Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful girls at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesdays is for super talented characters. I’ll see if I can come up with some. In no particular order, of course. But to make things easier, I usually split up my TTT posts into categories. For this one, I’ll separate their talents into sports + music + other professions, literature (because we are the bookish community) and intelligence (because honestly, not everyone can be super geniuses).

Sports, Music & Professions

♥ Jordan Woods, Tyson Green and Sam Henry from Catching Jordan — I’ll cheat and say they count as one since they’re all from the same book. Anyway, all three of these awesome football players got into college for the sport they love.

 Cinder and Cress from the Lunar Chronicles series — Cinder’s the most famous go-to mechanic in China, correct? And Cress is a kick-ass hacker? Gotta love these two talented girls.

 Seraphina Dombegh from Seraphina — Her “secret” lets her become one of the most amazing musicians there is!

♥ Vicky from A Mad, Wicked Folly — She’s an amazing artist who wants to get into the art school of her dreams!

♥ Alyssa Gardner from the Splintered trilogy — Alyssa’s also an awesome artist who uses all sorts of mediums for her art–even blood. Mwahaha!


♥ Cath from Fangirl — Cath writes. And she writes good stuff. She even takes a literature course in college and has a bunch of followers on a fanfiction website!

♥ Cara Sweeney from Alienated — Cara’s a journalist, and her goal is to be one of the best ones in the galaxy (and further)! She has a blog where she has hundreds of thousands of followers.


♥ Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series — Annabeth is the one who thinks up all the strategies, aces all her subject and makes decisions.

♥ Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series — Everyone knows Hermione Granger for being the top of the class, knowing all the spells, potions, and how to do them all properly and cautiously.

♥ Day Wing and June Iparis from the Legend trilogy — Both of them got perfect scores on their Trials and now have fabulous professions and are both pretty famous for how they saved the Republic with their plotting and taking action.

Leave links to your TTT posts or share your top ten most talented characters!

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48 thoughts on “Top Ten Super Talented Characters

  1. Whenever it’s about intelligence, Hermione’s GOT to be on the list, haha. Annabeth too :) I completely agree with you! Also, yes to Cinder and Cress, though I would’ve liked to see a bit more of that hacking ;) Really curious if Winter will have some kind of talent!


  2. This is a great list! I agree with all your intelligence choices. Those four characters and how smart they are is part of why I love those series so much. Vicky is an amazing choice too!


  3. SAM HENRY AND JORDAN WOODS :D Love them! I love Cinder and Cress, but my favorite remains Scarlet :’) And I so want to meet Vicky, I’ve heard great things about her :) Same thing about Cat :D And haha! Hermione, well, you can’t say anything bad about that girl. So much love for this one :) Such a great list, my friend and I love the topic you picked ;)


    1. Henry and Jordan are adorableeeeee. <33 Scarlet is my favorite among the three as well. :P I hope you like Vicky and Cath! Well, Hermione is kind of whiny and demanding LOL. xD Thanks, but I just copied Jamie's since I have zero creativity! xD


  4. Great list! I love Hermione and Annabeth. June is amazing, and Cath is one of my favorite characters. I really like your topic this week. :) Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier! :)


  5. I’m pretty giddy of the fact that I know like 70% of the characters you posted here :P They’re all amazing, that I agree! I also write fanfiction myself. I have one that I started in 2007 (it’s a crossover!) and I have an on/off relationship with it, but it’s pretty popular (not that I’m bragging… although to be fair, it USED to be popular, before I needed like 2-3 years for an update ;P). Ah, I was in HS when I first wrote it, and I keep cringing at my faulty tenses and the like whenever I decide to read the first chapters. HAHA!

    Anyway, enough about that. Thanks for this list, Aimee!

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews


    1. Woo! Haha! That makes me feel awesome when things like that happens. :) I love writing fanfics as well (and it takes me years to update, too!), and I’d love to read yours sometime ate Faye! :P That is why I never reread my past chapters! XD


  6. I love your list, and Jordan was so cool! I loved how she was super talented at football and none of the guys would constantly put her down for it because she was just that good and demanded respect from everyone. Also, Cinder and Cress are so cool! I haven’t read Cress, but I know from all the reviews that she’s pretty badass :)


    1. Jordan was so badass! I adored how she easily made friends and did things no other girl would do. READ CRESS! <3 It's my favorite of the books so far. :)


  7. Cath: YES! I am so jelly of her ability to write even though she’s fictional
    Annabeth: This chick is kick-ass and full of awesome
    Hermione: Freakishly smart and quick learner. LOVE.

    Lovely list, girly! <33


  8. Awesome list!!!All of the characters you added are so talented and I love them so much!!!Especially Alyssa and Annabeth.They’re amazing.And I really want to read A Mad,Wicked Folly.It has been on my wishlist since it came out!It sounds so intriguing!Thanks for stopping by my post and commenting!Happy Reading!

    Elena @ Book Lady’s Reviews <3


  9. Cinder and Cress are both really smart and have great abilities. I admired those two throughout the whole book! Scarlet is also great with her pilot skills :)) Cath from Fangirl is a writer! Now I’ll read that one soon for sure. I’m really curious. Great list :)


  10. Hermione, and not just in the smarts! And Harry Potter, too. After rereading the books, I just realized how powerful of a wizard he truly was, and could be, with the proper training :)


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