Valentine's Mini Book Blogging Challenge -- Book Boyfriends

This challenge is hosted by Rachel over at Parajunkee’s View. You can find the master schedule here!

For the first day of the Valentine’s Mini Book Blogging Challenge, we are to create a list of all our book boyfriends. I’ve checked my Goodreads shelf for this one and found out that I have around 110+ books shelved under my-book-boyfriends (but some are series). So, obviously I can’t list that many down, so I’ll be doing my ten most memorable book boyfriends in alphabetical order (by first name)! You can check out my shelf, anyway, if you’re curious about the others!


The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines, #4)

1.  Adrian Ivashkov [Bloodlines • Richelle Mead]

“I decided the Alchemists needed an entire department devoted to handling Adrian Ivashkov.” -Sydney Sage, Bloodlines

Indeed they did! Adrian’s one of a kind, definitely. He’s charming, hilarious and oh, so lovable. And when he’s the one who’s in love, he loves so wholly and so passionately. Another example of his humor:

“You should’ve just gotten a kids’ meal.” Adrian told me, pointing to my half-eaten burger and fries. “You could’ve saved me a lot of money. And gotten a toy.” -Adrian Ivashkov, Bloodlines

2. Bones [Night Huntress • Jeaniene Frost]

If I were to describe Bones in one word, that word would be hot. Other than that, though, he’s hilarious in a very sexy way.

“If you run from me, I will chase you, and I’ll find you….” -Bones, Halfway to the Grave

Yes, find me. Please!

3. Daniel “Day” Wing [Legend • Marie Lu]

Day was absolutely amazing throughout the Legend trilogy, but I loved him most in Champion. He was so kind, protective and lovely in a way most heroes aren’t. Day was passionate about everything he did, and I give Marie Lu a thumbs up for creating a character like him.

“Sometimes, the sun sets earlier. Days don’t last forever, you know. But I’ll fight as hard as I can. I can promise you that.” -Day, Champion

Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)4. Dimitri Belikov [Vampire Academy • Richelle Mead]

Even if I’m not a fan of student/teacher relationships, I can’t help but root for Rose and Dimitri. They just had so much chemistry, and Dimitri was so fierce and loyal.

“I couldn’t stop staring at the cave, back where Dimitri was, back where half of my soul was.”  -Rose Hathaway, Shadow Kiss

Run to him, Rose! Save him! (I hope this isn’t a spoiler.)

5. Finn [All Our Yesterdays • Cristin Terril]

Finn’s one of those heroes who aren’t perfect. They’re just kind of there for the heroine, helping her and keeping her grounded. He’s also strong, helpful, protective and never left Em’s side. I can’t wait for book two to see what Cristin has in store for Finn!

He rubs the side of his thumb over my cheekbone. “You’re beautiful.” -Finn, All Our Yesterdays

Tell me that, too, Finn!

6. Lochan Whitely [Forbidden • Tabitha Suzuma]

“At what point do you give up – decide enough is enough? There is only one answer really. Never.” -Lochan Whitely, Forbidden

Again, Forbidden’s one of those books that’ll make you cry for ages. Lochan was just so broken, but it was a beautiful kind of broken. He did everything for his family, even sacrificing his own happiness. He loved without stopping. He was lovely.

7. Peeta Mellark [The Hunger Games • Suzanne Collins]

I’m sure we all know Peeta Mellark. He’s sweet, selfless and just amazing. He was willing to give his life up for Katniss. He did everything to try to save her and to make her feel loved. Even when they weren’t friends, he let his himself get beaten up just to feed Katniss and her family.

“You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.” -Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen, Mockingjay

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)8. Percy Jackson [Percy Jackson and the Olympians • Rick Riordan]

“The world was collapsing, and the only thing that really mattered to me was that she was alive.” -Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian

Percy’s my first (and only, so far) middle grade book boyfriend. Even in the beginning of the series when he was 12, I already fell in love with Percy’s wit, kindness and determination to help his friends, no matter what the costs.

I mean, who doesn’t love Percy? You can’t not love him.

9. Tristan [The Malediction Trilogy • Danielle L. Jensen]

“I haven’t given you a reason to believe I have a single romantic bone in my body.” -Tristan, Stolen Songbird (This was in the ARC, so it might be changed in the finished copy.)

Oh but you have, Tristan! He was just one of those characters who brought so much feels to my heart. He was powerful but gentle. And he was supportive, selfless and kind. He did much to help his people, and he loved and respected even the lowest of them.

10. Wesley Ayers [The Archived • Victoria Schwab]

“It takes at least three assassination attempts to scare me off. And even then, if there are baked goods involved, I might come back.” -Wesley Ayers, The Archived

Wesley had this quirky and fun attitude that I just loved. He wore eyeliner (apparently, if a guy uses it, it’s guyliner) and black clothes… but who the hell cares? He was fun and very loveable! I would not pass up a guy like this if I met one.


Who are your favorite book boyfriends?sigAIMEE


26 thoughts on “Valentine’s Mini Book Blogging Challenge: Book Boyfriends

  1. I feel bad that I don’t know about a lot of these books! Or for some, knew about them/the praise they’ve gotten but for some odd reason haven’t read any of them. Really the only ones I’ve read would be numbers seven and eight. I really need to fix this problem.

    Some of my favorite book boyfriends are Percy Jackson,Etienne St.Clair, Rowan (from Wanderlove, definitely recommend this book if you haven’t read it), Tucker (Unearthly series), Peter (Tigerlily) and probably a million more that slipped my mind.

    Great post! And I meant to mention this in other comments, but also ended up not. I absolutely adore your blogs design :) It’s so cool! I love the new divider things. So cute :]


    1. Percy. <3 Aw, I can't believe I forgot St. Clair! D: I liked Rowan too, but he wasn't really that memorable for me. Tucker was cute, but I wasn't a fan of the book itself. And I have to finish Tiger Lily! I read a few chapters but never really finished it…

      Thanks so much, Larissa! :D


    1. Leo and Percy! <3 Augustus was pretty cute, too. I pretty much hate Four, but Nine was okay. My book boyfriend from the Lorien Legacies series is probably Sam, though. ^_^


  2. AAAHHH your post just sent me into some mega flailage! Day and Lochan <3 <3 So many tears for both of those, and I mean UGLY sobbing haha, and dimitri and peeta and Finn!!! I've been meaning to read Night Huntress and The Archived for aaages, guess I've got some swooning to look forward to ;)


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