Blogger Love

Blogger Love is our new feature where we spotlight some bloggers and ask questions (4 similar-to-all questions, and 1 unique per blogger) based on themes. The purpose of this meme is for you guys to discover more bloggers! If you match the theme of the post, you can leave a comment with your blog name and link, so I can add your blog to the end of the post! If not, surely there’ll be a theme where your blog fits in the future! Make sure you guys check out the blogs featured, as well as the ones that will be added to the linky.

If you’d like to be featured in a blogger spotlight in the future, DM your email address to me on Twitter @AimeeReads, or leave me an email at Surely we’ll find a theme where you and/or your blog fits!

This time around, we’re featuring:

—- Few Months-Old Bloggers —-

Blogger Love- Ebony

Ebony of Paperbacks & Protagonists, a 4.5 month old blog
Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Goodreads

Q: Would you share to us what it feels like to be a vlogger? I myself have no self-confidence whatsoever to put my face up on YouTube. :P

A: Being a vlogger is… I don’t even know how to describe it. To me, it’s nothing like I’ve ever done before and it excites me just as much as it terrifies me! To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised that I’m still doing it.



Blogger Love- Maddie (new)Maddie of The Girly Geek, a 2.5 month old blog

Q: I read your bio on your blog, and apparently you’re good at eating ice cream. What’re your favorite flavors, and can you compare these flavors to books? :)

A: I like to consider myself a connoisseur in the ice-cream department! I love them all! But my all-time favourite would have to be Salted Caramel. A book that reminds me of Salted Caramel would be My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. When I first approached the book, I thought it was your typical, boy-next-door, full-of-fluff contemporary novel.  It wasn’t just about a romantic relationship, but also familial relationships, and friendships. It was extremely sweet, like caramel. The ‘salted’ aspect comes in with a MAJOR plot twist. It tackled some very genuine issues and the characters faced some incredibly tough times. I definitely shed a tear or two, and tears are salty, right? SALTED CARAMEL, BOOM!


2014-03-18 09.16.10Ella of The Filipina Booknote, a 2 month old blog
TwitterFacebook | Bloglovin’ | Goodreads

Q: Would you like to share some of the sticky notes you have on your books? *wink wink*

A: Yes, I’d love too. Here they are: Note that these are just a few of my crazy ramblings *winks* And to prove what a crazy post it person I am I included a GIF :P

(Right click > open in new tab for a larger view–because trust me, you’ll want to see these!)

Into the Still Blue Allegiant The Fault in Our Stars 8vp2t


Here are the same-for-all questions I asked the girls (and as per usual, I highlighted the important stuff for you skimmers!):

1.) Would you like to share who are some of the bloggers who have stood as your older siblings and helped you out with blogging?

Ebony: The main person who has stood as my “older sibling” ad helped me out with blogging has become a really good friend of mine, and that’s Amanda from Little Miss Reader. However, I have always looked towards Katie at KKatiereads, Amanda at Book Badger, Charnell at Reviews from a Bookworm, Cait and Mime at Notebook Sisters, Ely and Chami at A Book so Fathomless, Kelly at Diva Booknerd, Aimee and Dyan at Deadly Darlings and Melanie, Celine and Larissa at YA Midnight Reads for inspiration and/or support.

Maddie: I didn’t have too much help from other bloggers when I first started out. I kind of started my blog on a whim, it was something I had wanted to do for a while so one weekend I just decided it was time. Some of the blogs I looked to for inspiration included Catriona from Little Book Owl, Katie, Sophie and Shandra from Mundie Moms, Jaz from Fiction in Fiction in Fiction, Ashley from Nose Graze, Candace from Candace’s Book Blog and Alexa from Alexa Loves Books.

Ella: Well I won’t consider some of them “older” siblings because some were younger, but they are Faye from The Social Potato, Cait from the Notebook Sisters, Goldie from My Book Musings, Amir from Not-So-Literary Heiresses, and Giselle from Book Nerd Canada. These awesome people were the first five people who kept on answering my inquiries which made my drive to blog more increase. Especially Faye, I thought she was this snobbish blogger because I see her as one of the big people here in this community, but she was not. She was actually the first person who commented on my first post! I’ll never forget that elated feeling upon seeing her comment on my post.

2.) Do you feel left out by the bloggers who have been blogging longer? Or like you’re “out of their league”?

Ebony: At times I must admit that I do feel left out, but when this occurs, I just remind myself that I am blogging first and foremost for myself and to have with it. It’s not a competition about who is better.

Maddie: Yes and no. The book blogging community is a very warm and welcoming one. I don’t feel ‘left out’–I just feel like I haven’t fully immersed myself in the community yet. The bigger blogs obviously have a much larger fan base, but they are just as nice and just as caring as those of us who have just started out and are just as supportive! I wouldn’t call how I feel ‘left out’, more ‘inexperienced.’

Ella: This is a very hard question. Honestly, when I was still starting, and have zero friends, yes I felt so left out. But after telling myself to suck it up and swallow my awkwardness, it got better. I think it is up to you if you will feel left out, because this community is full of friendly and approachable people, and all you have to do is reply and start a conversation. Just like what the song says, “It starts with one hello..”

3.) Share some crazy blogging incident/thing! (If any.)

Ebony: I don’t think I’ve really had a crazy blogging incident yet…perhaps attending PTALive in Melbourne? That was awesome. Even though it wasn’t a blogger’s only event, it felt amazing to be in a room filled with so many! Not that I spoke to anyone (unfortunately), but the atmosphere was great.

Maddie: I don’t have any crazy blogging incidents yet! Sorry!

Ella: Hmm, I’m not sure if this one counts but this is the only thing that comes to my mind. Usually, I have this doubt feeling that I might be giving a wrong review. I always have this, all the time. Especially if I read a review of a same book and their reaction was totally different. I always have this doubt inside me, and I know that we all have different opinion about things, but it’s hard for a newbie like me. I’ll always question my thoughts, my ability to understand the book, and the way I write my ideas. Yeah, I am crazy like that.

4.) Despite being a “new” blogger, there’s something unique about you for sure. Share it with us!

Ebony: Oh, gosh…I can never think of things to say about myself when people ask…hmm…I’m going to be studying Forensic Science next year, and I’ve wanted to work in Forensics since I was ten? Is that unique? I don’t know, a lot of people are surprised when they discover that.

Maddie: I’m an amateur illustrator/artist! My dad was an artist and graffiti artist when he was younger, so I guess I got my skills from him. My interest in art grew as I grew, and I experimented with all different types of mediums. I started getting really serious about art when I was about thirteen, I started posting some of my artworks on tumblr and instagram, and I got alot of feedback! I even got some crazy offers, I was asked to design tattoos (something that would last on their body forever!) and business cards!? I am aiming to study Illustration and Design in University and pursue a career in that department!

Ella: I rarely share my thoughts on Goodreads, and when I share my thoughts there it’s usually the tamed ones. I’m just too expressive and I think updating my status on Goodreads every second won’t be healthy that’s why I chose to doodle on post its or in case of e-readers on notepads.


Remember to check these girls out (and the other young blogs on the list below!)

Blogger Love- Paperbacks & Protagonists Blogger Love- The Girly Geek button

1.) Ebony @ Paperbacks & Protagonists
2.) Maddie @ The Girly Geek
3.) Ella @ The Filipina Booknote
4.) Maddy @ Symphony of Words
5.) Brea @ Breezy Reads
6.) Yani @ Paper Boulevard
7.) Finley Jayne @ Finley Jayne’s Going to the Library…
8.) Karsyn @ Karsyn’s Kickass Jocoserious, Kooky, Jannock book blog


SIG - Aimee


54 thoughts on “Blogger Love: Newbie Bloggers

  1. Awww, this is such a great idea! I’ll definitely check these out.

    Ebony’s youtube sounds so cool. I would never have the guts to video myself and share how crazy I am.

    Maddie’s dad sounds sooo cool! I love arts of any kind. I’ll definitely add her tumblr to my feed. I need to stalk her now XD

    Ella, your infamous sticky notes :D Love itttttttt <3

    Love this idea! Hurray for new bloggers :D


    1. I’m thinking of a new theme for next time, Jules!

      These girls are all so unique, so hopefully they’ll last long in our lovely community. ;)


  2. This is such a great feature and I love how it spotlights new bloggers! Will definitely visit and check out their blogs and reviews. I love the questions too, we really got to know them better :) And thank you for the mention Ella <3 I'm so happy you are now part of the team!


  3. This is such a nice feature, Aimee. Thanks for bringing these lovely people into our radar. This definitely brings more positivity and community-ness to our part of the blogging world. I hope they succeed in all their endeavors.

    And omg, Ella, did you really think of me that way?! I am seriously a nice person ;) Never hesitate to ask me stuff, and that goes to the rest of you! :D If you have any questions – about ARCs, emailing inquiries, NG/Edelweiss stuff, blogging advice in general – y’all can ask me :) @kawaiileena is just a tweet away!


    1. Thanks a lot, Faye!

      I am definitely one of the people who ask you whatever. So peeps, this chick here is the go-to girl for any bloggy questions. =)


  4. Aw, these are all such cute blogs! I myself am new to the blogosphere (started in March end) so it’s great to see the love! :P Maddie, your ice cream fetish as well as your name matches my own :) can’t wait to see more of you out there!


  5. This is a FANTASTIC idea Aimee! I’m always looking for more blogs to stalk (oops, did I say that? I meant love!) so this is wonderful! These girls all sound so adorable and fantastic!! Interesting questions, and I can’t wait for the next post! :)


  6. What a great post! Ebony, I’m pretty sure you comment on most of my posts, and it’s awful that you feel left out sometimes! You’re part of the book blogging cult…erm, community and we are family. (plus, your vlogs are brilliant) LOVE the ice cream answers, and My Life Next Door is such a good choice. Also, the sticky notes on TFIOS are fantastic <3 <3

    I hope to see you three round the blogosphere :)


  7. Yeah! This is such a great idea for a feature Aimee! Not only do we get to know some bloggers better, but we also get so showcase some people who are new to the community and help them really “find their place” here. As bloggers, I don’t think any of us can imagine getting into the hobby without the help and support of fellow bloggers who guide us and give us tips; and I think it’s great that we’re building that foundation. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next Aimee! <3


    1. Well, these posts won’t be exclusive to new bloggers only–there will be a new theme every week! :D I know! If I hadn’t met the people that I did, then this blog would just be between me and myself. ;P


  8. This is such a sweet idea, Aimee! It’s such a great way to find new blogs and people in our huge bookish community!
    I’ll definitely be checking these blogs out. I’ve been blogging for about 8 months now, but even I still feel like a newbie. It’s really hard to find your place here, but there’s certainly a bunch of welcoming and fun people to talk to .
    Speaking of which, I think this is the first time I’ve come across your blog! I’m Brea, and I think you have an awesome design, and feature. I’ll be back!


    1. Hi Brea! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added you to the list. ^_^

      There are definitely more friendly people in this community than the ones who don’t really interact, so it isn’t hard to meet new bookish friends here! <3

      Thanks so much, dear! <3


  9. Oh my God, Aimee! You are brilliant! My blog is just a week-old. I want to be part of this and know more bloggers and get inspired with them! :)


  10. Great post! It’s nice to see other new bloggers being featured, it seems like we get lost in the shuffle sometimes :) My blog’s been up since the end of February, so a little over 2 months old, and it’s challenging getting started in an already huge community of book themed blogs!
    Finley Jayne


    1. Thanks Finley! I’ve added your blog to the list. It’s definitely tough. Even if my blog’s already a year old, sometimes I still struggle with getting people to notice the blog!


  11. Love this post! Love seeing all the new bloggers and the unique things that they do. I’ve tried the sticky note thing, it worked a little for me, but I tend to think better straight after reading the book. What a feature that would be for Maddie! The books that she reads and what ice-cream they remind her of :) Sounds like a pretty yummy idea (hehe see what I did there?) Oh, and this blog design *drools*.


    1. I used to do the sticky note thing, too, but then I would lose all my sticky notes. :P Oooh yes, that would make an interesting feature! =) Thanks, Gina! :D


  12. Love this post! I actually was asking on Twitter for newbie blog recommendations a couple of weeks ago to show them some love. We have a new post going up on our blog tomorrow that is talking about our need for a guest post day since Leanne can’t commit to two days a week, and we’re restricting it to newbie bloggers to give them a chance to promote their blog to a different audience! Everyone has to start somewhere, so it’s nice to give them a little extra push! (Especially because sometimes it can be so hard to find them! When I tweeted asking for newbies I only got a handful of recommendations, and most were ones I already knew about!)


    1. Oh, wow! That’s definitely a great way to promote new bloggers, Asti! I’ll definitely be checking out their posts. Meeting new (and even not-so-new) bloggers has been my goal for a while now! :) That’s right! The blogs I have featured are ones I already know. But I was really surprised since some of the ones who commented here are ones I’ve never visited yet! :)


  13. It’s definitely tough when you are a newbie blogger because it takes so much time to get the word out about your blog and to network and make new friends and all the old time bloggers usually have their set cliques that are like how are you going to break into that!? So welcome to the fold ladies!


    1. Exactly! Until now I find it hard to make friends with bloggers if I feel that they’re already part of a clique. Basically, I think we should all spread the blogger love! <3


  14. Aimee, you’re a genius. This is literally such a great idea, I feel like if i started a blog of my own this would be exactly what I’d need. In fact, before YA Midnight Reads I admit to sneaking around the sidelines of the blog world, but always felt like an outsider peering in.

    Ebony, that’s super cool that you’re doing forensic sciences! That’s something that very much intrigues me too c:


  15. I AM STILL SMILING HERE BECAUSE I CANNOT BELIEVE I WAS MENTIONED. This is SUCH an awesome feature, Aimee, and I’m tooootally looking forward to reading more. And oh gosh, I had no idea these bloggers were so little! I kind of thought they must’ve been around for AGES because they’re fabulous. x) Huzzah, huzzah for more awesome bloggers in our midst! XD


  16. Me loves it! I’m all for promoting the little guys and totally stoked that Ebs gave me a shout out. There’s so many new blogs out there that I can’t wait to discover. I see new names in comment sections and click to see their blogs. This is awesome Aimz, just another reason why I love your Deadly Darlings :)


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