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Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine
  • “Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week I’m waiting on…
Dove Arising

Dove Arising by Karen Bao

the first book in the Dove Chronicles
to be published on August 19th 2014 by Viking Juvenile
science fiction

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Phaet Theta has lived her whole life in a colony on the Moon. She’s barely spoken since her father died in an accident nine years ago. She cultivates the plants in Greenhouse 22, lets her best friend talk for her, and stays off the government’s radar.

Then her mother is arrested.

The only way to save her younger siblings from the degrading Shelter is by enlisting in the Militia, the faceless army that polices the Lunar bases and protects them from attacks by desperate Earth-dwellers. Training is brutal, but it’s where Phaet forms an uneasy but meaningful alliance with the preternaturally accomplished Wes, a fellow outsider.

Rank high, save her siblings, free her mom:  that’s the plan. Until Phaet’s logically ordered world begins to crumble…

Haunting and prescient, Dove Arising heralds the emergence of a bold new voice in science fiction.



1. I told myself to read more space opera. “Phaet Theta has lived her whole life in a colony on the Moon.” It’s definitely in space, no? I’m not sure if this one will be a romantic novel, but the synopsis makes it sound like one, so I’m very excited to get my tiny fingers on this one!

2. That cover, yo. I love the text. I love the colors. I love the texture. Beautiful!

3. Females in the military–badass. I’m always on the lookout for kickass new heroines to love, and of course I can’t pass up a heroine enlisting in the military! Count me in.

What are you waiting on this week?



34 thoughts on ““Waiting On” Wednesday: Dove Arising

  1. I love books that take place in space. Always a win for me so I am automatically adding this to my TBR pile. Female military badass is always a plus too. It sounds like she makes a big change to save her mom and help her siblings. Should be interesting. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!


  2. Ahh this is all the things! Seriously, every reason you mentioned is exactly why I want to read it. I love space opera and almost every one of my favorite covers is space/star related… This one is no different! Great choice :)

    Thanks for stopping by my WoW!


  3. This one is new to me, but how awesome does it sound!! And that cover is amazing!! Great choice!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by YA Book Addict. Have a great week!! :)


  4. ooh I haven’t heard of this one but it sounds like a good read…yes it goes straight to my TBR list.
    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my WOW =)


  5. Sci-Fi! That alone makes this book utterly irresistible, definitely adding it to my TBR! Moreover, I feel romantic potential between Wes & Phaet, romance + sci-fi + a story set out of this world? It basically spells out amazing. Thanks for stopping by my WoW earlier on!


  6. I agree with you on the cover! It’s beautiful! And I don’t think I’ve read a space opera before so I will definitely check this sub-genre and this book out! Thanks for sharing Aimee!


  7. Why have I not heard of this one yet???! OMG. Adding it on Goodreads right. now. I think I was caught by that “moon” word, because, hello, Lunar Chronicles. ;) Okay, lol, I’m kidding. But I still have new respect for the moon after Cinder.


  8. YO, that cover!! It’s gorgeous! I can imagine it’s one that’ll feel really cool too. And this sounds really intriguing–there’s just something so interesting about women in the military and I don’t know why. Great pick Aimee! :)


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