne would drive us all nuts! In a good way, of course. :D You’re the first one who’s compared him to Jack Sparrow! xD It’s mostly always Flynn Rider. Thanks, Cait! <33


  6. This post is hilarious c: If Dimitri and Percy were real…oh sorry Aimee. Just was in my fantasy mind again lol. I swear books manage to give me all of the feels with creating male leads for me to fall for. Then they proceed not to make them real. It’s very unfair[;


  7. WOW!!! There’s a lot of love on this page!!! I’m totally with you on Dimitri. Kenji would be so much more to me!!! And you forgot to mention Warner!!! Lol…totally kidding! I know how you feel about him but I couldn’t resist. Fantastic post Aimee!!


    1. Hahaha! xD It may be because I’ve always wanted a big brother, but I’ve always seen Kenji as a potential one! :P HAHAHA YOU ARE EVIL, CRISTINA. xD


  8. Fun post :) I don’t usually crush on YA guys, since I’m um, a bit older, but if I was going all cougar over here, I’d definitely have Raffe from the Angelfall series on my list (and technically since he’s a really old angel dude, that wouldn’t be too weird, well at least as far as age goes), Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races (sigh….), Daemon Black, from the Lux series (have to have one bad boy on my list), and R from Warm Bodies (too bad he’s kind of a zombie).


  9. YES YES YES YES AND YES! LOL i agree with this list—especially Dimitri and Peeta! if only they were real—i think every girl in the world would be fighting for them lol


    This is such an awesome post :D
    And yes to Percy Jackson except I ship Percabeth so hard that I can’t actually add him to my book boyfriend shelf haha.


  11. This is SO not a pointless post because I agree with so many of them! Ohhhh man, waking up to the smell of baked goodies and a foot massage from Peeta? HEAVENLY! Gaaah Bryce is so adorable, definitely nephew potential! I really want to read a part two, hope you do one :P


  12. LOL SO AMAZING!! You’ll kill me now but I totally jumped up and down as you picked all the boys that aren’t on my list!!! *happy dance* :D No really, you can have them all and you picked really good roles for them. Well yeah we might share Kenji though, I could be friends with him, no strings attached :D


    1. Nooooo, Tanja! Why are you betraying me like this?! LOL, I guess we have opposite tastes when it comes to men. ;P Hahaha! Everyone wants Kenji. ;)


  13. It’s not totally pointless! I thought it was great. I honestly can’t picture swooning over many of the boys/guys I read about in YA but it’s neat to think about how or who they would be if they were fit into your real life. ( I need a sexy butler)


  14. Ohmygosh I love this! When Day came up, my Day fangirl reared its head and immediately starting making happy and sad wailing noises because it needs more Day in its life. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, AIMEE.
    But seriously yes to pretty much all of these. And I totally want to do this for me! XD I would love to pick what roles which book boys would play in my life.
    To be honest, I am almost certain I would marry Day. He is RIIIIIGHT up there with my all time favourite book boyfriends.
    Adrian Ivashkov is pretty up there, too, though. I just love his adorable broken-ness *swoons*


    1. Dayyyyyyyy. *sing-songs* <33

      Sure, go ahead Chiara! I'd love to see what you think up. :D

      That could be. Day is pretty awesome. <3 :) And Adrian… he would be my slave. Mwahahahaha!


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