The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)

The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

the third and final Blood of Eden book
published on April 15, 2014 by Harlequin Teen
paranormal | dystopia | romance

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Allison Sekemoto once struggled with the question: human or monster?

With the death of her love, Zeke, she has her answer.


Allie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren, the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke. But the trail is bloody and long, and Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions—her creator, Kanin, and her blood brother, Jackal. The trail is leading straight to the one place they must protect at any cost—the last vampire-free zone on Earth, Eden. And Sarren has one final, brutal shock in store for Allie.

In a ruined world where no life is sacred and former allies can turn on you in one heartbeat, Allie will face her darkest days. And if she succeeds, triumph is short-lived in the face of surviving forever alone.



This might contain some spoilers for the first two books in the series.

“I’m not giving up our forever without one hell of a fight.”

Okay. Wow. This series is really over, huh? I was really, really excited to read this, considering I loved the first two books in the series. And well, The Eternity Cure had one of the worst possible cliffhangers ever. Let’s just say this one was the least amazing of the three books in this trilogy. While it did have plenty of awesome moments, it just lacked the spark that books one and two clearly possessed.

I was a huge fan of Allie and practically deemed her my hero in the first two books. There were times in this novel where she showed the badass side we all know and love. But the reason for her being blood thirsty was because of all the angst. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when novels have angsty moments, but too much of it just hurts. She and Zeke were constantly lovey-dovey and were often having little angsty quarrels that would’ve been okay if it were kept to a minimum.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t like Zeke in book one and thought he was one of the most boring little things. He totally grew on me in book two, though. But here? He thought so lowly of himself and was kind of a hypocrite most of the time, which was really sad since he’s one of the nicest love interests out there.

“Seeing as this is probably my last hurrah, I don’t suppose I could get you two bleeding hearts to massacre a village with me? For old time’s sake.”

Main characters aside, we have an awesome cast of secondary characters. Jackal was, of course, my favorite. We previously knew him as an asshole who wanted to rule the world, but here, he was the hilarious, charming and witty guy that everyone will love. His banters with Allie made me laugh out loud! Kanin was wonderful as well. He was intelligent, caring and calm. By the end of the book, I’m sure everyone will want to give Kanin a big hug.

Now, the plot was… sort of nonexistent? Until the last, say, 15% or so. We have a lot of gritty and gore-y scenes throughout the novel that’ll be etched in my mind forever, but they were actually a bit insignificant to the story. Most of the book consisted of the journey to find Sarren, so the actual action and things only happened once they found him.When they did find him, all hell broke loose and we were thrust into the action. I bit my nails anticipating everyone’s next moves!

Overall, it was a good wrap-up to the trilogy, although it’s my least favorite of the three. Loose ends were tied up nicely, so if you read the first two, this one is a must. You’ll want some Jackal in your life, I’m sure.


Skulls 3.5

3.5 skulls


Let’s discuss! Have you read this book? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven’t, will you be picking it up anytime soon?
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26 thoughts on “Review: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

  1. I’ve only read the first one and though it was amazing, I don’t know if it’s enough to make me read the whole series. And since you said that is was the worst in the series as well, I’m not too sure. Awesome review Aimee!


    1. Book one was amazing for me as well, and book two was my favorite. :) It wasn’t the “worst,” more of the “least awesome.” I’d still give it a go if I were you! :)


  2. Great review, Aimee! I’m sorry you didn’t love this one as much as the rest of the series, but I completely get where you’re coming from. Zeke was a bit of a source of frustration for me, but I think I knew he was coming from. I’m glad you liked it overall though! :)


    1. Poor Zeke. He was just kind of hypocritical in this one and it was a bit bothersome. :( But it’s hard to dislike anything written by Julie Kagawa! :)


  3. I still haven’t picked up the second book of this series. I have issues when books are released a year apart. I just lose interest in picking up the next one by the time the next one comes out. Too bad this is your least favorite book of the series. Great review, Aimee! :)


    1. Same here! I don’t feel like continuing this way, which is why I like binge reading series when all the books are out. Book 2 is really good though, so I suggest you continue!:)


  4. It wasn’t as good as the others for me either but it was a pleasant read and a good end so I was happy about that. I’m curious to see what the author will have for us now.

    following you on bloglovin


  5. Ok seriously, like every 3rd blog I stop at this week is reviewing a Julie Kagawa book. I think you guys are trying to tell me something. LOL Sorry to hear that this one wasn’t quite as good as its predecessors, but at least the authors wraps things up well. I hate unanswered questions! Great review.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads


  6. I have to agree with you Aimee, this book was my least favourite of the entire series too, which is a real shame, as I was dying to get my hands on this book, after the horrible ending that we were left with in The Eternity Cure. However this book did fall flat in a lot of places for me, and honestly the only reason I think I ended up enjoying it was because of Jackal and Kanin! Lovely review as always! :)


    1. It was the same for me! The Eternity Cure left me with such a huge need to read this book and it didn’t meet my expectations. :( Jackal and Kanin were just wonderful!


  7. Glad to know this is a good wrap-up even when this installment is your least favorite one out of the three. I haven’t read book two so I didn’t know all the things that happened with Zeke, but if Kanin is still in this one, I’ll find time to catch up. As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Kanin. :)


  8. Haha, as you know I totally agree with you regarding this book and this review. Allie and Zeke were my main issues with The Forever Song and my source of my dislike. You touched on something I never mentioned in the discussion review and that was the whole lovey dovey thing. Sometimes it can be too much, just like how the angst was an overload in The Forever Song. If things were in moderation, I could have handled The Forever Song better.

    Jackal! Ahhh, he’s got to be one of the best side characters ever. He needs a spinoff so badly.

    Lovely review (:


    1. Definitely angst overload. :/ I agree – if everything just wasn’t overdone, it would have been a fantastic novel. I totally need that Jackal spinoff! <33


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