The Chaos of Stars

Title: The Chaos of Stars
Author: Kiersten White
Series: stand alone
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publish Date: September 10, 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Mythology, Paranormal, Romance

Isadora’s family is seriously screwed up.

Of course, as the human daughter of Egyptian gods, that pretty much comes with the territory. She’s also stuck with parents who barely notice her, and a house full of relatives who can’t be bothered to remember her name. After all, they are going to be around forever—and she’s a mere mortal.

Isadora’s sick of living a life where she’s only worthy of a passing glance, and when she has the chance to move to San Diego with her brother, she jumps on it. But Isadora’s quickly finding that a “normal” life comes with plenty of its own epic complications—and that there’s no such thing as a clean break when it comes to family. Much as she wants to leave her past behind, she can’t shake the ominous dreams that foretell destruction for her entire family. When it turns out there may be truth in her nightmares, Isadora has to decide whether she can abandon her divine heritage after all.

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general thoughts

Personally, I really wouldn’t call myself a fan of Egyptian mythology. Let’s take Rick Riordan‘s Kane Chronicles as an example. I could easily admit that Rick Riordan’s one of my favorite authors, but I couldn’t manage to finish the first book in the Kane Chronicles trilogy. There’s just something a bit dull about Egyptian mythology compared to Greek and Roman ones (which I love).

I guess this is why I set slightly lower standards for this book. (Except for the cover–gorgeous piece of art.) I couldn’t say that The Chaos of Stars wowed me, but it wasn’t a huge disappointment, either. I enjoyed it for the most part, laughed and felt bad during appropriate times.

In this book, our (slightly unlikable) main character is Isadora, a mortal daughter of immortal gods. Obviously, since she’ll die while her parents live on making more little versions of themselves, Isadora’s quite bitter. The reason for most readers being unable to like or relate to her is because of her stubbornness and ungratefulness to her parents. By the end of the book, though, it was great that she learned how much her parents loved her and that she respected them more.

If Isadora turns you off, you still have a reason to read–Ry. Ry’s our super adorable, sweet and funny love interest. It was disturbing how Isadora obsessed over him at first (insta-crush?), but as their relationship progressed, it became sweet. Very cute. Although as the ending closed in, we learn some odd things about Ry that might or might not destroy your previous love for him. Mine just dimmed… a bit.

What I didn’t like about the book was how we only learned a little bit about the other gods and goddesses. A few were only mentioned and not even talked about. The main reason for my reading this book was to learn more about Egyptian mythology (which I hardly know about), but I guess it failed a little in this aspect.

Overall, it was an entertaining read. Very romantic, witty and cute. Perfect for those looking for a quick read to take your mind off things.




7 thoughts on “Review: The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

  1. haha I’m a bit different to you and just love mythology of any kind- although Greek/Roman is definitely my favourite, I still like Egyptian, Norse, you name it! So I actually would really like to read this book- it’s always interesting to see how authors put their own little unique twist on the original mythology.

    Ugh unlikeable protagonists are terrible. But I tend to be able to ignore crappy protagonists as long as there are other good aspects of the book- and the love interest certainly sounds swoony enough to qualify haha. Although this “odd thing” we find out about him….I’m kind of curious now.

    And yes OMGG the cover is so pretty. I saw it in the bookstore the other day and the texture is so dang nice as well :3 I guess it’s kind of the type of book that you’d borrow from the library rather than buy :)


    1. We don’t really have a lot of decent public libraries here, so I either have to buy the book or borrow it from someone else :(

      I agree about the protagonist thing. I actually liked Isadora, but a lot of other people didn’t.

      Speaking of Norse mythology, Rick Riordan’s next series will focus on that, right? (Well that was completely off-topic.)


      1. INDEED IT IS!! So excited :D :D

        Aww that sucks! I heard there are countries where you have to pay to reserve books at libaries as well, which would be double suckage.


      2. Not sure about that here… Our school library’s pretty decent, but most of the YA books they have there are ones I’ve already read. :/


  2. I’m sorry you think Egyptian mythology is boring! I for one really adore it, but then again, I love any kind of mythology. I just really like all the different gods and their stories and their twisted relationships, which is why I’m really excited to get to read this even though I’ve seen some really mixed reviews around the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    1. A lot of people seem to dislike this one–it was really cute, though. Hope you enjoy it once you get to read it! Thanks for stopping by :)


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed this one for the most part, despite not being a fan of Egyptian Mythology! I am a huge lover of anything to do with myths AND Egypt in general so I’m hoping I’ll have some luck with this one as well :D Thanks for the honest review!


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