This is where I share some totally pointless things!

This is a totally pointless post I thought of the other day. I think it was because I saw some sort of picture of a shirt that says bookworm. So I thought: what makes us bookworms, really?

You’re surely a bookworm if:

1.) You get hesitant to lend books because someone might fold the pages or leave marks or dirt. And if they do:

2.) You follow your favorite authors on all social media to get new updates on their books.

3.) You look for a website related to a book and start downloading wallpapers and whatever you can find.

4.) You’ve at least WANTED to buy book-related jewelry and merchandise. (Ex: the Clockwork Angel necklace, a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, etc.)

5.) You fangirl like a seal when an author favorites/retweets/replies to your tweet.

6.) You imagine yourself dating your book boyfriends (or girlfriends). (I can see you all nodding your heads right now.)

7.) You hoard books on sales.

8.) You spend all your birthday money on books.

9.) You read something sad and suddenly start bawling in public.

10.) You scream at a book when you get frustrated at a character. Something like, “Go die. Die. Diiiie.” (Tip: Avoid doing this in public. Really. I’ve tried.)

11.) You’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive even if you’re totally overage. (Hopefully mine will arrive before I’m 50. Rules might’ve changed by then!)

12.) You see someone at a bookstore (or anywhere) reading a book you love and you just want to be a total creep and ask them what part they’re in or if they’re liking it.

13.) You ask for books or Amazon giftcards for Christmas.

14.) You want your parents/siblings to read your books, just so you could talk to someone about them.

15.) You feel the need to write or read fanfiction when a book has an open ending.

16.) You watch the book-to-movie adaptations and either scoff at everything or say, “THAT WASN’T IN THE BOOK!” or “I remember that…” every five minutes.

17.) You’ve tried using Harry Potter spells and were sad when they didn’t work.

18.) You want to visit all the places you’ve read about in books. (Ex. Greece–PJO series, Mexico–Perfect Chemistry, Paris–Anna and the French Kiss, America–Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, etc.)

19.) You’re waiting for your parents to tell you their either Gods, wizards, mermaids, or something totally weird.

20.) You’re awesome.


What makes YOU a bookworm? Did all my reasons apply to you? *wink wink*

SIG - Aimee


75 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Bookworm When…

  1. 20 clearly applies to me ;)
    But my god number 12. So true. Also when people are in bookstores and they’re deliberating about whether or not to get books that you love. I remember there was this one girl in the bookstore who seemed to be in a dilemma about whether or not to buy a copy of TFIOS and there I was trying to restrain myself from gushing at her to get it haha


    1. Yes it does. ;)

      Exactly! Or when I hear people looking for a book, I want to scream “IT’S HERE! I KNOW WHERE IT IS!” but that would be awkward. :P LOL, I get the feeling!


  2. Gosh Aimee, everything you said was right. I have to add one, “You can’t leave the house without bringing a book or your e-reader. And you have an e-reader app on your phone for emergency.” :D


  3. Hehe Aimee I just love that last point, you’re awesome too ;) This is such a great list, I can totally relate to so many of them! Especially buying too much during sales, bawling in public, being that creepo who checks out what other people on the bus are reading, getting a bit TOO excited when I find out people have read the same book, and so on.

    And Yes, I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter too.


  4. Ohmigosh, yes!!! I continuously force books I liked onto my sister, my dad, and my bestie ALL THE TIME. My dad keeps complaining that he doesn’t have time to read his own books. :P And, yeah, I might have screamed at a book in public before… Oops. Its usually in school and I’ll mutter something like “Seriously, stop worrying about the boy, and start fighting the people who want to KILL you.’ Yeah, that’s really embarrassing. Also, I really, really, really, etc, want this awesome shirt that says ‘They are not just books’ and in the text there’s a symbol for Harry Potter, The mortal instruments, Percy Jackson, and a couple other awesome series. Oh, and, yes, I am awesome.
    Awesome post! Sorry this is so looong!


    1. I wish my brother will actually read the books I recommend to him! xD (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*) YES, school is my favorite place to go crazy. :) GIMME THAT SHIRT but then I would want to customize it to fit only my favorite series symbols hehe!

      Don’t worry, I love long comments! <33


  5. Hahaha, a lot of these things make me go ‘YEP, YEP, that’s me!’

    Waiting for my Hogwarts letter, spending all my money on books, stalking-ehhhh following my favorite authors, watching book-to-movie adaptations and pointing out all the mistakes, trying to force everyone to read THAT book (especially my sister, but it doesn’t work ;p), I want to creep on people who happen to read a book I love (or when I see someone on the train with a book, I try to very subtly see the cover), hoard books, I have wallpapers, I have jewelry.

    So yeah. Proud bookworm!


    1. Woo! So glad you were able to see yourself in this post.

      Ugh. My brother NEVER reads any of the books I recommend to him. -__- I’ll wait until he’s older, lol!



  6. YES!!!! If i didn’t think i was a bookworm before i really DO now! LOL i agree with everything on here! Great list! I feel like someone understands me now lol


  7. I said yes to all those points. I already knew I’m a nerd and a bookworm though. Oh my god that first one reminded me of when a friend on facebook asked me if she could loan my copy of the 11th book in the House of Night series and I said no. Because… well… I was afraid she would hurt my baby. I don’t even have a normal bookshelf because it’s open and my cats may hurt my books!


  8. Okay I laughed obnoxiously loud at that creeper face pic. Like, I may have scared my dog.

    For the record, I like this “pointless” *sarcastic air quotes here* post. EVERY SINGLE POINT IS TRUE. Especially the DIEDIEDIE. I may have also done that in public… once.


  9. I’m just going to say that ‘Nerd Rage’ is simply the best phrase I’ve heard since Sheldon produced Bazinga. I can’t stop laughing, fangirl like a retarded seal?

    That’s it, I’m done for the day. I can’t stop laughing to be coherent. Aimee, you are brilliant!


  10. This is completely awesome! I’m sad because my friends don’t read as much as I do so when something SUPER AWESOME happens, I don’t have anyone to fan girl with. Sad face.


  11. This is great! Yep, totally a bookworm. :) I try to get my husband to read my books, and he has read several, but he just doesn’t read as much as I do, so there are lots of books that he hasn’t read that I want to just force him to read! Lol!

    By the way, I love your blog design! So cute!


  12. You know what I do? Every time I see someone reading – ANYWHERE – I resist the urge to blatantly ask them what they’re reading. Orrr I conspicuously twist and turn my head in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the title of the book. :)


  13. Oh my gosh, all of these totally apply to me, but maybe not that Harry Potter bit since I haven’t actually ever read anything written by J.K. Rowling. And GAH, Crying over a book in public has gotten me so many stares. A woman actually came to me, laid a hand over my shoulder, and asked me if I needed her to call someone. :0


    1. I haven’t finished the HP series yet, but the movies definitely got me into the world. :) HAHAHAHA. When in public I try to stop reading so that tears won’t flow. ;P


  14. THIS IS AWESOME. Particularly the “fangirl like a seal”…oh yes. That is the most brilliant way to put it of all time. x) I love this list. PERFECTION.


  15. I don’t do any of.. oh… except that… and that.. and… oh okay I do all those things.

    I am so hesitant to lend books though. I have one friend who has book-loan approval and even she’s only allowed one at a time. I also cry regularly on public transport thanks to books. It’s a burden we all bear :)


    1. Hahaha! :D

      My, I do let people borrow my books, but I’ll pester them every day to ask if they’re done or when they’ll return it. >< Yeah, school is my new crying sanctuary.


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