Discussions & Confessions is a feature at Read by the Undead where we share a discussion topic as well as a bookish confession.

The Discussion: Starting a Feature/Meme & Participating in Memes

I’ve always been a big fan of people who’ve started their own features around the blogosphere. Their creative sides are shown, as well as how well they connect with bloggers and how they know what sort of feature’s we’d probably be interested in. I’ve had a couple of ideas myself, but I’m not so sure about starting a feature: (If there are already memes similar to these, I’m very sorry and most likely have not heard of them yet!)

1. Cover Critiques — Since I am a very picky person when it comes to graphics, covers and those things, I’ve been thinking about starting a feature where we can all critique a book cover/promotion graphic of your choice. State what you love and hate about it. You could also, say, share your own fanmade cover.

2. That’s My Girl! — We’re all fans of kickass heroines, right? In this one, I thought we could share things about our favorite heroines of the month/week/whenever. I mean, there’re already Book Boyfriends/Swoon Thursdays (I think) memes going around–why not show appreciation to the females?

3. Stepping Outside the Box — In this one, we can talk about/review books that are of genres we don’t normally read/review from. For example, Read by the Undead is a young adult only blog, so when I post from this feature, I can talk about/rant about/review a new adult novel.

Discuss with me! Do you think I should start a feature? Would you participate in the ones I mentioned above? Do you regularly participate in memes?

The Confession: Why I Think the Blogosphere’s Changing

When I started blogging back in April 2013, most of the blogs I followed posted in a 5:1 ratio, I would say (5 being reviews and 1 being memes, tour posts, etc). And now? Have you seen some of the blogs that are dominated by book blitzes, book tours and all of those things? I’m assuming you started your blog to review books like I did. So where are your reviews?

It might just be me, but I prefer following blogs that post more reviews and discussion posts then tours, giveaways, memes, etc. Seeing this “extra posts,” as I’d call them, are okay every once in a while, like maybe have two reviews/discussions in between said posts–that would be okay and I’d most likely go ahead and follow your blog, because I know that you also like to share your thoughts.

On the other hand, if you’re blog’s full of promotion posts and things that I’m not interested in, I most likely will skip on to find another blog with better content. I’m not saying these “extra posts” are bad content–just that maybe you could add a paragraph or two with the post instead of the formula ones–give your posts some personality and share your thoughts!

Even if this is the confession part of the post, I’d still like to know your thoughts on this.sigAIMEE


18 thoughts on “Discussions & Confessions: Memes, Features & the Blogosphere

  1. I participate in a LOT of blog tours, but I always choose to review the book rather than just have a promo post. Do you think a lot of blog tours are okay since they’re all reviews? I also do blitzes and cover reveals butĀ also add my thoughts on the book being promoted. I have a few reasons for posting blitzes and reveals – many times they’re books that are written by authors I’ve read before and really love, and/or there’s an opportunity for a reader to win an eBook.

    I have a couple ideas for original posts I’d like to do that aren’t going to be memes unless I find out I’d have enough material to make them memes. Plus I’m kind of nervous. :)

    I like all of your ideas! Especially the heroine one! I must admit that covers can make or break a book imo. If the cover looks slapped together and terrible, I probably wouldn’t give it a second glance. Sometimes, a cover looks beautiful but doesn’t fit the story at all, leaving me to wonder why it was used, lol.


    1. I’ve actually participated in two blog tours already and signed up for review posts, but sadly I ended up not liking both books so I couldn’t post my reviews with the tour post. It was a shame, really, just posting what was in the tour package without my input, so I told myself from now on that I’ll only sign up for tours of books that I’m sure I’ll like or really want to read. Of course, as long as there’s something coming from you in the posts, I’m totally fine with reading them!

      I’m pretty nervous to! If ever I decide to start one, I don’t know what I’ll do with it, honestly!

      Thank you! :) That’s so true. I have this odd habit of taking photos of pretty books in bookstores and then looking them up on Goodreads when I get home, lol!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Jennifer! :)


      1. I know I’m really picky about which blog tours I’ll do because I’m worried about not liking the book, too. Sorry that happened to you! That really sucks! Thanks – I’ve been a bit nervous about the number of blog tours I participate in, but I always want to do reviews, which I hope gives my blog some good content. :)

        You’ll be just fine when you start one. :)

        I’ve done that in bookstores, too, lol! If you download the Goodreads app, it has a bar code scanner included and you can scan the book to look it up if you want. I’ve only used it a couple of times. I love your blog name and design, and this meme is awesome! :)


      2. I’m picky about blog tours now as well. I do appreciate any posts with any sort of input from the blogger.

        I do have the Goodreads app, but I never have any wifi, lol! I’ve used it twice, I think. And thank you again. ;)


  2. I do feel that a lot more people are actually cutting back on memes, TBH. A lot of blogs that I’ve been following are cutting back, I’m one of those people as well. I feel like I just don’t have the time anymore to do memes.

    But, I love your ideas! You should totally do one of them, for they both sound awesome.


    1. I guess that some are. I’ve also seen some other discussion posts talking about content and their main reasons for book blogging (which is to review and talk about books). They’re not that bad, but I would just like a little more stuff I can talk to the blogger about. Promotion posts are definitely not something to talk about.

      Thanks Melanie! <3


  3. Book tours can be great if they’re handled well and there’s actually unique content on all the different blogs; and I don’t mind memes that require original content like Top Ten Tuesday. Waiting on Wednesday can be tough, though, because a lot of people seem to just put the book’s blurb/info with no commentary – I like to know why people are excited!

    But, I’m very much in agreement with you about the book blitzes. If a blog I follow participates in one of those *occasionally*, I’m totally fine with it, and I’ll likely check out the book if I know the blogger’s tastes and mine tend to be similar. But I definitely don’t understand the blogs that post blitzes all. the. time. I have no idea if I’ll like the book being “blitzed” if I haven’t gotten a feel for the blogger’s tastes, and likes/dislikes! Really great points, Aimee!


    1. I completely agree with you. It would be great if the bloggers told us why they wanted to read a book, so that if we have the same reasons as they do, maybe we could fangirl and wait along with them!

      Yes! A lot of them don’t even bother checking the book out for themselves when they have these blitzes/promotions. Cover reveals, too. I mean, they’re okay, but I would like some input about what they themselves thought about the cover, or if they want to read the book, or have read from that author before… Thanks Nikki! :)


  4. I can definitely agree with this. I don’t look twice at promos or cover reveals, sadly. They are all the same and are rarely original. I do like book tours if a review is included, though. As for interviews, I like the IDEA of an interview, but I rarely read them, if that makes any sense.

    All three of your meme ideas sound really fun! I would probably enjoy Stepping out of the Box the most because I too run a YA blog but read other genres.


    1. Maybe if the blogger added notes or their thoughts on the promos (why they want to read it, why we should read it, etc) and cover reveals (what they thought of the cover, are they excited for the book, etc), then I would definitely check their posts out. I rarely read interviews as well–I only skim when I like the one being interviewed or the interview topic is interesting.

      Thanks Alise! :)


  5. With so many bloggers out there, it can be hard to find something original! I like the ideas of #2 and #3, you should run with them :)
    There are several cover memes out there…Cover Snark (Reader of Fictions), where they discuss the look of the cover, and there’s a few different bloggers that compare cover changes.

    I hate the blitz craze! I confess that I got sucked up into it at first, then I realized how annoying it was. I refuse to do any at all now. I’ll do the occasional blog tour if it’s a book I loved or am super excited about, but I try to avoid them. I unfollow blogs that ONLY do blitzes and tours (or memes for that matter) because I don’t care about them. I’m not interested in reading them at all! I actually kind of despise memes anymore…I find them pointless! Top Ten Tuesday is alright because it’s different, but I still rarely read those.


    1. Ah, thank you for that! I do see a lot of posts regarding why they love/hate some cover changes.

      I know, right? I’ve never participated in a blitz/promotion tour because I don’t see the point. If you yourself haven’t read and loved the book, why would you promote it to others? I don’t normally read meme posts, either. Maybe if the theme/topic of the week is interesting (like top 2013 books, etc), then I check the posts out.

      Thanks for your input Jessi! :)


  6. Thanks for your honest thoughts Aimee, I’m the same I prefer blogs that have more original content like reviews and discussion posts instead of blog tours. I rarely comment on blog tours unless there is a giveaway that I’m interested in, and only participate in them occasionally.


  7. Hello Aimee! I really like #2! I also think we should appreciate our favorite heroines more :D

    I don’t like blogs who only post blitzes either. I never read those anyway and to be honest I’m never interested in the books too. Now I’m wondering why they’re called “book blitz” or “promotional post” if us book bloggers mostly skip that post at first sight -__- As for memes, I don’t mind if they keep a balanced amount between memes and original content but I really appreciate those who add some commentary to their meme posts. It’s good to know your reasons for choosing those books and I think it makes us easier to comment too!

    I’ve been thinking of a original features for the past few months but whenever I come up with something and google it, it seems like it’s taken already O_O I’ve found one that has a nice prospect and it’s something that I like doing too so hopefully I can start it soon.


    1. Thanks Kezia! :D

      I know, right? I also don’t find a lot of comments on blitz/promotion posts mostly because the readers don’t really know what to comment or say. I love being able to chat with people about books, but I’m going to need a reason to start the chat (ex. this person is waiting for the book for the same reasons I am, etc.)

      Starting an original feature is scary, which is why I’m looking for some opinions before I start my own. Good luck with whatever you come up with and let me know if you decide to start a meme. ^-^


  8. Hi Aimee! I hope this is the post you mean from the comment you left on my blog! I love all your feature ideas, but I liked the Heroine one the best, so I’m glad you are doing those!

    And I agree about all the promo content that bloggers post – I rarely read them, and am mostly just put off by posts that don’t really discuss a book. When I first started I did participate in more memes, and they do have their pros (getting to know more people, easy content) but I do think it’s better now to think of your own content to make your blog stand out. It’s nice to not talk about something hundreds of other people are talking about I think.


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