Hi guys!

So, I’ll be going on a pretty quick trip to Hong Kong (Disneyland for the second time! Wee!) from March 25 to March 28, but probably won’t post until the 29th (expect a Divergent movie review when I come back, though). I’ll be in Hong Kong in that time, and of course, I won’t bring my laptop so I won’t be able to post! I’ll most likely still be on Twitter (for random chatting!), email (for possibly important stuff!), Goodreads (for bookish updates, of course) and maybe commenting on some people’s blog posts if I can.

*Random update for The Social Potato, as well: We’ll now be doing a feature for TV shows every Saturday, and for the first 13 or so weeks, we’ll be watching The 100 (read about it here), so be sure to join us so you can rant and rave with us every Saturday!

I hope you guys have a lovely week ahead of you!



35 thoughts on “I’m Going to Hong Kong! (Short Blogging Hiatus)

  1. Have fun Aimee! I LOVE Hong Kong! I’ve only been there once with my cousin but have not been to Disneyland there because she wasn’t impressed with it! Boo! Anyway, again, have a blast :D


    1. I didn’t get any bookish stuff, but I bought a bunch of useful things like reusable ice cubes, LOL! XD The new part (the Toy Story themed area) was supppper adorable! Not much to do there since I’m a wimp, but it was a nice place for photos, haha!


  2. Ooh I hope you post about HK Disneyland! I’ve only ever been to the one in California and I’m always curious to know that the differences are! Have fun!


    1. It was pretty fun, Giselle, thanks! :) Haha! A lot of people haven’t watched it yet, actually! I was just too excited after my friends raved about it! XD


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