Deadly Discussions

Aside from reviews, I absolutely love reading discussion posts on other book blogs. Since I also love expressing my opinions about all things bookish, I’ve decided to also post my own discussion segments which will be called deadly discussions.

This week, our topic will be about awesome/inspirational book bloggers! I will be naming a few things that make up a great book blogger and will give a few examples. Of course, I won’t be able to include every good book blogger out there, so please do not be offended if I’ve forgotten to include you.

1. Amazing book bloggers are social and friendly. Social media friends and followers play a huge part of a book blog. Most bloggers only started their blogs to connect, make friends and share their insights. Chiara from Books of a Delicate Eternity, Jules from Jules Bookshelf constantly chat with me on Goodreads and Twitter, as well as comment on some of my posts!  It’s great that they find ways to socialize with their fellow book bloggers and bookworms!

2. A good book blogger must have good insights on the books they read. I’m not one to take much notes when reading, unless it’s a book I’m reading for school. I really applaud those bloggers who seem to know every good and bad detail about each book and share those through their reviews. Khanh from Bookistry writes such long, detailed and insightful reviews and I totally love reading them!

3. To make sure their readers don’t get bored, good book bloggers also make their posts and reviews interesting. Now, let’s all admit–even if there are some reviewers that we totally love, we tend to skim their reviews if we think they’d end up being bland. I personally don’t know how to make my reviews sound interesting without coming off as a complete child, which is why I mostly keep my reviews short. Faye from The Social Potato (where I’ll soon be co-blogging–yay!) keeps her reviews interesting but with meaning and are still very informative.

LET’S DISCUSS: What are the best characteristics book bloggers have? Any examples to share?


6 thoughts on “Deadly Discussion: Book Bloggers

  1. Thanks for the special mention, hun! :) For me, a good blogger is someone who is able to fully articulate his arguments clearly, and is able to show why something in the book worked and why something didn’t. Okay, you can probably say that sounds really heavy and academic, but I appreciate reading serious reviews a lot, the ones that can make me see something about a book I’ve read but wasn’t able to realize during my time reading it. Khanh really does make extremely insightful reviews, and Ellis from Random Transliterator has awesome Dissection posts :D


    1. Yes, of course! There wouldn’t be a point to review if the reviewer can’t defend his/her opinions. I will definitely check her out, thanks for sharing! :D


  2. Aww its so sweet of you to mention me Christie!
    For me, a good book blogger and blogger in general is someone’s who’s honest and open for criticisms. Even if the post might end up as negative and not really coherent. I still read them. Because I love it when people are honest. I also think its good to know your strengths and weaknesses from other bloggers, that’s why I love comments, that way I can work on my faults and other stuff. <3.

    Great discussion Christie! Can't wait for more :D


  3. Aw, thank you for the mention, Christie :D
    And I like the idea of deadly discussions, and look forward to more!
    I like book bloggers with the same attributes you mentioned above. I love friendly bloggers, because it makes the blogging experience much more fun! I like bloggers who post discussions (like this one) that ask readers for their opinion, and allow us to comment with that opinion. And I also like bloggers who post unique things related to books, as well :)


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