Okay guys. This is my second blog name change, which means that I suck at picking names. The blog design won’t be changing, but since the name will be changed, so will our link! You can now find us here at!

My friends and cousins kept reading my previous blog name as Read (reed) by the undead, rather than the one I actually intended it to be which was Read (red) by the Undead, and it sounded like crap. I had a feeling that bloggers might have the same issues with my blog name, so I’ve decided to change it into something easier to pronounce. And something shorter, for my convenience.

Of course, I still wanted to keep my blog design and theme, so I thought of something still related. We’re now called Deadly Darlings! Plus, our new tagline is “death-defying reviews since May 2013.”

Now, we hope that this change doesn’t confuse you guys. And if perhaps you have us on your blog/blogroll somewhere, it would be great if you could change our blog name/blog button and link!

You can find our new blog button on the sidebar or here:

Deadly Darlings
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Deadly Darlings"><img src="" alt="Deadly Darlings" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Or if you’d like to share a banner, we have that, too!

Deadly Darlings
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Deadly Darlings"><img src="" alt="Deadly Darlings" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


sigAIMEEWhat do you think of our new blog name, button and header? Is it more convenient than our previous ones?


59 thoughts on “Our New Blog Name!

  1. Looks great :) I nerver find such great Designs for my blog and I’m no good at designing them myself :( And this little grey box for the synopsis ^^” Love it. But the zombies are not so mine, sorry. But it all looks very good :D


    1. Thanks for the input! The design’s just a template, actually. I only do the headers and such. The gray box is just some HTML, but I’m glad you like it. :D


  2. I love the new name! The old one was great though – distinctive, but I think this might fit you better! And I’m glad you kept the old design because it’s so unique and eye-catching! I’ve just updated my blogroll as well!


  3. I always read the old one as ‘red’ by the Undead. I love the new name too, though. It already changed when I got it in my email. I’ve been wanting to change mine for years.


  4. I love the new name! Although the old one wasn’t too shabby either ;)
    It’s great that both names fit the blog design though :D
    btw have you gotten the bloglovin people to move all your followers over to the new URL? Because I don’t think your posts are coming up in my bloglovin feed for some reason…eh I guess I could always resubscribe.


  5. The new name is awesome :D Although I DID pronounce it as Read (red) by the Undead so YAY!
    I think the new one has a nicer ring to it though. It makes you guys seem badass ;)


  6. Hey! Love the name! It’s short and sweet. I admit, I did read your old name as read (reed), but quickly corrected myself after reading undead.

    Oh, I noticed that a few of your links are not working since they link to your old blog name. Particularly the home link and the links in the features drop down. :)


  7. I absolutely LOVE the new name, the site looks brilliant! It’s so eye catching and really fits your style now. I didn’t have any issues with the previous name, but maybe those who’s first language isn’t English might have struggled with the difference in how it’s read.


  8. I always read your old blog name properly, but I can see how it could get confusing. I love the new name, and that it’s similar enough so as not to be too confusing for us readers!


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